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How to Create an Online Car Dealership Website?

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Why would anyone visit a car marketplace website? To find a suitable car. 

A wide choice of vehicles and an efficient sorting system is what a car marketplace needs.

The Internet and smartphones have made a new digital world. Everything from jingle bells to massive SUV cars can now be purchased online. The revenues of digitally connected companies are sky-high. In fact, The Covid-19 pandemic has given a never-ending boost to digital connectivity. The demand for online cars has never been this trending. 

As per the google reports, A whopping 72% of respondents researched online to find a dealer through websites. 10% of them going through lead form and the other 62% making phone calls on the number given on the car dealing website. The report also states that about 59% of them decided to purchase a new car or used car within the month and 21% of them made the payment through the payment gateway of the website. With the car dealing websites, It is now possible to buy new or used cars online and the demand for these websites are increasing with the speed of light. Developing a car dealing website in the peak of digital connectivity will be the finest choice for a car dealership owner.

Future Statics of Industry

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for digital connectivity and the internet has increased significantly, even in Non-metro cities such as Tier-3 cities. From ordering foods, groceries, clothes, shoes, to fast-moving consumer goods, Tier 1 and 2 cities are known to buy everything through online searches.

Future Statics of Car Selling Website

According to the ‘Auto Gear Shift India 2020 Report’ by Google India, Tier-2 cities have shown 86% interest in buying a new car online and solely influenced by YouTube. YouTube gains the second spot on the search engines for searching “buy a new car online”.

Another report noted that out of 10 users 9 of them did at least one follow-up with a car dealer website. Car buyers watch online videos to know about the specifications, 360-degree view of car design and in action, vehicle safety test.

According to the Times of India Auto and international newspaper New York Times, These trends are going to increase up to 150% to 180% in next one or two years as four-wheeler buyers are digitally connected more than ever before. This trend marks the presence of digital car dealing in the market. India secures the second spot in the world in terms of internet users, India records over 500 million internet users and a whopping 90 million-plus searches for ‘Buy car Online’ during the covid-19 times. India’s recent data shows 3x search for EV’s in this year alone. Not only India but the second largest car producer, i.e The united state’s records 29% of the online car sales during the covid-19 times. The automobile sector is one of the most profitable businesses in covid-19 times because of online car dealing websites. While other largest car producers such as Germany and Japan record 18% and 15% online car sells during covid-19 times. By these stats, Increase of 150% in the digital car-buying trend by 2021 or 2022 is undoubtedly possible.

How does a car dealing website work

If you run a car dealership then a car dealership website is supreme for you. The right kind of website helps in finding the success of an agency. Nowadays people want the experience of a car dealing from the comfort of their home. Consumer interest in YouTube videos that covers the review of design, features and road test, redirect consumers to car dealing websites. A car dealership websites include different functions and functionality which helps the consumer to find the best vehicle with ease. A consumer can compare different cars, specifications or even design in a single tab with loads of car images and videos and does not need to note it down. With the wishlist function, a user now can keep a record of their favourite listing and also get a notification about the price changes, offers or new listings. Not only that but the buyer now has the option to book a car directly through their mobile phones, Inquire about a vehicle or offer feedback without going out of their home, especially when social distancing is still in place. This function allows a user to take full advantage of the growing trend. With the use of the internet, things like car booking can be done without walking miles to reach a car showroom. Car showroom websites can be accessible by mobile phones with the comfort of home.

Functions and functionalities of a car dealer website

For a Car Dealership, a car dealing website is essential but that’s not enough, You need a car dealing website that is well equipped to sell cars. A car dealing website should include features such as effective management, Sales, product and inventory information and also needs to stay up to date with the change in pricing, minor upgrades and new listings. Functions of a car dealing website should be implemented in a way to provide End-users with a user-friendly and easy to use habitat.

Here is a list of essential aspects that all car dealing websites should have:

Features of Car Dealing Website

1. Multiple Users And Access Level System

Multiple users such as dealers, customers, sales team and admin can now manage data smoothly and gain an immediate entrance to the information with the use of multiple users and access level systems. An admin can access, edit or change a database. While the sales teams can control the pricing and listings. A multi-user and access level system makes operations of car dealing websites easy.

