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Top 5 PHP Framework that is the Best for Website Development and Why

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Any application or web development takes a lot of time, especially, when you are getting it built from square one. For such tasks, we prefer you to choose a PHP framework development to make your work a lot simpler. 

In this article, you would learn about Frameworks, the top 5 PHP framework, benefits of PHP web application development, and types of PHP framework and their use. 

What do you mean by framework?

PHP framework

A framework is a platform that supports the development of software applications. It is like a library of files comprising all the basic functions, predefined classes, and the necessary functions that support web developers in creating programs. Hence, it can be used to process input, interact with the system hardware, and also manage such devices. 

A framework includes everything from code archives, compilers, programs to be used in application development, and every mechanism that can help you build a terrific software. 

In this article, we will focus on the PHP framework development.

What actually is a PHP framework?

Personal Home Page or commonly known as PHP, is one of the simplest programming languages to practice and understand. It operates following the model view controller fundamentals, making PHP web application development effortless.  

To make a note, 82.8% of the total websites made in the world are developed using the PHP framework.

What are the benefits of a PHP framework?

PHP framework provides a platform for the development of web applications and software. Here is why it is the primary choice of a developer: 

  • It uses repetitive code throughout the process, which results in saving time.
  • It exponentially speeds up development processes.
  • Its maintenance is extremely easy.
  • The framework makes application development more secure.

Best PHP Framework Technology

There are countless PHP Frameworks available. Here is a list of the top 5 PHP framework technology, their benefits, and features.

Top PHP Frameworks for Website Development

1. Laravel framework

2. CakePHP framework

3. CodeIgniter framework

4. Symfony framework

5. Zend framework framework

1. Laravel PHP Framework

The most popular framework is Laravel. It was developed in 2011, that utilizes MVC architecture for building complicated web applications from zero. It is outlined to ease tasks such as authentication, session, caching, and routing. Laravel framework development functions to build modernized PHP applications and an abstract routing.

Top features of Laravel 

1. Authentication– The primary choice of developers is Laravel because it has its own authentication system. When you hire laravel developer, you will not have to worry about the application authentication process. The developer can completely focus on configuring models, views, and controllers, and the application becomes operative.

2. Artisan– Laravel has an inbuilt command system called artisan. Artisan performs repetitive codes and MVC Files. It helps in focusing on other aspects of Laravel PHP Development.

3. Efficient object-relational mapping (ORM)- Laravel PHP Framework has an inbuilt ORM with an active record implementation. It helps in easier integration of database tables even without needing to write SQL Codes. 

4. Facilitates unit testing– Laravel has a unique unit testing feature. It ensures that any changes made to the application do not eradicate anything on the website. If you hire Laravel developer, they can also create their own test case.

5. Database Migration System– The systematic database migration by Laravel allows extending the database structure of a software without re-doing it every time when there’s a need for change. It reduces the risk of a data loss. 

Why should you choose Laravel?

  • It facilitates seamless working as it offers automated unit testing.
  • Laravel framework development offers simpler and straightforward routing.
  • Laravel development services separates presentation code and business logic as it uses MVC Architecture.
  • It has object-oriented libraries, authentication library, and notification meals, etc. 
  • It can provide notification email services such as Amazin SES.

2. CodeIgniter PHP Framework

CodeIgniter is a user-friendly, easy to understand, smooth toolkit to build web applications.

It is an open-source framework that uses various components to manage special tasks, that helps in developing highly scalable, dynamic websites. 

CodeIgniter PHP Development offers a library full of simple solutions such as user guides, video tutorials, and forums. It is recommended for those who are new to PHP Development services. 

Top features of CodeIgniter

1. Architecture is based on MVC- It follows a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, that separates the logic of a website from its presentation.

2. Comprehensive Built-in Library- It has a very extensive built-in library, that has all the required tasks like database, routing, sending emails, manipulating images.

3. Error Handling- CodeIgniter framework development has an uncomplicated interface that aids the developer identify and control all the errors that may occur. It gives directions to the error logging class which supports debugging messages to be saved as text documents.

4. SEO Friendly- It generates SEO friendly software that are already optimized. It saves time, money, and efforts.

5. Weightless Software- The software that uses CodeIgniter Framework Development is highly lightweight. It adds libraries only as per your needs.

Why should you choose CodeIgniter?

  • It has high-quality documentation that developers create amazing software.
  • Codes can be easily managed by developers as it separates performance from logic.
  • If you hire CodeIgniter developer, there would be no need to create a raw SQL, making the development process faster.
  • CodeIgniter Development Services are extremely customizable, giving you the desired output.
  • A CodeIgniter PHP Framework has a set of inbuilt tool packages, including zip encoding, testing modules, and validation etc.

3. CakePHP Framework

CakePHP framework is simple and elegant. The software uses the CRUD functionality, that is, the create, read, update, and delete functionality. It can be used to build a rich in features, visually-effective, and attractive software. CakePHP framework development offers amazing features such as forgery protection, SQL injection prevention, and cross- set scripting protection. 

