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Top Questions to Ask before Hiring a Software Developer for your Project

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Hiring sounds like a tiresome activity. The key reason is less knowledge of business owners about the technologies and good interview processes. There are numerous service providers in the world.  Statistics say that India presently has approximately 3 million software developers. It’s just one country that is producing such a whopping number of developers.

Software development is a complex job and it requires very good proficiency in technical language to be ace in it. That’s why it is advised to hire a dedicated software developer with some good experience and skills.

Though most of the time, a software development project is outsourced to a professional IT Company but, you can also hire a freelance developer online to get your job done. 

An Expert software developer knows the requirements of the user or the productive ways to turn them into action. To find the best one from the rest, every company goes through a rigorous process.

It becomes hard to judge developers based on online interviews. Therefore, knowledge of a few crucial questions is important. Here are the best of them. 

Top 10 questions to ask before hiring

1. Experience with Technology-

The first and foremost question to ask a developer is-  what are the top technologies they have worked on? How many years they have been working in the development field. This gives the client an idea about the technical expertise of the developer. It tells the client if the developer is not experienced with the required technology for the project. For example- if the company’s software is to be made using different technology then that developer is not the right choice for the project.

2. Work Ethics and Deadline –

Work ethics plays a vital role in defining the success of the project. The company is always focused on hiring development teams.  Through an expert team, managing the task and meeting deadlines become so easy. A client should ask the potential developer what their typical project process looks like and the average timeline for completing the project. 

3. Testimonials and Portfolio-

Testimonials from the past work are the most credible source of information for a potential client. Clients should ask the software developers if they can see their previous work or check testimonials. A positive testimonial could seal the deal between a client and a software development company. The same thing goes for a portfolio. It includes the past projects completed by the software development company. A client can look through a developer’s portfolio to get information about their skills and quality of work. To find the best software developer, clients should look for Developers with a lot of testimonials. 

4. Experience in the Required Industry –

A client needs to hire a software developer who has the experience that matches the needs of your project. When the developer is experienced in the required industry, it becomes easier for them to work on the project. Also knowing the technology being used, the developer easily solves any problem they might encounter during the development process. 

5. How Do you Handle the Testing of the Project?

Testing is always a crucial step in the development process. Testing tells the developer the bugs and issues in the project. Before hiring a developer, the client should ask them about the testing tools they use. Testing is regarded as the best practice in software development and code maintenance. Clients should make sure that the developer is familiar with testing and test-driven development. 

6. Communication and Project Management Tools and Channels

 Communication matters a lot during software development. With local software development, you can discuss your project face to face. But if you hire a remote software developer, you don’t get the chance to meet them even once. In this situation using proper communication channels and project management tools is a must. The use of meeting apps like zoom and google meet will make communication easier. The client should ask about the project management tools a developer uses. Basecamp and Scoro are two really good project management apps that ensure proper communication between clients and developers.

7. What will be the Deliverables and Requirements?

This question will help determine how much input the developer requires from the client throughout the development process. The client needs to make sure the developer understands the requirements of the projects. Ensure that the deliverables are defined and clear. Checking about the ownership of the resources used during the development cycle is a good practice.

8. Ability to Complete Large and Small Scale Projects

Though, if any developer has some experience working in the industry, he or she is eligible for any project. But, the management of tools, resources, and modules is very different in a large-scale project that goes for many months. Depending on the project value and demand, it is advisable to hire an experienced developer who has worked on similar scale projects as you need.

9. Maintenance of the Project Regularly

Every software requires continual maintenance after completion. The maintenance of test-driven software is almost as important as the development. There are updates, bug fixes, and sometimes training on how to use the software. The clients should ask before hiring a developer how much maintenance will be provided after the project is finished.

10. NDA Policy and Ownership of Code

Many clients require the developer to sign a Non-disclosure agreement policy. This policy includes all the information that must be kept confidential regarding the project. The developer should sign a contract along with the NDA document.

The NDA Document ensures that all the Intellectual property of the client is safeguarded and the developer is bounded with the contract to project privacy. Generally, the NDA document is always a part of the contract but signing a separate document for NDA ensures 100% confidentiality.

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Hiring a top software developer may seem like a long and time-consuming task. But taking the time to thoroughly ask questions and interview software developers is always worth it in the long run. In addition to checking whether the developer is perfect or not, it gives the developer a sense of feeling that the client has got a proper understanding of the work. The more you know, The more you trust. 
India is the country with the most number of software developers in the world. More supply means that the service is getting more affordable for everyone. Therefore, it is the best choice to hire a software developer from India.

There are many freelancing sites to hire from but often people have found less quality and gone through bad experiences. Never trust someone with nothing past experience. Therefore, hiring a developer from an IT Company in India is the best choice. Almost every 3rd project in the world is completed by an Indian IT Company.

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