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MEAN stack is a widely used Javascript-based framework used to create web applications. It is a combination of four JavaScript frameworks - MongoDB, ExpressJS, MEAN Stack, and NodeJS. With the MEAN stack framework, developers can use the same set of technologies to write code for both the back and front ends.

At Maven Cluster, we use the latest technologies like MEAN Stack and NodeJs for MEAN stack development. Our MEAN stack developers are experts in creating highly agile, scalable, and feature-rich applications for any business. Our dedicated MEAN stack developers build user-friendly, dynamic, and powerful applications.

With 10+ years of experience in providing MEAN stack development services, Maven Cluster has been renowned as the best MEAN stack development company. Hire MEAN stack developers India from Maven Cluster to give a competitive edge to your project.

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Benefits of MEAN Stack for
your next project

Using MEAN stack to develop applications makes it easy to switch between client and server.
It is a highly competent JavaScript framework. Along with that, it has many other
benefits, which are mentioned below.

Agile and fast

Applications built using the MEAN stack framework are highly agile and fast. They deliver an excellent user experience with the help of top-notch features from the latest technologies.


MEAN Stack is based on JavaScript, which allows it to be compatible with different languages. Hire our MEAN stack programmers to get best-in-class service.


The MEAN stack framework is highly flexible. It lets you build, test, and use the application without much hassle.

Cost-effective and Reusable

MEAN stack requires fewer developers which cuts down the cost of hiring. It is also reusable due to the non-blocking architecture of NodeJs.

Amazing User Experience

MEAN stack helps in creating user-friendly and dynamic applications. Hire our dedicated MEAN stack developers to create highly agile apps.


MEAN stack reduces the security concerns that arise in developing applications. It uses HTTPS interface to improve security.

Why Maven Cluster?

There are many reasons why you should hire Mean stack developers from Maven Cluster.
Here are some of the reasons to hire from us.

Experienced Developers

Maven Cluster has a team of amazing developers that have more than a decade's experience in MEAN stack development. We have the best MEAN stack developers USA has ever seen.

Sound technical knowledge

Maven Cluster is a leading MEAN stack development company. Our developers have knowledge and expertise in various technologies requires in MEAN stack development.

Security -

We provide high security and IP protection to our client's intellectual property. Though IP protection is a highly complex job of various departments, we happily provide it.


Maven Cluster provides full transparency to its clients. From the development process to testing you can know about everything. Our developers are open to suggestions at any time during development.

Client satisfaction

We are focused on always providing the best service to our clients. Maven Cluster's dedicated mean stack developers given complete control to clients during the development process.

Reduced development time

As our MEAN stack developers have 10+ years of experience which helps them in developing applications faster.

Frequently Asked Questions on MEAN Stack

How much control will I have over the hired remote Mean stack Developers?
You will have full control over the developers you hire from us. they will give their full time and dedication to your project.
Yes, with MEAN stack both front end and back end development is done on JavaScript. This saves the cost of hiring different developers.
It depends on the requirements of the project. Get in touch with our experts for more information.
Yes, brings a number of business benefits with its flexibility, high speed, and reusability of codes.
Our developers are focused on delivering the best MEAN stack solutions. We provide result-oriented solutions which help businesses to grow.

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