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How to Develop an App Like TikTok- Features, Planning and Estimate Cost

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If you are one of the social media enthusiasts, then you don’t need to understand what’s the main reason behind the success of video-sharing and content sharing applications like TikTok. With the recent buzz, TikTok has been making, and the vast opportunities for people who love to create videos and DIY content, it has become the most popular social media app in the last year. Every smartphone and people all over the world have been using this social media platform to either share their video or to enjoy the fun content, especially during free time.

However, there are also other social media platforms available, but if one wants to get businesses faster, then developing  app like TikTok would be a great option. 

If you are too looking to develop TikTok Clone application but don’t know where to get started, here is why and how to create an  app like TikTok.

Market Analysis and Statics of TikTok App

Within two years of its existence, TikTok has given competition to the biggest video sharing apps like Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube, and today, it has more than 500 million active users from over 155 countries in 75 languages.

TikTok Statics

In 2019, TikTok became the most downloaded application in a quarter which is 315 Million, and here are some more statistics, which will blow your mind.

  • The brand ads cost around $200,000 on TikTok
  • TikTok’s monthly revenue is around $4 million per month which is to be increased around 16% until 2021-22
  • Global TikTok revenue reached $39 Billion and the biggest market of TikTok is India and China

Isn’t it amazing?

What Makes TikTok So Popular?

A video-sharing social media app where users sing, dance, act, create DIYs and do everything that engages the audience. TikTok was previously known as, developed by a Chinese company, and now, it has become an international brand, which inspired more businesses to come up with such applications and make money.

TikTok Popularity

Well, there is no single answer to why TikTok is so popular, and what makes it so appealing, but the majority of people are addicted to its filters, sound effects, and popularity exposure. Young people who want to become “social media influencers” are getting millions of likes by uploading their videos, which may be the reason behind TikTok’s unbelievable revenue. According to its analytics, youngsters between 14 to 25, are the primary users of TikTok.

How to Start Developing an App Like TikTok?

Now that you understand what makes TikTok so popular among youngsters, and how much it has earned in the last two years, you already know how important it is to make the most out of your investment so that you get better outcomes from your potential video-sharing TikTok like App Development, Here are the main factors to develop app like TikTok

TikTok App Development Planning

1) Find Your Target Audience

To make your app successful, you should research your target audience and market opportunities for similar apps like TikTok. Understand the requirements of your target audience, and compare it with the existing apps to create something better that will attract more customers. From finding out regions, the average age to mark devices people mostly use, you need to note down everything, before moving on to TikTok like App Development

2) Average Cost Estimation for App

Before getting forward to build a TikTok like app, you need to understand how much it costs to build an app and create a budget that won’t bother you. If you have seen the performance and amazing features of TikTok, you know how important it is to invest in the right platform, right development team, integrations, and promotions, etc. Keeping all the factors and the design complexity, several hours, and region in mind, basic app development cost is around $30,000, which can increase up to $40,000 to $70,000 if you are creating music and video-making apps for Tik Tok

3) Find A-Team

Find a team that holds experience and skills to create an app like Tiktok/TikTok Clone , and cooperate with them in understanding your business intention and idea so that they can come up with the best strategy. Hire the Top Mobile App Developers Team that will help you learn the trends and technical aspects before investing. They will suggest the best platform, integrations, involve you at every step, and will create your idea into reality. Looking for the best team can take a lot of research and time though.

4)   Features Required for a Successful App

Before your plan to develop an app like Tiktok/TikTok Clone , you must know how Tiktok works.

  • Login & Profile Settings

Like any other app, TikTok enables users to register themselves with a username by signing up and adding personal details.

  • Video Making/ Editing

The most important feature of your TikTok-like app, where users can record short videos, add effects, crop, and experiment with the speed before uploading it. They can also choose the background, music, or sound recording feature to express their creativity.

  • Filters & Camera Effects

TikTok is famous for its amazing beauty effects, filters, and video editing features. To build an app like TikTok or TikTok Clone , you must have effects that are easy to use and can enhance the appearance of the users.

  • Social Sharing

Apart from sharing it on the app, users can share their videos on other social media platforms by linking their profiles to other social media accounts.

  • Live Streaming

Live streaming is getting quite popular on social media, where creators chat with their followers live, and answer their questions or raise money for any event.

  • Duet Option

Users who have similar choices can collaborate and create viral videos with hashtags and recommendations.

  • Reactions, Likes & Comments

Like Instagram and TikTok, you can enable reactions for users so they can understand if their content is being liked or not.

Other features like TikTok which you should include in your app

  • OR Code Scanner
  • Location & Introduction
  • Hashtags
  • Analytics
  • Soundtracks

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5) Design & Development

While developing a video sharing app, your designs and usability play a huge role in providing seamless user experience. Create an app like TikTok with zero redundancy. The UX/UI Design should contain functionality, appeal, and responsiveness for all users.

On the other hand, development is a time-consuming process. Developers need to create an MVP or Minimum Viable Product as social media apps are complex and require further improvements as per the feedback of its users. Your MVP development comprises,

  • User Interface
  • User login & Social Media Integration
  • User Information 
  • Features (Mentioned Above)
  • Estimated Time & budget.

Once done, you can include Rules & Guidelines, Privacy Terms, and In-App Purchase features to make the app trustworthy and reliable.

6) Technical Requirements to Develop an App Like TikTok

Although your development team takes care of everything from design, developing to testing, and launching apps, you still should know why the app development cost is a bit higher than usual social media apps for Tik Tok.

  • Content Delivery & Graphics
  • Platform (iOS and Android)
  • Database Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advertising & In-App Purchase
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Sound & Visual Effects
  • User Management
  • UI & UX design
  • Testing

How Do Apps like TikTok Make Money?

Once your app is developed and ready for launch, you need to learn the marketplace and monetization process to start earning app development cost from your app. Here are a few options to monetize your app.

Earn By TikTok App
  • In-App Purchase

TikTok enables its users to stream live by using coins and purchase options. These coins can be used as real money during live streaming. You can also create premium features that are only available for premium users who pay for monthly or annual subscription charges.

  • Advertising

The most common yet effective option to make money from mobile apps for TikTok is advertising or sponsorship. You can contact sponsors who might be interested in putting their ads on your app and pay for product and service promotions.

  • Fundraising

Initially, you can find investors who are interested in your ideas, and invest in the premium features of your app.

Hire the Best Mobile App Development Team for Your Business

Social media apps for TikTok, Dub smash, and more are getting more popular in the age group between 14 to 35; the best target audience to generate revenue from. However, you must have freshness in your app so that people are drawn to it and start liking your design and features. To make your social media app successful, you need to rely on a team that offers world-class mobile app development services at the most competitive price.

Ask with Developer to build app like TikTok

Talking about world-class services, Maven Cluster is the prominent mobile app development Company in India, creating bespoke mobile apps for clients around the world. Our team is updated with the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies to help you create TikTok Clone with advanced features to make it stand ahead in the competition. So, wait no more, and call our experts to start and leverage our mobile app development services  for TikTok like App Development. 

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