Top features of CakePHP

1. Robust Performance- It comprises of advanced tools that make complex coding easier. It also facilitates a flexible data validation process too. The best part is that once you have understood its coding, you can explicitly focus on web development. 

2. Testing Methods- It automatically performs unit-testing at every step o ensure that there is no breakdown. CakePHP development process provides multi-faceted resources with comprehensive knowledge in developing software.

3. Built-in Validation– CakePHP framework development offers inbuilt validation rules to be adhered to. It ensures that web development has a flow. This technique is very practical and makes the development process easy. 

4. Testing Methods- CakePHP provides varied testing methods that identify falsities in the process of web development. 

5. No pre-configuration required- No pre-configuration means that the developer will not have to spend efforts setting up a Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP setup. It can auto-detect all the settings that need to be configured. 

Why should you choose CakePHP?

  • All you need to take care of is the database settings when you use CakePHP. It has an automated configuration.
  • CakePHP Development Services are best when it comes to security and session handling. 
  • If you hire CakePHP Developer, they can extend your project to more extensions, plug-ins, components, and behaviors.
  • It divides an application into three parts: model, view, and controller to easily handle software development.
  • CakePHP framework is highly compatible with ORM, therefor, it easily converts incompatible type systems in object-oriented programming and databases.

4. Symfony PHP Framework

Released in 2005, Symfony is the first choice for entrepreneurial web applications and third in rank after Laravel and CodeIgniter to use. It is the most mature and reliable framework. It uses a modular-based architecture. Symfony framework development uses bundles and components, making it perfect to develop websites and applications of any size. 

Top features of Symphony

1. Symfony Profiler- Symfony profiler keeps the application secure, keeps the track of all actions and backend activities. 

2. Customization- Symfony PHP Framework facilitates custom website development services. It employs OOPS service architecture that gives an edge to customization and develops the application as per your requirement. 

3. Long-term Support- It is compatible with new releases for up to three years. Symfony offers regular updates, which makes sure that you keep up with technology. It also has a stable and tested framework.

4. It creates own support folders- Symfony has a pre-established directory structure based on user input. It makes future improvisations easier. 

5. Independent Components- Symfony PHP framework offers more than 25 autonomous components, that give the basis for a PHP development project. If you hire Symfony Developer, you can leverage the use of validator tools, routing, console, asset, finder, and debugging.

Why should you choose Symfony?

  • It is a large and growing community. In this community, people solve each others’ queries and provide support.
  • Symfony Development Services are highly flexible and can easily be integrated with projects like Drupal.
  • It has independent and reusable PHP components which makes it reliable. Its components are even used by platforms like Magento. 
  • Symfony PHP Development is backed by a tech giant. That means it offers real support and regular updates. This proves that this framework is highly reliable.
  • The software is regularly updated and each updated version stays supported for 3 years.

5. Zend PHP Framework 

Zend PHP framework is referred to as the component library as it’s a center of loosely packed components. It offers features such as interfaces and inheritances, making it extendable. Zend PHP Development enables the engineer to focus entirely on functions and components. It decreases development efforts and improves productivity, which makes it very effective for use.

Top features of Zend

1. Strong Backend Support- It has remarkable backend support from Google, Strikelron, and Microsoft. Therefore, it is reliable to use.

2. MOVE Support– MOVE stands for Models, Operations, Views, and Events, it is an architecture that is more secure and easy to handle than MVC. This skeleton is a contribution of the above-listed companies.

3. Better control- It gives entire control of its features to the developer, ie, any developer can put in as many modifications as required without any adverse effect on the framework’s performance. 

4. HTML5 Compliant– When you hire a Zend developer, you experience quick web development that is lightweight and elegant. It also offers all HTML5 form features and supports inputs like URL, Phone Number, and E-mail etc.

5. Powerful and fast– It is faster than any other platform as it uses an object-oriented approach from C++. It also helps developers in creating efficient web solutions that are highly optimized. 

Why should you choose Zend?

  • It offers a variety of extensions and add-ons and one can also create their own library. Therefore, it is highly customizable.
  • Zend offers classes like OOP language to tier developers, which eases troubleshooting and is effective in problem-solving.
  • Zend provides dual certification; Zend and PHP; resulting in better developer portfolios and authentication of their services.
  • Zend development services are the best choice for large scale web applications as it can handle complex components without slowing the speed.
  • It offers more accuracy, greater speed, and an unlimited number of customization options.

There are various types of frameworks available one has to choose depending upon their needs and features offered by these frameworks. 

At Maven Cluster, we offer every type of framework services from Laravel to Zend development services. We understand the needs of our customers very well and provide them with the best services. We are a Custom PHP Development Company, who will cater to all your needs and deliver amazing results. Our team of highly qualified developers and professionals are proficient in what they do.

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