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How to Hire and Manage Remote Developer For A Project?

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The process of developing software passes through a series of technical stages. Also, to get the most out of the project, you’ll need an incredible team. Unfortunately, it is highly tricky for most software development firms and web app developers to work remotely in this epidemic time.

As previously said, the journey of producing software begins with planning, development, testing, and deployment. Then there are the vital moments, which require a lot of teamwork.

The procedure becomes easier when you have a group of enthusiastic mobile app developers. However, supervising a team of developers from afar is a difficult challenge for any manager.

A lot goes on, such as hiring the most qualified and suitable applicant, team communication, on-time delivery, and so on.

This blog post helps you in making the process easier.

Steps to Hire Web and Mobile App Developers

As everyone knows, working remotely is a bit harder than working in person. Added to that, even the recruitment process has now become a remote one. So now there is more care needed for the recruitment process.

Here are a few steps you should keep in mind to hire the best developers.

1. Brief It Down

Write a brief on the project. Understand the specific requirements. Specific in a sense, make it super SPECIFIC. Write down why you need to hire website developers or mobile app developers and what impact it is going to bring up. Make a complete developer avatar like education qualification, experience, skills, flexibility, and personality.

‘clarity is the most important concept in productivity.’

So, this clarity helps you in picking the exact applicant needed for that specific role. Choosing the eligible candidate is crucial because you can assign a senior’s work to a fresher or vice versa. Either way, it’s going to affect the productivity of the project. So ensure to have the crisp candidate avatar to hire a dedicated team of developers. This helps you in saving a whole lot of time and makes the process a lot easier.

2. Choose the Channel

There are various options available like,

●      Job postings

●      Ads to hire Expert Developer

●      Outsourcing

a. Job Postings

On behalf of the company, the recruiter can post in the online business platforms and in various groups based on the industry to hire Dedicated Resources. Through this method, there are higher chances to get the candidates who are really into the profile and want to be a part of the team. Also, there are higher chances of getting more referrals to Hire Top Developer for Project. This further makes the recruiting process to Hire Top Software Developers easier.

b. Ads to Hire Expert Developer

As before, publish the job posting on the company website and run ads to it. This helps in showing out the authority of the business. Also, this method lets the candidate know the complete company structure and gives them a chance to analyze if they fit into this role and the work culture.

c. Outsourcing Service Providers:

Mention all the requirements and submit them to an outsourcing service provider. They’ll take care with the process to Hire Software Developers at ease. With an outsource service provider, the process gets easier. They have a database of the applicants and will provide the ones that fit in well with the job description and requirements. This method saves a lot of time, but it is only considered to be super specific about the outsourcing service provider. If that process is done perfectly, you are all set to go with the recruitment process.

Managing a Remote Development Team

When you hire remote developers, you should be able to properly manage them. The key objective of remote maintenance is to scrape out the efficiency of working in the same space. Since the majority of engineers now work remotely, there are a few things to consider while managing a remote team.

Expert Guide to Manage Remote Team

1. Make It Feel like a Workspace 

People love to know who they are working with, even if it is remotely.

Since you are going to be working remotely, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to socialize with the employees. It is essential to let everyone on the team know the other person and interact well as in traditional office patterns. 

Letting people know each other helps in building the bond between the employees. Hence it improves better communication among them.

2. Share the Project Mission and Vision

Everyone on your team should know what they are working on and why they are working on it. This makes the employees know the responsibility they own in this workspace. Also, this helps in making them accountable for the work assigned to them.

3. Improved Communication System

Even if you have already communicated with the team, it is crucial to ensure if you have a smooth communication system among the employees. Communication is extremely important when you hire freelance developers for your projects.

You can try strategies like pairing up the employees of a team for better efficiency. So, when the paired developers work together, they get a better insight into the work, and the efficiency improves.

You also need to consider if there is a better linguistic comfort between the employees and the client so that they can work without any miscommunication.

Always after a meeting, make sure to mail the minutes of the meeting to your team. This helps them know the current progress on the project and the areas where tweaks are needed. 

4. Make the Process as Easier a Possible

There might be a huge list of requirements from the client-side. But to complete the whole chunk, you need to complete them little by little.

So arrange the tasks on a priority basis and make it easier for the remote team to crack them off. Completing work on a few chunks helps in increasing the momentum of the task completion. Hence work only focuses on certain priority tasks at a time. Let your team complete it and proceed further.

By assigning the priority tasks, we also mean to eliminate the petty or fewer priority tasks. Sometimes, we tend to do work too perfectly, which is not much needed at the right moment. And this drains the energy and momentum of the team. Hence always work only the priority task by neglecting all the other petty tasks at the moment.

5. Make the Timings Easier

There are more chances for you to work with international clients. Hence you might need to work in different time zones.

First, analyze how you can make yourself comfortable with the client’s time zone. Then, choose the time which is common for the client and the team so that your remote team can engage with your clients better. 

If your timezone doesn’t align with the client’s, then plan up for the on-call person. Or try with the shift-based arrangements. When you hire a dedicated development team, this issue becomes easy to manage. As they would be more likely to adjust to the client’s requirement.

What Made Our Clients Become Our Retainers?

Nearly 86% of the software development companies work remotely at this moment. So, what makes us your go-to software development resource?

Every day at the Maven cluster, we work intending to set new standards for software development. Every developer of the Maven cluster is a visionary who can crack out the hardest problems and customize the software as requested by the client. Maven Cluster provides our clients with top developers for hire. Our combined expertise has provided us with a wealth of knowledge in terms of comprehending the client’s requirements and offering the finest service possible in response to it.

Maven cluster’s pool of developers is an assorted mix of amazing humans with slaying skills in software development. They’re also under the branch that arouses their interest the most. So all our developers are rooted strongly and branch out to implement all the modern techniques that can serve the client better. This makes Maven Cluster the best company to hire mobile app developers.

This quality of our developers is what drives us more in delivering the BEST service that our client expects. Also, our passion for testing out things and the Laser light focus on implementing the knowledge has helped a lot in serving satisfied clients of various industries.

Also, our transparency and security towards our clients make us their trusted and comfortable source for all their software requirements. We believe this is what brings us more clients. 

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We believe you got clear insights on how to make your remote work environment a productive one with all that being discussed. Beyond all the above-mentioned things, some important factors help you build a bond with your developers.

●      Appreciate your team for every success.

●      Try to avoid micromanagement.

●      Hop on meetings frequently for better communication.

●      Lead the team.

●      Follow a regular schedule not to mess up.

●      Avoid un-time meetings or deadlines.

Implementation of these factors takes minimal effort, but that has the strongest effects. At the end of the day, it’s a team of your creative people who strive for the betterment of the project and deserve a work-life balance.

It takes a bit of time for people to get adapted to this new remote work environment. So, if you are searching to hire developers for startups with diverse skills, then Maven cluster is here to provide the best service. Maven Cluster has experienced developers that understand your requirements and craft the software you always desired for your business. Maven Cluster allows you to hire a dedicated developers team in India So, contact us right now to discuss your requirements and the quote. We can’t wait to give you the best software development service.

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