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Instagram and Facebook are Withdrawing Organic Reach, LinkedIn will Follow Soon. What Will You Do Then?

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Have you ever wondered why your Facebook page or Instagram page is not getting the same reach that it had earlier?

And, why is everyone saying to leverage LinkedIn before it also follows the blueprint of Facebook?

Well, we have the answer. Let’s understand Facebook and Instagram First and then we will unlock the mystery of LinkedIn.

Facebook is a giant social media platform. Memes, Promotions have taken over the feed of everybody and people can’t find the local news, posts from their friends in their feed. Facebook has taken this very seriously and introduced new algorithms to restrict the reach of pages.

Mark Zuckerberg also says that Promotional posts are crowding out the personal lives of people and, it is affecting the essence of Facebook.

For new pages with merely a few likes, Facebook will not show their posts to a new audience. Also, Having billions of people on one platform has given Facebook a miraculous opportunity to leverage the Advertisement Model. This could be the possible reason why Social Media organic reach is declining.

Every digital marketer and digital marketing company around the world is complaining that Facebook is charging for the reach. That’s True! Paid promotions are the only way left to reach a wider audience and get the stuff done for you. So, if you are trying to leverage the advantage of Facebook as a platform, be ready to invest in it by hiring a digital marketing experts.

The same thing is happening with Instagram. To secure the posts from personal profiles, Instagram is not giving any reach to business and creator accounts. The key factor in Instagram is using correct hashtags but, even that is not working as per the business profiles.

Then What? Is this an end to the Era of Facebook Organic Reach?

The Era of Facebook Organic Reach

The Digital Marketer Neil Patel says that Facebook or Instagram Organic Reach can never die but yes, it has decreased for sure. In addition to this, he affirmatively focuses on the fact that there will always be an organic reach but only for quality and not quantity.

What does this mean for you?

Make Content for People, not bots. 

Let’s make it simple. Instead of posting 5-6 times in the day, just go for one best quality post.

According to recent research, the frequency of 1 post per day is becoming very effective once again on Facebook. Yes, Posting multiple times in a day is treated as spam by the latest algorithms of Facebook.

So, spend most of the time making one sharable and quality post instead of pushing posts in a queue and publishing them. Engaged Instagram is the best you have along with an active account in it.

The second thing to take care of is to target your audience. Create content for your people and engage them through it. Researching this step is what everybody forgets and starts posting things for a general audience. A social media audit before planning for the content type ensures that your content is delivered to the right audience and, it impacts amazingly. The same goes for Instagram, the quality is beating the quantity pretty easily.

Coming to the Facebook of Today i.e. LinkedIn. Everybody is saying to leverage this platform before it goes on the same path where Facebook has reached.  Yes, this is the new universal truth. Linkedin can give the organic reach what Facebook and Instagram combined can’t. Organic Reach of Linkedin is truly awesome these days.

LinkedIn is somewhat different from Both Social Media Giants in one and many other ways. Instead of sharing very personal events and activities, people here talk about learning and career opportunities. For influencers and branding experts, this is the platform they can leverage best.

What’s the secret sauce of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn User Growth

Well, there is no kind of hack behind going viral on any platform. It’s just that the sharable content and the stories that sell. People connect with quality content and share it. But as usual, it is not tough to beat the algorithms of Linkedin. You can easily increase your organic reach on Linkedin.

You have to comment more and indulge in conversations instead of just reacting to the posts. Commenting on and mentioning each other is the key to LinkedIn. The best part is that you can send connection requests to almost anyone related to your domain. Yes, Building a valuable network just takes some effort and positive intentions.

In recent times, People have started posting a lot on LinkedIn and so on, it will reach the saturation level. Every place or platform where the number rises will eventually become a marketplace. It will be very tough for beginners to catch the pace of experts after some time.

You need to value people and not platforms. There will be no difference in Facebook Organic Reach, Instagram or LinkedIn after some time. Then, Value will win. 

Value People, Not Platforms!

Value People, Not Platforms!

Making Quality Content, rich valued information and great user experience will define your success journey in upcoming years. Let the Social Media Organic Reach decline, focus on people.

Your objective should be to give more value to people and not the algorithms and bots.

Successful branding connects with people and never leaves them unsatisfied with the quality of humor, fun and adding value in their life.

That’s what people love and you will have to do that. For sure, Instagram organic reach is dead but stories are working like marketing fuel for brands.

Don’t you always click to watch stories first when you open Instagram? Yeah! Me too.
They connect us with people directly, tell us about what they have been doing all day and what they are up to. According to recent research, this is the question that influences curiosity in the mind of people.

So, If you are the one who provides digital marketing services, make sure that you are working 

This is the main reason why providing Social Media marketing services is becoming tough day by day. Ever-changing algorithms of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are making it tough for content creators to freely plan a strategy and work on it. But that’s how life is. Ever-changing and full of turns and twists. 

So, No social media platform in the future?

No social media platform in the future

If anybody says this to you, don’t believe this. Never ever this will happen. Social media was made to connect communities, people, and share their diverse experiences and add joy to life. Do you think people will stop sharing stories in the future? No, they will keep doing this but the change will come in the way people do that.

Social Media will evolve to something you can’t think of right now and people will be more empowered.

As a social media marketer, you should focus on making stories that connect people and not platforms. Once you start valuing people, you will gain true engagement and loyal fans that will drive business for you.

So, One thing will never change. Connecting people with their stories, selling them stories instead of direct products. Selling them emotions instead of plain words.

What do you think of it? Will social media boom or drop in the upcoming decade?

One Secret Tip – There is no secret to getting success overnight. Hard efforts earn you the  Biggest Milestones.

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