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How to Make an Educational App in 2020- Useful Tips and Important Features

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When it comes to learning and mastering skills, it is not limited to a classroom or training institutes anymore. Because of eLearning and education apps and websites, the entire education system is witnessing a rapid growth in the usage of learning material online. With interactive educational apps, students, parents and teachers can collaborate and discuss the syllabus, grades and performance of the child seamlessly.

These days, schools and colleges have too recognized the value of mobile apps and platforms, diversifying the accessible learning opportunities for students. Much of this progress is because of the COVID-19 lockdown situation, which has forced the schools and colleges to start online classes for their students. Also, it is estimated that the age group of 18-27 are now interested in spending their time on educational apps along with all those social media stuff. 

Learning has no age, though!

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Talking about online education app ideas, the industry now has many categories and interactive ideas to cater to the demands of learners of all age groups. From online classroom education apps, tutorials apps, skill development programs to kids learning apps, there is a huge market for these apps, allowing you to make money online. Here are some benefits of why online classrooms are preferred by the younger generation these days.

Features of Educational Apps

Educational App Development Features

1. Eliminating Boundaries

One thing that education app development has made possible is that modern students do not need to be presented in a classroom to attend a course. Education apps have made it easier to get knowledge remotely. If someone is looking for a professional course online, which is being held overseas, they can get in touch with the online course from the same institution without having to travel to the country. 

2. Highly Engaging Content

According to experts, educational apps are helping people to enhance their engagement in the content, which is being provided through eLearning. With interactive question-answer rounds, videos, musical content and study material, parents are now able to help their kids with interactive learning that is not boring and exhausting for kids.

3. Learn Anytime and Anywhere

Educational apps and websites are designed for smartphones and other devices. The easy accessibility of smart devices helps students to utilize their free time in the best manner. With 24/7 availability of videos, eBooks and recorded classes, parents can make the most out of their time, and clear doubts while helping their children. There are many mobile apps available, which offer chat options for parents and students, to take part in doubt sessions and performance tracking.

4. Systematic & Easy Learning

Today’s generation likes to spend their time on mobile, which is why handling education apps is way easier for them. Not only education apps are easier for learning, but have a systemic learning method, allowing students to explore their interests and arrange their learning time to maintain a routine.

5. Assignment & Projects for Skill Development

With education apps for mobile, teachers do not have to check copies and assignments all day long as online tests are automated with multiple choice questions, short answers and even painting etc. Apart from these, mobile apps allow users to get instant assignments and projects to check if the course is helping them increase their skills or not.

6. Versatility & Customization

What makes education app even more popular is the versatility and customization feature as per the subject, age group and language.

Every institution and training program can have their modules, design and goals with help of a well-versed mobile app development service provider.

Expert Guide for Developing Education Apps

Edu App Development Guide

When it comes to android education app development, understanding the requirements of a particular category and applying the engineering for such a diverse domain could be a difficult task for most of the people. It is important to know how you can align your skills to an apps’ design, and use the best features that make an eLearning app popular. Here are a few tips to develop an educational website and app:

  • Research the Target Audience

Before getting started on the development of a website and app, you need to analyze and study the target audience, and age group for which, you are developing an education app. Think about the niche and how technology will help them engage in the app. Once you have found the target audience and demographics, creating a roadmap for the same gets easier.

  • High-Quality Content

The most important part of your education mobile app development will be to have the relevant content and materials so that the users do not explore an empty platform. Content adds a high value to your education app along with all the images, videos sliders and more. If you are working for someone else, it is important to ask for content before starting the development.

  • Have A Predefined Activity

For those who are looking to create a website and app for e Learning, there should be a predefined plan for online classes, courses and categories, which helps developers to make the most out of the features and technologies you use. Track down all the activity and components you need to include in the app, and handover to the development team with recommended changes.

  • Features & Components to Be Added

Whatever the category of your app is, there are features and components you need to add while development.

Here are the structure and features of an education app:

  • Login/Subscribe panel
  • Instructional and Privacy Page
  • User Profile & Dashboard
  • Search Bar and Filters
  • Content/ Database
  • Social Media Links
  • Online and Offline Reading Mode
  • Features such as Sound Effects, Font and Color, Animation etc.
  • eBook, Videos, Chat and Push Notifications
  • Conferencing, Newsfeed, Quizzes & Assignments
  • Next-Gen Technologies

Emerging technologies like AR & VR are making education apps even more interesting for students with real-world experiences. If you are looking to provide an app for experimental training, then Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are the best choices for remote learning and training apps.

  • UI/UX Design

Once the user likes the features and appearance of your app, you are halfway there to make them subscribe and recommend it to others for downloading. This is the reason UI/UX is known as the heart of any mobile application and website If you are working to develop a mobile app for education, you should have the right talent for UI/UX design and development of the app.

Consider These Facts While Developing Website and App for Learning

Facts While Creating Edu App

1. Feedback Sessions

For educational apps or any other app, it is important to include a feedback feature where users can share their experiences of using it, and if they face any difficulties, education app developers have the chance to fix the issues in the best way.

2. Security Features

Security is one of the biggest concerns in the digital era, where everything is being online. If you are developing an educational website or application, make sure you are aligned with all the security guidelines and technologies to eliminate any security issues for users.

3. Regular Assessments

Online learning apps should help students and their parents to analyze the performance with weekly or monthly reports. Instead of just showing the test results and assignment results, include statistics and analytical graphs that contain the strengths and weaknesses of the student. This makes an app stand out from the crowd.

4. Rewards & Certificates

To make an app popular among students, promoting the app plays a huge role. Apart from the social media promotion and ads, what you can do is to include rewards and certificate offers for students who are looking for a relevant learning program. Provide them with a professional certificate course or rewards for talking part into quizzes so they can get more engaged in your learning platform.

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Valuable article for me, I would pay your attention on basic feature – MVP. MVP features stand for functionality that is required to satisfy basic user needs. As for advanced, they add some exciting functionality to engage more users.

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