2. Search and filtering

Smart search and filtering is the most essential function for a car dealer website. With the help of smart search functionality, a user can now search the most relevant result from thousands of products at the same time. The smart search function can process a large amount of data within a seconds and find the most relevant search in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, the filtering function allows a user to filter searches by adjusting price, category, mileage and colour, just a name of few.

3. Wishlist and notifications

Wishlist functions allow a user to keep a track of their favourite car listings, User can create profiles or charts of their desired vehicles and can get a notification every time a similar car is listed. Not only that but a quality designed wishlist function can track the data to easily identify trends and later respond to them with offers related to their products with custom notifications.

Notifications are also helpful in letting the user know about the price changes, new listing and new features.

4. Stunning Galleries

A good optical presentation of a car is the most crucial feature of any car sales website. Without any visual presentation, a buyer would not wait for a second. Because of an evolving marketplace and new technologies, an end-user can upload high-definition images in the same quality and exact format. In the field of automobiles, the First impression of a car is the last, Without a good design, there would be no sales. Especially when the product is not cheap.

5. Car Compare & Email

Car compare feature allows end-users to compare specifications with two or more cars while viewing snapshots. Which helps the user in purchasing decisions with ease and brings success to the website. A car compares feature is a crucial part of a car dealing website. After making the decision, A potential buyer can reach out to sellers via email. This feature leads to user satisfaction and can be used to generate potential leads.

6. The Smart Inquiry Form

Smart Enquiry Form or Contact forms allows the end consumer to easily request for a brochure, information about the car, Franchise, availability or offer feedback. An interactive inquiry form or contact form can be an excellent way to capture leads, which can be converted to clients later on. Also, it will be really easy to contact potential buyers with an inquiry or contact form. This feature should be implemented on a website, to find out the different queries a client comes up with. 

7. Smart AI Chatbots For Sales, Booking And Customer Support

Science has changed the world. Instead of humans, Artificial intelligence can solve queries now. Implementation of artificial intelligence in a website can benefit a user in many ways. A chatbot can solve user queries, offer an exclusive solution for bookings and sales and even provide customer support. A chatBot not only captures the leads but also helps with customer retention. It is highly advised to avail Custom Website Development Services to implement AI and design condition-based questions in the finest way possible.

8. Flawless responsive design for mobile and tablet

Nobody likes a slow loading or extra-fancy website, especially on the case of a car dealing website. A flawless responsive website that loads fast and delivers prime performance is supreme for car dealing websites. A design that is easy to understand and solves users problems can attract new clients. A recent Google survey shows 80% of car dealing starts with car dealing websites. Therefore, It is important to hire a Dedicated Web Developer or agency to design a website that performs remarkably irrespective of screen size, whether it is viewed on a PC or a mobile device.

9. Payment gateway integration

Payment gateway integration is also a must-have function for online car sales websites. A can finance website that can smoothly integrate with every payment gateway has a better chance to convert leads into clients. Without hiring a website development company, issues such as broken shopping carts can arise and you can lose potential clients. Having all the major and popular payment gateways is a great way to gain the trust of end-consumers or potential buyers. The payment gateway uses company standard encryption that protect sensitive data of end-users and seamlessly protect both buyer and seller from frauds.

10. SEO friendly

According to a survey, Top ranking sites tend to attract more leads than that of low ranking sites. SEO friendly sites that rank top on google searches not only can attract new leads but also helps in building websites reputation and brand value, which can help in establishing brand awareness. SEO optimized web pages are easily accessed by the desired consumer cross-section demographics. SEO Is considered as a Primary Source of Leads.

11. Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great way to make your business look more professional and your website more user friendly. Having all the listings in a single page will fed up the consumer and can be a pain to scroll through. Having them categorized is a much better way to furnish potential customers with an easy to use, user-friendly environment. Landing pages are generally direct and provide to the point information. Relevant landing pages are the most crucial part of a car dealing website as it is the first impression of your business. Also, The Landing pages have higher chances in ranking top in google searches than web pages.

