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By 2021, CRM will be one of the largest income areas of spending on enterprise software. If your business is in for the long run, you require a well-planned strategy for the future to keep it running. But being up-to-date and getting reliable information on your progress can be complicated. How do you translate the many streams of data coming in from sales, customer service, marketing, and social media monitoring into useful business data? Maven Cluster is a CRM software development company in India, doesn’t believe in changing your firm’s process to adopt pre-designed CRM software; instead, we build custom CRM software to compliment your business operations. Maven Cluster's CRM development services can help you manage all your company’s relationships and interfaces with existing and potential customers. Our goal is simple: Improve business relationships. By using our custom CRM software development solutions, we can help you understand the pipelines of sales or prospects coming in, making forecasting more straightforward and more accurate.

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Fully Integrated and Customizable Modules for CRM Systems

Contacts CRM


There’s nothing more valuable for a business than its customers. CRM users can record details about leads, prospects, and existing customers, track the client’s engagement with a company. Maven Cluster’s custom CRM developers will use this module to help you manage contacts, which will allow you to add more data about your customers for better analysis of buyer persona.

Leads CRM


With Maven Cluster's CRM software services, you can automate the lead generation process using advanced tools. Once leads are in the system, they can be easily tracked. With easy access to the system, you can then better understand your buyers’ interests and behaviour. This module incorporates joint efforts of marketing and sales specialists so that they can never miss any valuable interaction.

CRM Analytics


Collecting data is not enough; you have to analyze this data as well. Analytics module in CRM is used to segment clients, analyze profitability, get an all-rounded customer view, measure escalation, and predict success. Our custom CRM developers can help you to set advanced analytics tools that will help you analyze the necessary bounds.

CRM Performance


For delivering high-quality customer support, it’s essential to expand your professional relationships with clients continually. Performance management tools allow measuring KPIs and viewing results. This module is also called a performance management system (PMS) and is often used by the HR department during the appraisal process.

CRM Social Media Module

Social Media

Social media has become one of the most convenient channels of communication between business and your customers. Your customers feel much comfortable to ask your companies about your products directly through social networks. Maven Cluster's CRM software services will make sure to provide you with opportunities for social media integration.

CRM Sales Data Module

Sales Data

Being one of the most important CRM features it keeps all the sales data in one place where managers can identify high-quality leads and then find the best ways to convert those leads into clients, forecast sales, and perform other activities aimed to improve the overall sales route. Our CRM software service has tools for data visualization, which will help you make data-driven decisions.

CRM Email Marketing Module

Email Marketing

With email marketing tools provided by our CRM solution company, you’ll be able to create striking promotions and newsletters, send emails to the targeted audience, and track the competence of email marketing campaigns. You’ll also be able to create modified emails and send them to the specific segments of customers.

CRM Reports Module


Data by itself without analysis has no validity. Thus, Maven Cluster's CRM development company will provide you with the capabilities to process and analyze data in the most effective way. Data-driven insights can help a company improve its progressions. Among the most valuable CRM reports, there are pipeline reports, activity reports, open issues reports, leads reports and lost the sales reports.

CRM Call Center Module

Call Center

With our custom CRM developers will provide you with a call center module with which you’ll be able to make calls, record calls, and track history. You won’t miss any detail of your interactions with customers. Smart notifications will inform you of the scheduled calls as well.

CRM Workflow and Approvals Module

Workflow and Approvals

One of the ways in which your company will instantly increase its efficiency is by optimizing its workflows. Our CRM solution company can facilitate your company’s optimization by automating processes like data collection, data analysis, and other tasks that were before done manually. It will also report and analyze to help you in identifying problem areas and to work on them.

CRM Role-Based Views Module

Role-Based Views

For better security, you can restrict your employees’ access based on their role in the organization. Control what different users see within your CRM to prevent data leaks and security breaches. This CRM application development will allow you to manage your employees’ activity based on level and will keep your customers’ data safe and secure.

The Benefits of Having Customer Relationship Management Software


It is User-Friendly-

Having custom CRM software is a comparatively, less overwhelming and hassle-free process. The altering of the custom CRM will be done by the needs of your company to make it easier for your employees to adapt. This will make for a swift transition while increasing the chances of successful execution..

CRM Integration

Provides thorough Integration with Business Operations-

Our CRM development company will give your business more flexibility and elasticity for integrating CRM with business operations and sales cycles. By having a custom CRM, you can combine the CRM at different points and departments.

Gain Competitive Business

Gain Competitive Business Advantage-

If competitive firms are also using the same standard CRMs which your company is, then there is no point in having it as it won’t make much difference. Therefore, hiring our custom CRM developer will endow your firm to make necessary automation and changes, giving your company an advantage over peers.

Affordable Operations

Access to More Affordable Operations-

The implementation of CRM is an expensive process. Still, the custom CRM developers from Maven Cluster can help your company in cutting down costs by deploying CRM in departments most in need to eliminate unnecessary expenses. By doing so, it will help your company increase the ROI (return on investment) while also helping you stay within budget.

Better Analysis

Better Analysis-

Maven Cluster's CRM development services will offer you better analysis to meet your business needs when a standard CRM only provides you with frequent reports. With the help of our company’s CRM, you can find a more important process and get detailed analytics for it. It’ll also help you in making essential changes while increasing work productivity.

Facilitates Optimized Marketing

Facilitates Optimized Marketing-

CRM helps your team manage the leads and customers effectively. The Optimized marketing is achieved when you are also getting new customers. With CRM, you can focus on your next customer effectively.

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Why is Custom CRM Software Crucial for your Business?

  • Easy Access of Data Anywhere- Your company’s data on our integrated CRM system will be centralized so that it is available at any time and to any approved person on any authorized device whenever needed. You don’t need to waste valuable time or ever need to miss a great opportunity while waiting for the system to upload or the data to be extracted.
  • Boosting Brand Image on Social Media- A loyal customer base is crucial for the triumph of any business, and our custom CRM software will bring you more customers and show you how to sustain a relationship with them. Our CRM system will not only help the existing business and profits but will also help you to secure a steady future for your business.
  • Training Employees- Maven Cluster’s CRM solution system will help your employees figure out how to go about the CRM part, so they gain experience in the field learning from the software. Our policy will also teach the employees how to analyze important data. The performance of each employee will keep improving with every passing day without any external investment.
  • Helps In Reduce Cost- You must be wondering that these premium tools may not be cheap. Well, look at the price cuts you are getting from our CRM development company, which will also increase your company’s efficiency. Once you understand how to use CRM accordingly, your daily work will become easy and will not take much time as well.
  • Increase Coordination among Multiple Teams- With the help of our CRM solution system, various teams can access the same information in one place without any hindrance. Each department can now tag the right individual for that particular information.
  • Fast Sale Conversion- The conversion of sales takes time, and this is where the role of CRM becomes important. Sale conversion is a time that the company makes for completing a single transaction. It starts from the time when representatives first interact with a lead to convert that lead to the customer. CRM with a sales team is very beneficial as agents will get information through the system.


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