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What Makes React JS Best Choice for SaaS Based Product Development?

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With its cloud-based approach, the new era of software has arrived with SaaS products. Due to this a large number of businesses are looking for expert SaaS development services. But a lot of people struggle to choose libraries and frameworks for their projects. ReactJS is among the top libraries used for web applications and front end development services. In this blog, we try to explain why ReactJS can be the best choice for your web and mobile application development needs.

Understanding React JS

What if you had to code every single feature of a project by yourself from scratch, sounds scary right? This is where libraries of code come in handy. You can reference these libraries to include common features saving both time and resources.

ReactJS was built by Jordan Walke, an engineer at Facebook. It presents itself as an open-source, component-based Front-end Java-script library that is used in building user interfaces for single-page applications. A large part of the front end development of the application is decided by the view layer in the MVC framework and the responsibility of the view layer largely depends upon ReactJS.  

Additionally, it can be used to create an application for both desktop and mobile devices which makes it a popular choice among developers.  Further, with the help of its ability to render on the server using node, it can also power mobile apps. Due to its attractive features, ReactJS has managed to stay on top of the most loved Javascript libraries for a long time. 

Features of ReactJS

When compared to the features of ReactJS only a few JavaScript libraries and frameworks can perform as well. That is why before going upon the reasons for using ReactJS for software as a service development, let us see some of its important features that answer the question – “why use ReactJS for development?”


Solving the problem of coding the HTML structure and javascript code separately, ReactJS uses JSX typescript language. This enables it to write HTML structure along with the javascript code in a single field.

* One Way Data Binding 

Components are one of the most important parts of the mobile app development process. However, while designing complex apps, the structure may become messy which is why ReactJS uses unidirectional data binding. This helps it to keep the components in structure by placing the child components under the parent components.

* Virtual DOM

Making changes with the Real DOM is a challenge in itself due to the slow progress and to get over this hurdle ReactJS uses virtual DOM. Keeping the lightweight representation of DOM in the memory makes the development process even smoother.

* React Native

The ReactJS comes with a fully compatible mobile app framework called React Native. This framework can be used to design UI components for both iOS and Android apps. The biggest advantage of React Native is that you can use the same code for both iOS and Android which saves a lot of resources.

Reasons to Use ReactJS Development for SaaS

Apart from the fact that today famous apps use ReactJS for their development and maintenance, it is the simplicity of the development process that has made ReactJS famous. In the year 2017, it was chosen as the most in-demand framework on Stackoverflow. To build a SaaS product, due to the benefits of  ReactJS it becomes a top choice for both the developers and those who are hiring development services.

Top Reasons to Choose React JS

1. Swift Transition from Web to Phone

With the availability of React Native to support the development process of the application, ReactJS can be used to quickly transform the single page application into a mobile phone application. Additionally, the React Native code can work for both android and iOS platforms thus saving both time and financial resources for the organisation.

2. Code Reusability

In addition to the creation of a single page application, the ReactJS framework also aids the maintenance and upgradation of an application which is a major reason to choose ReactJS. Instead of forming a complete structure, the framework creates separate components of different features. These components can also be used separately in the future in the same or different application without having to code from scratch.

3. Better State Management

With the introduction of its hooks API in the year 2019, the development process with React got even easier. The hooks API allows a developer to share state logic between the different components without having to make any changes in the code structure. Further using hooks the developer can bifurcate different components into small functions to make the differentiation more clear.

4. Quicker Development Process

The ReactJS framework uses a virtual DOM instead of the real DOM which helps it to make the development process faster. The virtual DOM tracks and decides upon the components that need to be rendered again as per the user interactions. Additionally with the usage of tools like React developer tools can help in making the development process more organised.

Unidirectional Data Binding

As mentioned earlier, the unidirectional data binding in React is a big plus point and helps to create more stable code. The downward data binding ensures that any changes made in the child component do not affect the parent component. This makes making changes in the existing components much easier than the other frameworks available out there.

Developer Support

A good framework also needs backing by strong developer support to get queries solved and exchanging better ideas. React has a significant developer base around the globe due to its popularity. This aids in the development process by getting feedback and important insights to make the development process much easier and better.

SEO Compatibility

As the size of competition increases day by day, the developer’s job becomes more than just to create an app. It becomes equally important to pay attention to ranking factors like Search Engine Optimization which largely affect the search engine rankings. ReactJS ensures the fast performance of the app by using multiple components to fetch data at the same time. This in turn ensures better SEO ranking and visibility for the application.

Famous SaaS Services Using ReactJS

Apart from all the features and advantages provided by React, a major reason for its popularity for SaaS product development is its adoption by popular tech companies. Here are some popular companies leveraging the features of ReactJS.

* Facebook

It was Facebook where the React library was created by Jordan Walke and had the name “FaxJS” for the initial version. The Facebook webpage is created by mixing the React script with the underlying code.

* Instagram

Unlike Facebook, the famous social media app Instagram fully uses the ReactJS libraries for providing its different features. Especially the geolocation API and search engine accuracy highly leverage the efficient functionality of ReactJS.

* Netflix

The famous binge-watch digital destination Netflix also uses ReactJS for their platform Gibbon. According to the engineers at Netflix, using React has provided the platform with startup speed, modularity and runtime performance.

* Dropbox

The famous cloud storage service provider application switched to ReactJS after its growing popularity among the developer community. With the use of React, Dropbox has efficiently utilized the frameworks offered. 

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Developing an application with ReactJS requires a high level of expertise and experience as it involves significant investments. That is why it is important to have a consultation with an expert to hire ReactJS web app development services. 

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