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15 Tips to Design Effective Landing Pages for Better Conversion

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A good landing page can become a deal maker or deal-breaker when it comes to the conversion of the leads. In addition to having a landing page for conversion, it also presents the values of the organisation owning it 

According to Unbounce, the effective conversion rate of landing pages is nearly 9.7% which shows that the absence of a good “landing page development guide” can cost a business valuable conversions. Another study by Hubspot presented, that companies with more than 40 landing pages get 12 times more leads than companies with around 15 landing pages.

All these numbers are pointing towards the significance of landing pages for conversion and soliciting new prospects, but at the same time development of quality landing pages requires utmost attention and skill. 

Here we present some relevant landing page development tips that can help you build landing pages for your company to bring more engagement and clicks. 

1. High-Quality Designs and UI

According to a recent study, people remember 80% of the information presented in visual form, 20% in text format and just around 10% in audible format. This reinforces the importance of attractive graphical representation in the process of landing page development. Having high-quality graphics design enhances the perception of the visitor toward the website. However, it should be kept in mind while the A/B  testing process that the graphics maintain the balance between size and visuals as larger size files can lower the page speed of the landing page.

2. Usage of Videos

According to a survey done by Biteable, 74% of marketers say that a video gives a higher return on investment as compared to other forms of advertising, such as text or image advertising. It proves that videos are able to grab their attention and convert visitors into customers. The inclusion of inbuilt video players into the landing page can be an efficient course of action for video marketing.

3. Balancing Text and Visuals

Though we have emphasized the use of visuals earlier, the text is still the classic way to convey a message. This is why Google’s search bots focus greatly on text information while indexing the landing page and other pages of the website. Because of this, there should be focused attention on the fonts and headings to keep the landing page properly optimised.

4. Minimalistic Approach

Distractions are the ultimate antagonists for the conversion rate of your website, throwing all the things either above or below the fold can divert the attention of the visitor resulting in missing the call to action. That is why landing pages of popular business websites keep things at minimalist levels helping the visitor to keep a focus on important objects. 

5. Placement of Call To Action

 The process of landing page development puts a major emphasis on the call to action and its placement. Landing page design should focus on grabbing and maintaining the attention of the audience on the call to action. This can be done through catchy headlines and a more vibrant colour scheme for the call to action. CTA’s come in various forms and paying special attention to their placement according to their type can pave the way for your perfect landing page.

6. Seamless Interfaces

There are enough testimonials by people as to how a “scratchy” interface can augment the bounce rate of the page. Having a custom landing page design that is seamless especially in the case of longer pages can highly boost the chances of conversion. Decluttering the page can be a great way to gain that extra bit of smoothness for your page while also maintaining a clean look and letting the value proposition of the website stand out.

7. Search Engine Optimization

When the landing page and the website is in the coding phase always make sure that you take the website development services from a company that has adequate experience with Search Engine Optimization. The underlying code of a landing page has a crucial role in its search engine rankings. Higher positions on search ranking can further cause a springboard effect for your lead generation and conversion rate numbers.

8. Chat-bots

The web development space goes through constant developments and disruptions by new technologies, chatbots currently a top choice among such technologies. They help provide constant assistance to the visitor on your landing page and guide them toward the required call to action. The chatbots can be customised according to the USP of the website and to do that it is advisable to consult an experienced web development company.

9. Page Speed

Focusing on the design and visual aspect is an important thing on the other hand it is equally important to focus on the landing page speed. Research has shown that an average visitor prefers websites that take less than 2 seconds to open. One thing that is common among all the high-converting landing pages is excellent backend work otherwise the visitor can just click the back button without waiting for the gorgeous designs and shapes.

10. Responsiveness Across Devices

There was a time when the websites were only meant for computers and other devices were not given any importance. But with the advent of 4G services, the share of mobile and tablets have steadily risen and recently has surpassed computers in terms of Internet access. To develop effective landing pages, it is crucial to pay attention to the flexibility and adaptability performance of the pages on various devices while the A/B testing process.

11. Consistent Design Scheme

Having a choice for a plethora of web design services and tools has led out gazillions of options for business people to apply various design schemes and colours to their landing pages. Unfortunately, many times the same colours and designs schemes are overused and ruin the look of the website.  That is why it becomes of paramount importance to pay attention to the consistency of colour, fonts and architecture to give a uniform feel to the landing page design.

12. Animation and Visual Effects

The modern landing page marketing system has paid much attention to animation and visual effects, a great example of this is the various button hover effects. This adds great aesthetic value to the landing page and gives a positive impact on the psyche of the visitors. Apart from the mechanical aspects of the landing page development, the dynamic contents on the website help in grabbing the attention and achieving the end goal of conversion.

13. Reviews and Testimonials

The element of trust is a crucial ingredient to develop effective landing pages and high conversion leads. A lot of people tend to make purchases or subscriptions only when they are convinced that other people have also done the same. That is why the inclusion of testimonials or review sections can make a huge difference when it comes to landing page marketing and forming trust between the visitor and the business.

14. Competitor Research

Paying attention to the landing pages of competitors with higher rankings and click rates can be a great way to gain insights to form a strategy for your landing page marketing. Not only good aspects but mistakes of the competitor’s website can give an important lesson for developing effective landing pages of your own. Further, sites like Hubspot can also provide information and developments from the web development field.

 15. Personalisation

Every business is different and to stand out among the crowd, a landing page should have its own unique selling point or USP. A great web design amplifies the values of your business and website. This can be possible only when you have experienced web design services for your landing page and if you are outsourcing them, it is prudent to have an experienced and dedicated website development company doing this for you.


Developing high-performance landing pages requires the usage of front end programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and frameworks like Angular while on the backend side there are languages like PHP, Python, .Net, Node.Js and much more.

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