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How to Develop an Effective Node.js Project?

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Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript and are compatible within the Node.js runtime on Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Node.js also provides a bank of JavaScript modules that streamlines the process of development of web applications to a large degree.

In easier words, Node.js is a silver bullet in real-time web applications that employs push technology over WebSockets. What is so different about that? Well, after over 20 years, we now have web applications with real-time, two-way connections, where both the client and server can initiate communication, allowing both parties to freely exchange data. This is obviously dissimilar to the typical web response paradigm, where the client always initiates communication. Besides, the entire system is based upon the open web stack (CSS, HTML, and JS) running over the standard port 80.

What Does a Team of Node js Developers Comprises of?

A good Node.js development team is not just a bunch of regular developers, it is much more than that. The head of the team is a Project Manager, responsible for getting things done efficiently and communicating ideas to the whole team. There will also be a UX/UI Designer, product designer, and Quality assurance specialist responsible for creating high-quality application, testing features, and functions leaving no scope for errors in the application.

A good team leads to a successful project, hence, it is necessary to choose the developers very carefully.

Node Js development is not an easy task. For it being the most trending format there are regular updates and less know-how amongst a lot of the same. It might not be easy for a regular developer to work on node js for web development. Many companies outsource this service for application development. Maven cluster is one such firm made of highly qualified and experienced software developers who have apt skills to offer you world-class Node Js development services

Node.Js Magical Tips for Every Developer Should Remember

Here are some tips to keep in mind while using node js for web development:

Node.js Development Tips by Maven Cluster

Tip 1: Make the most of its asynchronous nature.

The code in asynchronous manner executes without depending on the execution of previous lines. The advantage of this program is that you don’t have to wait for the execution of further code while the previous code is currently being executed.

Tip 2: Run multiple API internal calls parallel to fetch large data.

As one can run multiple functions together it is better to parallelize codes using async.js. It is beneficiary as it decreases the number of middle wares included and improves its speed greatly.

Tip 3: Just cache it to improve performance.

If you are dealing  with data that doesn’t change frequently, use the caching technique to improve the overall performance. This can easily be done by using Redis cache. It builds efficiency.

Tip 4: Use Gzip compression for faster performance.

Fetching may become longer if you are not using a gzip compressor. It acts as a middle ware to serve static content and also compresses response before sending it to the browser.

Tip 5: Create single-page apps and use client-side rendering when possible.

You can create singular pages easily on Angular.js. It would basically render the server site and show you the client side. JSON and UI can make this function easier.

Tip 6: Try to reduce the size of data stored in sessions.

Storing too much data on default memory can cause significant overhead to the server. Try to reduce it by either storing it on other type of storage or create session data by using Redis or MongoDB

Tip 7: Optimise your queries to improve speed.

Optimizing queries can help reduce the data on the server, provide faster performance and provide quick results.

Tip 8: Use standard V8 functions.

This helps to overcome the problem of compatibility and easily manipulate functions on the server-side.

Tip 9: Instead of developing static files, configure nginx in front of node.

Nginx is a lightweight web server that will reduce the load on your node.js system. It will also improve its speed.

Tip 10: Minify and concatenate many javascript files into one.

The performance of the system drastically changes when five files are minified and concatenated into one. This can simply be done by using build tools like gulp into asset files.

Delivery and Deployment of Node.js app?

So, now we know that our app is fully functional and working nicely. Let’s understand how we will be working on the deployment part of the project. Also, let’s figure out the time required to make it complete in terms of fail over capabilities that support zero-downtime deployments. 

In AWS, we have some tools that help us deploy our application for various environments easily. Elastic Beanstalk is one of  those services. You can quickly deploy and manage by a simple upload of your application in Amazon AWS. Here is a list of some of the other areas that you can customize using the console:

  • Software
  • Instances
  • Capacity
  • Load balancer
  • Rolling updates and deployments
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Notifications
  • Network
  • Database
  • Tags

Along with it, AWS provides a tool by HashiCorp for managing the infrastructure code. It is called Terraform. Terraform provides a popular environment which uses the production and final deployment of the app. It will be a kind of multi-az with good availability and separate levels of subnets for better security. Having good security while deployment is a crucial step for any developer. Nobody wants to lose the important and premium features at this step when the project is in the last phase of completion. So, the application and the database instances are within a private subnet for good security and there is a public subnet created from which you can provision a bastion host or also you can add your local computer with it. An S3 bucket will be set up to store access logs, as well as a custom cloud watch metric to notify on application errors. Finally, Jenkins will be integrated to build and deploy our application to our new infrastructure.

Features of Node.js that Makes it Ideal for Developers

Being among the most preferred choice of  dedicated software developers Node.js features.

Node.js Development Popularity
  • Single-Threaded but Highly Flexible 

It is based on a single-thread model combined with event looping. Its event mechanism helps the server to communicate in a non-blocking way and makes the server highly flexible.

  • Asynchronous and Event-Driven 

All APIs of Node.js library are asynchronous, that is, it can handle a large number of simultaneous connections. It implies that a Node.js based server never waits for an API to return data. The server moves to the next API and with the help of a notification system of Events of Node.js assists the server to get a response from the previous API call.

  • High Speed 

Being built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, it has a high speed in code execution.

  • Zero Buffering

Node.js based applications never buffer any data. Applications simply provide data in chunks.

  • License 

It was released under MIT License.

Node.js Uses in Project Development

Primarily, Node.js is used for non-blocking and event-driven servers. Given below are some potential Node.js app development uses:

Uses of Node.js Development Services in Industry

1. CHAT BASED APPLICATIONS: Online chat-based systems are a typical example of a real-time and multi-user application. Such applications are lightweight, traffic-based, and data-intensive that run across varied types of devices. A Node.js system exactly does this. So, chat-based applications can be very well developed on Node.js

2. DATA STREAMING: Node.js makes real-time audio and video encoding easier. One can use it for any online streaming service

3. PROXY: Node.js can be easily employed as a server-side proxy where it can handle a large number of simultaneous connections in a non-blocking pattern.

4. BROKERAGE – STOCK TRADER’S DASHBOARD: Node.js provides a real-time web solution to traditional brokers’ trading software, It can be used to track stock prices, perform calculations/technical analysis, and create graphs/charts.

5. APPLICATION MONITORING DASHBOARD: Tracking website traffic can be made easier with real-time tracking offered by node.js.

Companies currently using Node.js include General Electric, eBay, GoDaddy, PayPal, Uber, Wikipins, Microsoft, Yammer, and yahoo and many more…

Maven Cluster is a well known Node.js development company in India with years of experience in producing the best quality software for a global clientele. We have the right expertise for crafting feature-rich Node.js based solutions for your business, no matter where you are located. Our dedicated software development team can handle several mobile and web app development project requirements based on industry-specific research and technologies ideal to deliver profitable results.

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