12. Default accelerated mobile pages (AMP) support

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an all-new framework that ensures the best possible user experience for mobile users. AMP is designed in a way to support mobile-friendly pages, With accelerated mobile pages (AMP) a user can expect fast-loading mobile-friendly pages with minimum bounce rates. Thus, Enhance the Search Engine Optimization performance of a website. The main benefit of implementing accelerated mobile pages is speed, these are lightweight pages designed to provide lightning-fast speed to mobile users.

13. Effective help and FAQ

Effective help sections are another great way to engage a customer in the websites. Effective help or FAQ pages are the most overlooked pages for car dealing websites. A user generally comes with so many questions and a direct answer to their queries, helps the customer in purchasing decisions and provides a convenient experience to the user. These contents are also searchable in the search engines and effectively help in sites SEO. It will also boost sales as people will have the basic information to make a decision. FAQ pages play a crucial role in converting leads to paying customers. It is highly advised to invest in high quality and impressive design for your FAQ page.

How to Develop a car dealing website: Development insights

Now, as you have understood the features that should be included in a car dealing website, You need an experienced web development company to get the things done for. An experienced and dedicated team of web developers are aware of the tools and latest trends. Generally, server-side websites are created in PHP language. Other languages that can be used to build a car dealing website are HTML, Java, Javascript and python.

Let’s look at the process of developing a car dealing website.

* Admin Panel

A website’s admin panel is a place where you are allowed to modify and change user details, accounts and other sections of your marketplace. With the admin panel, you can easily create new listings or update information about the products. Basically, the Admin panel allows you to manage the entire marketplace from your dashboard. An experienced team of web developers can help you in that by creating a less complicated and easy to use admin panel dashboard.

* Implementation of Features

As we already have discussed how above-mentioned features are crucial for a business. The implementation of these features in the right way is very equally important. The place of implementations, required features at the right place and efficient working of these features are also crucial.

* UI Design

To develop a car dealing website, You need a stylish automobile UI, You cannot compromise the UI/UX design. Car dealing websites contain a lot of information. Therefore, a clean simple automobile interface is best suited for car dealing websites and also it should be easy to use. Extra Fancy websites are not only punished by search engines but also negatively rated by users. 

* Quality Content

80% of the online buyer’s research before purchasing any product online. An informative content-rich website helps you to furnish users with a one-stop solution to their purchasing problems. With quality informative content, a user does not have to research somewhere else to know more about the product. A car dealing website should include relevant information about the product and add ratings. 

Cost to develop a car marketplace website

The cost to build the best car sales website depends on the design, site features and complexity of these features. The more the features, the more the cost is going to be. In order to develop the best car dealer websites, you will need a team of professional developers, A team of developers includes UI/UX designer, Frontend developer, Backend developer, Quality assurance professional and Project Manager. Searching for this developer one by one is a time-consuming process and it can take months to find the best developer, Instead, you can hire a Website Development Company to get the things done in the shortest time possible. 

The process of developing a car dealing marketplace usually takes around 2-3 months and the cost of developing a website with a basic functional set can cost you around $20000.

In terms of cost with essential features, A car dealing website with minimum 8-10 features can cost you around $3000. As you include more features, you can expect more cost.


Powered by the internet, A facilitated platform for a dealership is created by car dealing websites. The last several years have seen a lot of innovations in the industry such as car subscription, Online advanced bookings and even advanced payments. But, the demand for online car dealing websites has never been this trending. Today a lot of car dealers build a car website to sell automobiles nationwide or worldwide efficiently. If you happen to own a car dealership and wish to build a presence on the web, then you should Hire Top web developer to get your website done in minimum time. Developing a car dealing website at its peak is not only a tremendous idea but also a profitable one. The internet is now a part of the automotive purchase process. 

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Car dealing websites for the global market sounds like a marvellous idea. However, developing a new car website requires a huge amount of work. But not with Maven Cluster, Car dealing websites that we create come up with a perfect match for your requirements. We come up with flexible designs and exact functionalities desired by the end-consumer.If you need a reliable team of developers, then we are the one-stop solution for you. We deliver real value, Quality coding and timely delivery with delight. We (Maven cluster) is glorified as The Best Web Development Company in India.

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