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Why is Xamarin the First Choice for Enterprise App Development?

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Since the day Microsoft announced their purchase of Xamarin, the entire app development business around the world turned their heads to the term, and it’s amazing benefits. Now, the fact is that Xamarin app development has become the latest buzz in the business app development industry, and even non-technical people know about its popularity. 

Being another mobile platform Like Hybrid and React Native for app development, it has taken cross-platform app development to the next level. Let’s say you are a business owner, looking for a custom app or your business, and you already have an android app with amazing features. What will be the next thing to make it more successful? Xamarin is the answer to this question as it helps you develop apps across different platforms including iOS app development.

Talking about Xamarin, if you are new to the term here is everything you need to know about why it is getting higher in demand for app development.  Let’s get started.

What is Xamarin? How Does it Work?

Xamarin app development is by far the most popular frameworks being used by developers across the world. While its demand has been constantly growing, you must understand its approach. Xamarin was first started in 2011 and Microsoft recently procured Xamarin in 2016. It gives various tools and accessories to the software developers, which are basically used for cross-platform mobile application development.

Xamarin helps to develop a business app on various platforms using C#. There are various frameworks, which offer cross-platform app development. They use HTML and JavaScript. With the help of this framework, we can develop apps like a website for a mobile app using JS libraries. The website is packed in a container that gives the feel of a native app.

With .NET and C#, it is capable of producing iOS, Android, and Windows apps with the same code, and the Common Language Specification and Common Language Intraturn. In technical words, it shares the same code combining all the platforms into one application.

To download with Visual Studio, Xamarin tools are immediately accessible. One needs to install Visual Studio and get a free or premium license of Xamarin to get started with the development process.

The Popularity of Xamarin For App Development

In the last decade, there has been tremendous growth in the Xamarin app development to create custom business apps. It has emerged as the most preferred framework with more than 2.6 billion mobile applications till 2019. Being among the best platforms, Xamarin has been used by reputed companies like 3M, Kimberly Clark, and Honeywell, etc. to get futuristic enterprise mobility and industry-leading digital assets.

As per the recent reports, Xamarin’s products were used by 1. 2 million developers in over 120 countries is a positive testimonial. This is the reason why Xamarin is being called the next big thing in the mobile app development world.

Here are some of the most popular apps built with Xamarin: Storyo, Just Giving, Olo, Skulls of the Shogun, Fresh Direct, and many more. 

Let us go through the main reasons why companies prefer Xamarin for their business app development requirements. Most of the game development companies find it a gamer-friendly framework with an essential development toolkit.

Benefits of Xamarin For Business App Development

Here are how businesses can expect growth with Xamarin app development for their business.

Benefits of Xamarin for Business App

1) Cost Effective & Fast

Xamarin combined with a cross-platform UI toolkit provides an effective app development platform with the native features. Also, the usage of C# as programming languages makes it more beneficial over Objective C and JavaScript. When you develop a business app with Xamarin the development gets done in a faster manner as the developer uses syntax-based headers and saves a lot of time. The speedier it gets, the most cost-effective your app development becomes.

2) Easy & Sustainable Maintenance

App development companies usually offer support and maintenance to keep the app updated and functioning. However, proactive maintenance is a rare thing to maintain an app on all platforms. Xamarin, solves these issues with seamless interoperability and exchange of the common code. Businesses find maintenance easy and cost-effective.

3) Open Source & Microsoft Support 

Xamarin is an open-source development framework, and is constantly improving for better app development. You already know the advantages of being backed by Microsoft, known for its dominance in the Tech World, making it more scalable, usable, and reliable for custom app development.

4) Shared App Platform

With nearly 95% of the programming code, which can be used multiple times once written, Xamarin is recognized as one of the easiest tasks to complete. This decreases the amount of time needed for the achievement app responsibilities while significantly diminishing the effort needed as well. In simpler words, developers can use a single codebase over many platforms with only a minimum change required.

5) Less Hardware Compatibility Problems

Xamarin offers a wide range of APIs and plugins in the toolkit for cross-platform app development, which enables developers to interact on a native level with the hardware device. In addition to this, the toolkits make sure that there are no compatibility issues while developing Xamarin apps. 

6) Single Technology 

The single language usage of C# allows developers to create many solutions without having to change the environment. All of this is possible due to Visual Studio, the single technology stack in the Xamarin framework.

7) Flexible Integration

When it comes to using similar APIs and user interface controls, Xamarin offers a flexible interaction while the development of a cross-platform app. It also supports various programming languages for platform-specific applications such as Objective C, Java, and Swift. With such flexible integration, users can easily install new features while they open any devices’ operating system.

8) Native User Experience

Xamarin app development allows app development for native user experience with the usage of Xamarin. Forms. It has access to the Native APIs that are being used for the iOS, Android, and Windows without any hassles. For native iOS, it sends native apps bundles on the app store, and for Android apps, it ships Android packages for the play store.

9) Easy Testing

Testing is among the most crucial procedures while creating successful business applications as the final product will be delivered to the end-users and then, there is no coming back. A lot of loopholes and bugs are identified during the process, and it gets more complicated while developing apps or cross platforms. Xamarin makes the testing of mobile apps easier with cloud features like Test Xamarin, which helps the testers to get the testing done in a faster and easier manner.

10) Distribution & Collaboration

When it comes to project transfer and updates, there is no need to start things from scratch as Xamarin allows app developers all over the world to participate and cooperate in a hassle-free manner. The Xamarin Component store launched in 2013 allows them to easily access frequent UI controls, attractive themes, designs, cloud services, and so on. It combines with Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio, allowing your developers to add and change the app features within a few hours.

Technical Features of Xamarin

Apart from the above-mentioned features offered by the Xamarin framework here are some technical advantages that you get:

1) Native platform integration for iOS and Android

2) Various code signing and exchange

3) Application loader

4) Google emulator manager

5) Storyboard files

6) Custom controls

7) Diagnostic tools

8) Visual Studio integration

8) PCL and Android SDK manager

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Now that you know how beneficial the Xamarin app development services can get for a business, the popularity of this framework seems to get higher in the next few years. Not only it is proven to be a cost-effective solution, but the efficient tools and native user experience make it a must-have while thinking of having a business app.

Hire the Best Xamarin Mobile App Developers in India

Being the king of cross-platform app development, Xamarin offers rich features and development flexibilities for native apps. Boasting up the ever-evolving community of developers around the world, Xamarin needs the brightest minds to make the most out of its core libraries and functionalities. Not only do you need a development team that has been dedicatedly developing mobile apps over the years, but a company that understands the importance of being upgraded every day. Therefore, it takes a lot of research and effort to find the best mobile app development company that fits your requirements in the best manner.
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