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Why Must You Choose the MEAN Stack Technology for your Upcoming Projects?

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In this era of digitalization, developers are in search of cutting-edge technologies and tools to assure faster and accurate web development processes. MEAN Stack Development is a user-friendly JavaScript stack that offers a faster backend for mobile applications and websites. In a recent survey, Stack overflow revealed that 58.3% of developers showed their interest to code in JavaScript. To hire a MEAN Stack developer makes the technology team complete with a variety of technical skills. 

MEAN is an acronym and here is what every letter stands for:

M- MongoDB – Database management system used in MEAN Stack framework.

E- Express.JS – It is a robust framework that hosts as well as assists Node.js projects.

A- Angular.JS – Open-Source framework which takes care of frontend development, in order to develop interactive web pages.

N- Node.JS – Ensures excellent backend services and boosts the app performance by 50%.

Let’s discover the major benefits of MEAN Stack Development for your upcoming projects in order to grow quicker. 

Top Advantages of the MEAN Stack Development

1. Low Development Cost Makes It Budget Friendly

MEAN.JS is an open-source full-stack JavaScript framework and is composed of free to use features. Hence, any project which uses this framework is benefited with low cost and expenses during the entire development process. In addition to this,JavaScript facilitates the developers by offering code sharing features that automatically cuts down the total development time and cost.

2. Offers High Flexibility and Efficiency

MEAN stack is a highly flexible framework, that helps users to develop and test their codes on a cloud platform without any hassles. To be precise, it offers efficiency and has an advantage over many other technologies. JavaScript is one of the most popular languages used for the development process and offers ease to the entire team in switching tasks and solving queries. 

3. MEAN offers isomorphic coding

Isomorphic Code can be stated as the code which can run both in the client and the server’s end. MEAN stack app development allows easy transfer and reusability of codes from one framework to another. Hence, it ensures that the codes work perfectly on other platforms as well. It also offers Search engine optimization and boosts the rankings of your website. In addition to this, it offers a feature of code maintainability which reduces code liability, and saves time for developers. Thus, it is one of the popular advantages of using the MEAN stack framework, as it ensures the re-usability of native code.

4. Use of JavaScript throughout the development process

When the developers work on the MEAN stack framework, the entire application is coded in a PHP server. MySQL is used to write queries for the database and JavaScript is used on the backend of your application, which is compatible with both Windows and Linux Operating Systems. JavaScript is a multi-paradigm, high-level language that plays a major role in managing and recovering data. All in all, it is a highly developer-friendly framework that facilitates the entire MEAN Stack development team with faster backend responses and continuous evolution of application with time.

5. The fastest way to come up with MVP

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Project, it comprises a preliminary set of features demanded by most of the customers. MEAN stack comprises large libraries, reusable modules, and additional frameworks that ensure that the companies achieve the MVP in the shortest amount of time. Hence, they offer a solid foundation to build outstanding software and websites. This saves the time and efforts of the MEAN stack developers and makes the entire process less hectic.

6. Flexible structure with MongoDB

MongoDB is the most popular choice for the representation of data in a database management system for large-sized applications and websites. It is highly efficient in managing huge sized data, as it comprises a JSON document that sorts the entire data. DB Engines Ratings revealed that MongoDB is amongst top 5 databases across the globe. The entire framework is based on the concept of Object-oriented programming, which makes the entire process simpler and easier. In MongoDB, automation of horizontal scaling is achieved by the feature of auto-sharing, which helps the server to store and distribute larger-sized data without any fail.

 7. Presence Of JavaScript object notation (JSON)

JSON is one of the best advantages of MEAN Stack as it facilitates the smooth data flow between the layers of the framework, when developers use MongoDB or AngularJS for web development. According to a recent survey, 615 popular websites all over India use JSON to access data. The entire data of MongoDB is stored in the JSON format, which saves the time of developers by offering isomorphic coding properties. Hence, it offers a facility to import data from MySQL by seeking the help of functions, codes and processes them too. 

8. Massive libraries

MEAN Stack Development Server Provider comprises a huge library of JavaScript Modules which offers great assistance to the developers. As these libraries offer per-defined outputs, it prevents the developers from writing long codes to obtain certain outputs. These libraries are very fast and guarantee the correctness of the entire code. All in all, libraries save the efforts of the developer and boosts the speed of the entire development process.

9. Presence Of Node.JS

NodeJS Development offers an extensible support to code the backend on your application, which is far better than the backend of traditional web applications. This technology operates on a non-blocking input-output terminal that uses web sockets in order to transfer data and information to the client’s end without seeking the request from the clients.  According to recent surveys, 85% of software engineers use NodeJS for web development as it reduces the cost by 58%. This runtime environment helps the cross-functional teams by reducing the loading time by the feature of quick catching. Hence, it improves the overall performance and cost of the application.

10. Large Talent Pool

As per the annual reports of Stack Overflow, JavaScript is one of the widely-used programming languages across the globe. This offers assistance to the developers throughout the world, and leads towards the appraisal of the development organizations. Along with this, there are experts across the world who are dedicated towards solving the queries of other mean stack web developers.

11. Offers Cloud compatibility

MEAN stack framework uses library functions, modules, and many public repositories during the process of web development. This is a very useful and pocket-friendly feature, as it reduces the usage of storage space as well as the cost of purchasing these devices. To be precise, it allows developers to create robust cloud applications which are saved using the MongoDB database management system.

12. Exceptional performance

In the entire MEAN stack for development framework, NodeJS is the major component to ensure excellent performances. It is useful in creating dynamic websites and applications with its High-end results. When compared with other programming languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, NodeJS is easy to grasp, understand and displays better results.

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These are some of the biggest advantages, Why MEAN Stack for development is the best possible framework for creating dynamic, outstanding and highest rated web applications.  Above all, the developers of Mean stack development company offer full-stack development with its cutting-edge cloud support. It is used in most of the well-known platforms which includes Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn, and Uber. 

MavenCluster is one of the leading Mean stack development Company in India with a highly skilled and experienced team of developers to offer robust and cost-effective MEAN stack development services. We cater to every segment of web application development encompassing the front end, backend, and even database in order to influx your business by offering brilliant web solutions.

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