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How to Make a Profitable Medical Website for Health Professionals?

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During these ongoing times, there have been new heroes coming to the battlefield. Totally unexpected and unrecognized, people in the white and blue dresses have become the first and front warriors against one invisible enemy. Doctors, Staff, Nurses, Supporting members, and many more are working day and night to reduce the impact of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite such great efforts of these heroes, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the key areas where a lot of work is required.

For the last two years, one thing that has been together with the healthcare system is Technology. From making healthcare accessible to everyone to reducing the cost and time for treatment, technology has empowered the healthcare staff when nothing worked. From a  doctor website to online websites for medical practice, covid-19 case tracking websites and numerous other websites emerged in these times. A website is a complete representation of the information, services, and features offered by the hospital in digital form. For a hospital, in such times, being digitally present is almost mandatory. Currently, there are more than 3 million online websites for doctors and the healthcare industry working for different purposes. For patients also, there are many benefits if they can know the timings of doctors, slots availability, treatment options, and costing just through a click. It makes the hospital more trustable and helpful for their patients and ultimately, the hospital can help more and more people.

Even the laboratories, pathologists, and any professional associated with Healthcare Industry, the online website serve their purposes clearly and help them in reaching people far away also. Though, the most popular segment in the industry is online websites for doctors, but even the labs also have around 500,000 websites. There are numerous service providers that can help you in building a healthcare website but finding the right source is key here. Through the blog, you will learn everything you should know to get digital in these times and with a trustable website development company in India

Advantages of having a Hospital and Healthcare Websites!

Top Benefits of Having Medical Website

Getting yourself a website is like a digital partner who works round the clock even when you are not. People can know about you, your services and timings of services without calling you again and again. There are a lot of problems that just a website can solve for healthcare professionals. Here we discuss some of the benefits of why we need a website for health professionals 

* Be Available for Patients all the Time

In recent times, the healthcare staff and professionals had to be available every second of the day. For hospitals without a website, it was tough to attend and respond to every query. Even the supply of necessary information like available timings of the doctors and hospitals were not present anywhere. With an online website for doctors, hospitals, and health professionals, it becomes easy for patients to know about the timings and come at the right time. 

* Reach beyond Boundaries to Help People

Providing medical services to more and more people not only is beneficial for the hospital from a growth perspective but a website also makes the services accessible for people far away. The current online websites for doctors are making medical treatment accessible to farther people. With an accurate location in the maps and address details visible to anyone on the planet through just an online website for doctors and healthcare professionals. Becoming a famous and known hospital or medical professional enhances your reputation and value in the market. And you just need a website for this. 

* Serve the Patients Online and Grow Digitally

One another aspect of having an online website for medical practice is that it is easy to talk with patients in a digital way. Yes, a doctor can talk and consult a patient through a website. The process goes like this – Your patience finds your website and checks the option of booking an online appointment with you through your website. You get notified about it and approve the request. On the decided timing, you consult patients and that’s it. Websites are just serving as “Assistants” for doctors who work all the time. 

* Easy and Cost-Effective way of Sending information

In the healthcare industry, delivering a user experience of the highest quality is essential. There are many occasions when doctors are not available and timings are changed. Also, even the hospital may not be in a working state but without a website, this information is not delivered to patients. Staying connected with patients during tough times keeps their loyalty for you and builds trust in your services. 

* Stay Ahead of the Competition 

Hospitals and healthcare staff are the need of every human being on the planet and therefore the number of hospitals is ever-growing. With a digital presence, you can reach more people than just being locally serving people. As of now, only 10% of Hospitals in India have a website. These hospitals are growing much faster than others in terms of revenues, popularity, and reach. Even some of these hospitals have opened multiple branches in the country because of their popularity everywhere. It has been possible only through having a website that spread the word everywhere. 

So now, you know why you need a website for healthcare professionals, it’s time to understand how to build a medical practice website. The following process explains every step of creating a healthcare website. From getting a domain name to finally launch the website live for the users, it has got everything. 

Steps to Create A Medical Website

The process of healthcare website development starts with finding the domain name of the company and ends with deployment in the platform

Complete Guide to build website

1. Find the Domain Name: 

Just like the address of a hospital in the physical world, there is an address of the hospital in a digital world. In a digital world, there can not be two hospitals with the same address. Therefore, checking the availability of the address is very important. There are many FREE websites that help you find the availability of your domain name. Let’s proceed to the next step once you have verified your domain name availability.

2. Gather Requirements and Clarify the Objectives 

Before starting to build an online medical consulting website, thorough research should be conducted in order to understand the objective of the website. Sometimes, the healthcare website development results in nothing because of the confused objective of the website. Gathering requirements is all about understanding the customers better and what services you want to offer through a digital platform. This step would give you a list of features, pages, and call-to-action things that are going to be a part of the website. Generally, this step is conducted through surveys and interviews of stakeholders and users. Though, with a lot of data available in the market, it has become easier. 

3. Wire-framing and Layout Development

Once you are done with a proper understanding of the requirements, it’s time to work on them and create websites for doctors and healthcare professionals. Wireframing is a process where dedicated website developers define the overall structure of the website. Here, the number of pages is decided and the user navigation is also finalized. Layout development here is about working on each page separately. After deciding the number of pages, each page’s structure is finalized. This step comes under UX development also. Next, we are going to understand how to design a healthcare professionals website. 

