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What is the Best Debugger Tools for Python?

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Software development is a dynamic and ever-growing field in modern times. Many things keep changing in the area, with new trends and practices constantly evolving and disappearing simultaneously. 

Although, it is an irony that bugs in codes have remained a constant no matter how efficient or accurate a coder or their code is. While it is ironic that bugs remain continuous in coding, all hope is not lost as bugs are also fixable. 

That being said, Python is one of the most popular programming languages all across the world. According to statistics, it will rank third on the list of most used programming languages among developers all across the globe in 2021. 

While that speaks about the popularity of Python amongst programmers, it is essential to know that the language is preferred as it enables programmers to express logic in fewer lines of code. Although, that does not mean that there would be no bugs, and the programmer would write completely error-free code. 

Let us now look at how developers can get rid of the bugs with the help of some bug fixing tools that are essential and effective for the Python language. 

Resolving the Issue of Bugs with 5 Best Bug Fixing Tools for Developers

Coding is a strenuous and time-consuming task. With the advancement of technology, many bug-fixing tools are now available for developers. These tools can help with code checks as well as auto code completion. 

That being said, Python is a very commonly used high-level language known for its speed and efficient integration of essential features. According to reports, Python has been downloaded 23 million times for Windows. No matter which language a developer uses or how experienced they are, there is no assurance that they will write error-free code. Even experienced programmers also make mistakes and spend a lot of time fixing the bugs.

For that, you need tools that can fix these code errors efficiently and seamlessly, spending the least time on the job. The bug fixing tools make you aware of any insights and development status through notifications with multiple options for platforms on which you receive these notifications. The tools help the developer know about errors instantly. 

If you are a Python user, then here are 5 Python bug fixing tools crucial for modern-day developers in 2021.

1. Trac

Price: Free and open-source

Trac is a top-rated tool amongst Python developers. Trac is an open-source platform that consists of a lot of useful and practical features. The device is available for Linux, Unix, Windows, etc.

Trac Python Debugger

The tool is not just an excellent option for bug-fixing. Still, it also has a variety of other applications, including seamless project management and a simple timeline that is very easy to use. Additional features of the tool include the display of all current and previous projects events in order. This can effectively offer better acquisition. 

If it comes to determining the nature of this bug fixing tool, Trac is an enhanced Wiki and error tracking system that is very handy for custom software development projects. The platform offers an interface to Subversion and Git (or other version control systems) and a range of utilitarian reporting facilities. 

Another key feature of this tool is the feature that allows you to create links and build references between bugs, files, change sheets, wiki pages, etc. Along with that, it also enables wiki markup in issue messages and descriptions.

2. Python Standard Debugger

Price: Free and built-in

The Python Standard Debugger is the simplest of debuggers that are appropriate for small and medium projects. It is a command-line debugger, one that comes by default with all Python versions. There are no hassles of installation. 

Python Standard Debugger Tool

With this debugging tool, any programmer can insert breakpoints in their codes. These breakpoints allow coders to check their codes and stack frames. All you need to do is simply import it at the beginning of the code. 

This Python Standard Debugger is a basic debugger. It can be utilized by coders who want to skip some code lines or create a loop for specific times. Although, any user can add a variety of extensions that can enhance its capabilities and versatility. Another great feature of the debugger is that it is implemented as a class in the Python standard library. This enables easy extension as well.

3. Airbrake

Price: $59/month

Airbrake is another popular bug fixing tool for Python and is used for a variety of error-tracking purposes. It works through the detailing and checking of code, detecting any exceptional cases. The tool also alerts you before any of the clients are affected. The tool sends alerts on Github, Jira, Slack or through email. 

Rollbar Python Debugger

The tool comes with a range of custom workflow integrations. It is effortless to install and use and can be accessed with the help of a mobile-optimized and improved web application

Along with Python Development, it also supports several other programming languages like .NET, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP development etc. This tool comes with some very useful features like easy collaboration, prioritize, triage, etc. that can effectively improve productivity.

4. Rollbar

Price: $41/month

Rollbar is a very powerful, versatile and one of the most popular error tracking tools for Python development. The tool is a top choice amongst programmers who want complete and detailed checking of their items and administration after arrangement. The tool is efficient and prompt and will send instant notifications as soon as any error happens, much before the clients can note such errors.

Rollbar Python Debugger

Being a very effective and versatile tool, it comes with a range of features. Amongst them, the most mentionable and useful one is its capability to naturally stack comparable errors with the help of its fingerprinting innovation. 

Rollbar also ensures that programmers can achieve every single subtlety with the primary objective of assisting the developers in assessing the effects and figuring out the specific needs of a sequence. The tool might also ask for parameters, neighborhood variable qualities, programs, IPs, and a lot more to make coding more convenient and error-free. 

Besides language support and Python, Rollbar also supports Ruby, JavaScript, Django, Android, Clojure, and a few more programming languages. Not just that, Rollbar is a very reliable tool used by several major global brands, including the likes of Heroku, Uber, Salesforce, etc.

5. Sentry

Price: Free and open source

Last but not least, Sentry is one such Python bug fixing tool that needs to be on any list that has the best error-fixing tools for developers. The open-source bug fixing tool for developers comes with versatile and useful features that enable programmers to detect and fix bugs in real-time. It is popular, effective and efficient, and above all, it comes free of cost, making it even more convenient and preferable amongst developers.

Sentry Python Debugger

Similar to SDKs available for different frameworks, languages and platforms, the best thing about it is that programmers can seamlessly integrate them into their applications. Sentry is a tool that is preferred for the convenience of bug fixing it offers. It enables programmers to identify local variables in the stack for prod errors, just like it can be done in their development environment. Not just that, programmers can introspect deeper into the runtime for more detailed and additional data. 

Sentry does not only support Python, but along with Python, it also supports a few other common programming languages like Ruby, JavaScript, etc.

The tool also comes with options that enable coders to group and filter Python executions that can help them reduce the noise significantly. 

When we say Sentry is a popular and preferred bug fixing tool, it becomes evident when we find out that even after being a free tool, Sentry is trusted by some renowned and major firms across the globe. Some global names that use Sentry are Uber, PayPal, Microsoft, Reddit, etc. 

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, it needs to be mentioned that debugging is a very important part of programming. Errors in codes are natural, even for the best and most experienced coders. It is important to remember that any good programmer always performs debugging. As we approach the end of this article, we hope that you can choose your preferred tool for Python error fixing. 

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