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Coronavirus Effect-Work from Home Advantages and Disadvantages for Software Companies

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The World is experiencing a historic pandemic coronavirus, and its impact is visible across the globe. The Stock Market is sloping down into recession, and Businesses are shattering down to dust like playing cards. The Coronavirus effect is causing a significant turnaround for the Economy and businesses of this World. Its impact over the IT Industry is very drastic with Clients hanging on Payments and Fear groping over the Business owners. Many Software Companies around the globe have already issued the Work from home policies to implement the WHO Guidelines.

Are you one of the IT Company guys? You must have heard that Work from home is trending in every nation and by every business. When the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 is a pandemic, the giant companies like Facebook and Google have forced employees to work from home. Being a Professional IT Company, you should be aware of the benefits and adverse consequences of Work from home before announcing your team to do so. As there will be many employees who will be acting on Work at home the first time. They have only lived holidays at home, working from home will be a little weird and may irritate them.

So, Let’s go through Work from home advantages and disadvantages for employers and employees the COVID-19 effect.

Advantages of Work from Home for IT Companies

Advantages of Work From Home

1.   Improved Employee Retention: With the above two benefits clearly showing that employees love Work from home, there is an increased number of changes that a Software Company will improve the percentage of employee retention.

2.   Saving the Finances: For an IT Company, the cost of having an office and electricity bill is astounding. With policies like Work from home, the finances can be saved and spent in productive campaigns or savings for the future.

3.   Bring the Talent across borders: When you leave the constraint of having a team working in-house, you are open to a new set of applicants across your city borders who are talented. With the same budget, now you have a powerful team to accomplish bigger goals and milestones. Also, a Software Company has clients worldwide and beyond their reach. Work from home policy, you can hire talents near your clients to improve the communication with clients, and in return, you can expect a strong bond with the client.

4.   New Possibilities for New Clients: Hiring new peoples in new cities and collaborating virtually with them, you produce chances to grow your business. With Work from home policies, you prove your power to work almost from different locations. This makes you a strong prospect to get projects from any place.

5.   Fewer Distractions: The office distractions take time longer than home distractions, and you have no control over them. You can cut off distractions at home, but in the office, you have to be a part of it. Sounds irritating? Yes, it is. Sometimes it even shuts off the mood, and the entire day at the office is wasted.

6.   Employees Love It!: The majority of employees love to work in their backyard with a lot of comfort and relaxation zones. Work from home policies will help them realize this. It will ultimately increase their love for a software company. A custom environment will let them work more and be productive for IT Companies.

7.   Save Time of Commuting: In major cities, this takes more time and corrupts the mood of persons going to work. Traffic jams, Noise Pollution during the commute is perfect, Mood Spoiler. It turns your Good Morning to a Frustrating one with constant irritation. This all results in poor work quality and less productivity of employees. Also, some of the employees coming from far away always hate this because they need to wake up earlier than others and waste time in a commute a lot more than average.

The above-listed advantages are loquacious and make you believe that Work from Home is the better option but wait! Every Thing that looks good has some adverse consequences associated with itself. Especially for IT Development Companies, such decisions are vital to the company process and growth rate. The Coronavirus effect has taken this Industry to an all-time low. Clients are taking the project off and pausing the payments because of the massive loss in some sectors. Even on websites, some domains have experienced a drastic decline in organic traffic. This has shut down many stores and businesses. Let’s Go through some of the Disadvantages of Work from home for a Software development company.

Disadvantages of Work from Home for IT Companies

Disdvantages of Work From Home

1.   Communication Issues: IT Companies take a project which demands collaboration of Website developer, Designer, Software developer, Content Maker, and other teammates. This requires quick communication between them to ensure the on-time delivery of the project. Communication over phone calls or chatting apps are never prompt and consume double the regular time. It affects the overall efficiency and productivity of any Software Development Company. Since employees are not in one place, there are many channels of communication required to establish, and smooth communication between them lags by double the reasonable time taken.

2. Lack of Morale for Employees: Working in isolation from each other in personal spaces always lacks in creating a source of motivation to work. In the office, you get motivation by observing around and seeing everyone working, but the opposite happens in a home where everyone is chilling out, but you have to work it out.

3.  Difficulty in Monitoring Systems: For a company with remote employees, it isn’t very easy to monitor the Work done by everyone. Everyone is working in their own timings out of routine, and the reporting is also not easy because it needs consistent communication between the Project manager and the members involved.

4. Information Security Concerns: Work from home means everyone is working from their home network, and it is different for everyone. It makes your secure servers vulnerable for attacks by unknown intruders. This creates a risk to information secured and resources allocated to different employees.

5. Weak Team Bondings: When a group of people work together, eat together, and celebrate together, they become a family. Emotional strings attach them to the name of this company, and everyone thinks to take this company to greater heights. Software companies with remote employees are losing this bonding, and it impacts the overall productivity and growth of the IT Company. Team members help each other in tough times, and it acts as an authoritative source of motivation for each employee.

6. Gadgets Constraints: Mostly, the companies provide technologically advanced tools and devices to employees to garner most of them. But for each employee, it is not possible to get the same facilities in the home. This creates a gap between two employees with a different set of facilities. Ultimately, leading to extended deadlines of projects and more confusion to arise.

7.  Random Routine and Distractions: Employees may love the fact of having control of the schedule, but this distorts the timeline of projects. Every project requires disciplined dedication to getting accomplished in the desired deadline, but the personal routines of employees may affect this adversely. Distractions at home are uncountable and so random that it may affect your Work anytime with a lot of uncertainty. When you have a habit of working in a cool and calm environment just like office space, working at home seems not a good idea.

So, you have now gone through Work from home advantages and disadvantagesfor an Employer or Software Development Company. What are your plans to fight this deadly coronavirus and keep your operations running?

According to WHO, Coronavirus is spreading fastly in all countries. It’s the global impact of almost everything that can be felt at being home. This is one of the toughest times for IT Companies when finding new clients and holding on to previous clients is getting difficult day by day as every new day, a new country is declaring Emergency. This is no time to panic if you are also getting affected by this Pandemic. 

The biggest threat to IT Companies in Work from home is Data Loss and Theft. According to regulations by Telecom Authority, Company’s VPN Network is not allowed to get connected with Home Network. But in light of Covid-19, DoT is planning to relax this rule for up to 4 weeks. It’s all about patience in such times where nothing seems to be working, and the situation is out of control in your hands. It’s time to Stay Together and Help each other in fighting the Pandemic. For any Software Development Company, employees should try to work from home if it’s spreading in the city and take preventive measures. Being the owner of an IT company, you need to keep communication active with Clients and Team Members to ensure nothing disastrous happens.

Always Wash Your Hands, Use Sanitizers, and Soaps to wash them. Maintain a distance from an ill person feeling sick and never sneeze without a mask or in the open. Let’s Stay Safe and wait for this Time to Pass! The Sun will rise again for a brighter future. 

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