4. Design and UI Prototype Development

Going further in the process, the next step is about how to design a healthcare professional’s website. The design here is all about creating simple, intuitive, and responsive interfaces. In the healthcare industry, certain buttons and elements should be presented to users in the shortest possible time. The UI/UX Designer must take care of ensuring that the key service of the hospital is shown to the user quickly. During the UI development, colors, branding elements, and branding guidelines are also defined to maintain consistency throughout. 

5. Implementing the UI and Developing the Website

The next step takes us to the final development phase. Here, the actual website is developed based on the inputs and outputs from the above steps. With a documented list of requirements, features, and UI Designs, the dedicated developer works on building the website. This is the most time consuming step as every feature, every page, and every element of the website is being developed at this stage. 

6. Testing and Deployment

Though, in the modern development processes, Testing has become a part of development. Agile development methodologies involved different kinds of testing after every iteration. Finally, after the healthcare website is developed, it goes through a series of tests that evaluates its every feature and finds the bugs present in it. If the bug is found, then again the developer works over that part, and once again the testing is conducted. The testing phase is completed after there is no bug found on the website. This fully functional website is ready to deploy on the platform. 

This process of website development for doctors is complete and proof of any fault. Technology is progressing very fast and it is clearly evident in the form of devices used by everyone. For doctor website development to be goal-oriented and stay updated, the use of technology is very crucial. Choosing right technologies for an online doctor website development defines the future of the website. Therefore, it’s essential to know about the modern website which helps in getting the work done with the least effort and highest efficiency. 

Technology Options to Build a Medical Practice Website for Health Professionals

There are many types of websites which cater to the audience according to their objective. Once you know how to make a website for an online clinic, finalizing the back-end and front-end technologies can pace the development.

In modern times, AngularJs development is rapidly growing and gaining popularity as one of the best front-end technologies for Healthcare website design and development.

For the back-end development, MERN STACK, Laravel, CODEIGNITER, and PYTHON are the preferred technologies. Along with the front-end and back-end technologies, it is essential to ensure that third-party APIs are compatible with the website. Making a mobile-responsive and compatible website is the goal of dedicated website developers. 

Advanced Features to Include in Your Online Doctor Website

Top Features for Heath Practice

While making an online website for doctors, there are some common features that are part of almost every next website. Booking an appointment, prescription uploading and downloading, creating a user account, and calling the doctor directly are some of the features which are part of every website. Also, these features are essential for every website related to a healthcare professional. But, here we have brought you some of the most advanced features in the healthcare industry that can take you ahead of your competitors in the market.

1. AR/VR Tour of Hospital: To attract more and more patients, Artificial Reality can be a great feature. People sitting in their homes and able to get a virtual tour of hospitals and facilities can produce a bud of trust in their minds. There are other alternatives to AR/VR Video like 360-degree walk-through of the hospital but this feature stands out from others. 

2. Live Video Call with Patient: The advancement in live-streaming technologies has made it simple and accessible to everyone. With this feature, doctors can have a live video call with patience and interact with users in real-time. For patients also, this feature allows them to stay isolated and still talk to the doctor in real-time. In this new decade, this feature is now in popular demand. 

3. Cost Calculator: A very important aspect of hospitals is cost management. For patients, hospitals, and medical professionals the estimation of cost at the initial stage can help in ensuring that resources are well in place and no urgency arrives. With help of AI and ML algorithms, cost calculators are very accurate. 

4. Online Order: Another part of the treatment consists of giving medicines to the patients. The digital solution of this process is the online delivery of medicines. Setting up an e-commerce store for online delivery brings a complete experience for the users. Adding payment systems and also giving the prescription service online can make it a complete digital experience. In these tough times, bringing digital solutions can be the greatest asset anyone can become. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Medical Website?

The average cost for any kind of website development is subjective to the features required. There are a lot of factors that actually decide the cost of development.
Some of the factors that are responsible for the cost of the website development project are

  • Technologies used
  • Years of experience required
  • Number of features required
  • Timeline of project

Even after this, most healthcare websites have many things in common, and therefore estimating website costs to a close amount. The website development cost for a basic website starts from $7000 and it ranges to $20,000. For accurate cost estimation according to your requirements, you can consult an expert in this matter. 


Websites are a crucial step in taking the services online and for healthcare professionals, the time has come to go completely digital. With the help of custom website development services of Top IT Companies in India, hospitals, medical experts, doctors, and labs can take their offerings completely online without any difficulty. After going through the complete blog, you will realize the consultation through an expert person is very essential in digital technologies. Choosing the right technologies requires comprehensive knowledge of the current and futuristic technologies that will shape the market. There are many ways to get the website developed. Either you can hire a top web developer or outsource the requirements completely to a website development company in India. In either of the cases, you should take care of the cost optimization and quality of deliverables. With a website development company, you can trust based on their portfolio and testimonials. 

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Maven Cluster is one such website development company in India with 13+ years of successful portfolio in boosting businesses to become digital. From developing a simple website to the most sophisticated website, the team of Maven Cluster has done it all in the last decade. Here are the few stars in their name which make them the most preferred technology partner for growing businesses and ambitious startups.

– Round the Clock Support
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– Successful portfolio in Healthcare Industry

These are just a few of the accomplishments of this growing IT Company. For your help, you can consult their expert now. Get the complete guide on how to develop the website in the most efficient and affordable manner. Contact now

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