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Why Should you Adopt the Angular for Web Development?

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The website promotes you round the clock, no employee will do that.  It works like a business card where a brand delivers information about their work, products, and services. Obviously, you know this but the next step is where most of the businesses fail. Choosing the right technology to establish their digital presence. There are numerous options and many times falling to a low-level tech with no future impacts on the brand inversely. But over the years, few technologies have always proven to be efficient, useful, and futuristic. Angular is one of them.

The Popularity of Angular Framework Across the Globe

Angular framework development has been in popular demand in recent years but it had the potential from early days. The first version of Angular was introduced in 2010 with the name AngularJS and it has become popular after several versions were announced with new features. As a development beginner, understanding these things might seem a little tricky, but there are many Angular for beginner guides available to grab the basic concepts. Used by around 10 million developers and backed by technology giants like Microsoft, the popularity of Angular is growing incredibly. It just answers the basic question –  why angular is so popular? 

Let’s take an example, there is one site named National Basketball Association which contains all the current news about basketball and offers people to buy a ticket. This website works rapidly and is user-friendly. The complete website is backed with a strong and robust Angular framework. There are more than 300k+ live websites currently working fine on Angular Framework. 

Top Features that Angular Framework Provides

There are many business founders and managers who wonder why Angular is better than other frameworks and that’s not a bad question. But,  when they go through the flawless features of Angular Framework, understanding why use angular framework is easier. 

Top Features of Angular Framework

* Compatible for Every Device 

Websites with this feature can work on every platform, for example – laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Angular is evolved with Javascript, that’s the reason it is compatible with every device. 

* Enhanced Structure 

The structure of Angular is way better than other platforms. Users can take advantage by using every feature with cache management and background usage features. Make sure you ask questions about the structure of frameworks when hiring an angular developer. 

* Parts Based 

In Angular, all web applications are independently divided into a components hierarchy like a tree. Developers can replace it with another place wherever it’s needed because they are not bound together. With components-based structure, users find angular simple and time-consuming. 

* Angular CLI 

The angular framework works on Javascript, it contains the codes. For a better process, it’s important to use such an interface that can reduce the complications with codes and their results. The Command-line interface(CLI) includes User Interface through text, developers can add codes, run end to end and unit tests. 

* Dependency injection 

This is one of the major advantages of AngularJS in website development. Dependency injection is defined as – design pattern which provides reliance on another. It improves the performance of a website way better. 

* Ivy Renderer

This feature helps to translate them to JavaScript from HTML and TypeScript. In simple words, it makes the web application easy to understand to browsers. It assists to eradicate unusual codes and offers backward compatibility. As a result, the quality of loading speed and size gets improved. 

* TypeScript 

Typescript helps to find the errors during writing a code. For Javascript, typescript is a superscript, and also contains an inbuilt library. With the help of backward compatibility, a developer can add functionality to the codes. Most of the developers prefer Angular due to this Typescript feature. 

* Declarative UI 

Through this feature, a developer can set the layout and declarative UI to automatically load elements. Declarative UI does not allow the developer to use JavaScript for the UI of the web application. Instead, you can use HTML which is way easier than JavaScript. 

* Angular Universal 

Angular Universal provides the web application to the server-side. As a result, the chances of SEO ranking becomes high in web applications, also it reduces the load time and improves performance in mobile. 

The developer gets a satisfactory experience while working with Angular Universal. Only hire angular developers with experience over this version of the framework. It tells about the learning capability of the developer. 

* Angular Material 

Design always captivates the mind of the viewer and it is used in every place to influence the decision-making process. During designing a web application, UI plays an important role. Angular material helps to create the impressive UI and its Angular’s mostly consumed framework. 

There are umpteen reasons to choose angular for web development, above given are just a few of them. Even if the features don’t clearly satisfy your answers and you are pondering why angular for the next project, then the following benefits are going to eliminate all the doubts. 

Top Benefits of Angular Framework

Top Reasons of Using Angular for Development

There are some promising benefits of Angular that are unique and enhanced from before which makes it better than other frameworks. 

  • Readability

Due to the lengthy process, the developer needs to write sophisticated code, but angular users never face this kind of reading problem. Angular makes the code structure simple and easy to understand. So, even if multiple developers are working on a large-scale project, it gets easier among them to understand the code. 

  • Reusability 

Angular has reusability features that enable the developer to reuse the different parts of the application. Code once written for the same feature can be used multiple times anywhere in the project. 

  • Unit Test Friendly 

In unit testing, all components of the software are tested. During the development of any application, testing small features and components ensure that bugs are not propagated further in the process. 

  • Maintainability 

Maintainability improves the probability to complete the task of the system and expand its functionality. For example – design a code with a better structure, cost, the latest version of the system. 

According to Angular’s official statement, this is more or less a structural framework for building dynamic web applications. 

Angular is a highly recommended system, that’s why most of the recognized brands use this framework to get better results. 

Top Brands that have used the Angular Framework

From ambitious startups to market leaders, Angular has been used by every section of companies. Because of its features that make the Front-end development scalable, secure, and robust, it is the favorite technology partner. Here are some of the brands growing with Angular. 

1. Microsoft

The company now has 365 web applications through Angular and it collaborates with the tools and teams to set a strong base. 

2. Deutsche Bank 

A multinational investment and services company introduces their “developer portal” through AngularJS. 

3. Mixer 

It’s a video game streaming website that utilizes Angular for integrating into video. 

4. Santander 

This is a bank started in Spain has announced that – the brand has created web-based financial solutions through Angular 

5. Gmail 

In 2004, Gmail started a single-page application. AngularJS assists check every activity done by users.

6. Forbes 

This is a magazine due to the help of angular, it becomes easy to update the stories and articles which has been published for the subscribers

7. Upwork 

Upwork users use this platform for freelancing, millions of people always visit the website. That’s why it’s important to avoid all technical issues. For this, Upwork uses Angular to make the page responsive for visitors. 

8. PayPal 

There is a library that is indirectly established on Paypal’s Javascript. PayPal uses Angular 8 and angular 10 for check-out and payment systems. 

9. Mobile Phone Company – Samsung

Samsung uses Angular for appealing illustrations, UI, and mobile-friendly experiences to users. 

You must have heard the names of the giants of the market many times. This is the basic reason why angular is so popular among businesses that are going to get bigger. Are you also going to choose Angular for a new project? 

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“Your website is the center of your digital ecosystem, as a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.” 

Angular is a great technology that brings inspiring features and benefits. That’s why it’s important to choose such experts who have a better understanding of this field. Finding Angular development services is not tough but choosing the right Angular development company is crucial. 

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Before pushing the start button, consulting with an expert is the best choice. Every business has unique needs and therefore understanding the path is important. You have the chance now – Consult an Industry expert having experience of 15 Years.

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