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Accessibility and ease-of-use are what define the online services available in this day and age. Wordpress is your one-stop destination for simple websites, enterprise websites, complex portals, and even applications. Founded in 2003 as a blog-publishing website, it has now expanded its horizons to newer and more sought-after services, powering more than one-third of the World Wide Web. Although a simple software written in PHP, the means to create your perfect website are endless and always being updated. Being used by more than 60 million websites and 34% of the top 10 million websites, it is growing into one of the most used software. Wordpress has thousands of themes that suit all types of businesses - from ecommerce to blog posts to consultancy. On top of so many themes, Wordpress has plug-ins which further molds the website to the user’s liking. It further extends features and functionality and creates a website that will certainly increase traffic. With so many amazing features offered by Wordpress, one major aspect of Wordpress is overlooked - the simplicity of it all. It’s the simplicity of the software that allows so many people to use it to create their perfect website.

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WordPress Website Development Services and Solution We Provide:

With new websites being created every day, it is now immensely clear that having the perfect website will give you an edge and make your website stand out among others’. That is why you need a dedicated WordPress website development company to help make your website and take your business to the next level. 

Maven Cluster, a Wordpress development company (in India) with an exceptional track record, provides Wordpress development services that are unmatched.

Custom Web Development Services in India

WordPress Theme Customization-

With more than 5000 thousand unique themes available, our team will find the best option for you. We will meet your design ideas and requirements and leave no stone unturned to find the best fit.
E-commerce Web Development Services

WordPress Plugin Development-

Our goal here atMaven Cluster is to provide an all-round service. To make sure your website is as versatile as our service, we are always coming up with new ways to enhance the functionality of your website.
Custom Web Development Services in India

Custom WordPress Web Development-

Maven Cluster’s custom Wordpress development services ensure that we meet your specific business needs. We are here to help and provide dynamic and innovative features to set the bar high.
E-commerce Web Development Services

HTML to WordPress Conversion-

Our developers understand what changes are required for the development. That is why we help convert your existing HTML websites into modern WordPress websites to give you greater freedom to work on what is more important.
Custom Web Development Services in India

WordPress CMS Installation-

Maven Cluster also has WordPress CMS Development Services that allows seamless integration of CMS. With more than 10 years of experience, our CMS developers are highly skilled and ready with solutions. We provide Scalable Solutions and unmatchable CMS Support and Maintenance.
Custom Web Development Services in India

WordPress e-commerce Development-

Maven Cluster has helped over thousands of business owners with unique and stunning e- commerce websites. Being the most sought after channel of business, we create the perfect e- commerce website that fits your exact needs and adds to it the necessary elements; together forming the right website for your business.

Benefits of Custom WordPress Development Solution for Business

Stability and Innovation:

WordPress is a simple yet powerful software. Written in PHP, it is one of the most stable CMS platforms and stays updated with the latest trends.


WordPress minimizes any additional development time and cost by providing all the features a drag and drop away.

Easy-Content Update:

WordPress’ user-friendly design allows it to make changes to the website, however small the change might be. It allows you to always stay in front and make changes without disturbing the way the website works.

Search Semantic:

Websites built on WordPress are automatically ready for search engines. Architecture of the platforms helps in SEO because it keeps creating constant codes for it.

Multi-User with Hierarchy:

The in-built user management system that WordPress has allows the creation of defined roles and permissions allowing team members access. experience.

Plugins for Functionalities:

WordPress enhances ease-of-use by offering thousands of plugins that can be added without any coding. The functionality provided by this feature is what gives WordPress the edge over other software.

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Reason to HireMaven Cluster forWordPress CMS Development Services

Maven Cluster, now also a custom WordPress development company, is setting the industry standards when it comes to the performance level and customer satisfaction. We understand the needs of a business and understand how a website can be the factor that sets it apart from others. That is why we provide top-notch Website development solutions and services for your business.

  • High Coding Standards: With more than 15 years of combined experience, our team of industry experts knows how to follow the standards required for high-performance websites.Maven Cluster knows the ins and outs of the technical world and will work with you to evolve your company to the next level.
  • Focus on Website Security: Our job does not end with the creation of your website; we make sure that it is safe from any breaches in security with constant checks and measures. That is why our WordPress website development services are the best.
  • Scalable Technologies: At Maven Cluster, we understand that results are necessary. That is why we have come up with innovative solutions by working with numerous enterprises. We use scalable technologies like AWS, DOT NET, ASP.NET to streamline the complex processes, increasing the productivity of your business.
  • Robust Testing Process: Our WordPress Web Design Services are tested and fault-proof. To allow a seamless user experience, our team works hard to minimize any and all errors in the testing phase to make the final product the best it can be.
  • Proficient Development Team: The dedicated development team provides solutions to all the problems that may arise and lets the website function without errors.
  • Robust Backend Solutions: Our promise to keep your website up to date with the evolving technical world is backed by our leading Frontend and Backend solutions.


The belief of our Happy clients inspire us to become the top leading IT company.

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