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What Are the Best Govt Apps to Fight Against Covid-19?

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Corona has returned with incredible power this time. A more devastating, more infectious, and more potent mutant of the Covid-19 virus has put India in the deepest trouble. In these tough times, it is essential to stay updated with Covid-19 information and protocols. Along with the Covid-19 front-line warriors, technology has played a crucial role in supporting the fight against the virus. Tracking the virus at the global level is a tough challenge but with reliable technology, it has been possible with almost 100% accuracy. After a few months of Covid-19 hitting the globe, every country released their apps to track the corona and stay updated. With Covid-19 second wave hitting India badly, these Covid-19 apps in India are becoming more valuable. From central government to local governments and several organizations, mobile app development technology is becoming the best friend of everyone who is trying to fight this invisible enemy. The sole objective of using technology is to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus and flatten the curve.

Top 5 Covid-19 Tracking Apps

In the digital landscape, there is an ocean of information and identifying the authentic information is tough. Therefore, we have listed the best top 5 coronavirus apps related to Covid-19 information tracking. Let’s go through them one by one. 

1. Aarogya Setu App

The government of India came up with a reliable and quick solution with help of technology to keep people aware and safe with a Mobile application. The first and foremost app was developed by the Government of India and released on 2nd April 2020 to effectively track and control the spread of Covid-19 in India. Working with Bluetooth technology to track the locality of every person, the app is also synchronized with the data at ICMR to ensure that information is accurate. Everyone is asked to keep the Bluetooth on most of the time for accurate results. So, if everyone has their Bluetooth enabled, they can check anytime if any Covid-19 infected person is close to them or not.

Aarogya Setu App

In addition to this, the Aarogya setu mobile app for Covid-19 in India has self-enabled tests which tell you if you have the symptoms of Covid-19 or not. To make this app a complete Covid-19 care system, the government also updated the information about the nearest facilities where tests are conducted. On these tough days, following the guidelines of this app are mandatory and helpful in stopping the virus. 

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Once the app was launched, people were quick to start using it. With staying inside the home and getting information about your close locality, this Covid-19 tracking app was very helpful. In just 3 months, it was downloaded 10 million times and has become the top Covid-19 app for iOS and Android. The government of India also made it mandatory to keep using this app during traveling and visiting public places. 

2. MyGov App

This Gov app for Covid-19 was present even before the pandemic started. Yes, previously the MyGov app was focused on direct citizen engagement in governance. But, considering the impact of the pandemic, a new section of Covid-19 was added in the app with essential information. Since this app was designed to create a communication channel between citizens and the government, it had the contact numbers, email addresses of the Covid-19 centers, facilities, and authorities. Figures of the rising Covid numbers are daily updated in the app. With the second wave appearing in April of 2021, you can clearly see the spike of Covid cases in India crossing the 2020 years record.

MyGov App

It is evident from numbers that this year, the Coronavirus mutant is more powerful. Along with the numbers, regular advisories are updated in the Covid-19 tracking app. This is a great example of how mobile applications can help you stay aware of the things happening around you and in the country. MyGov app has been downloaded more than 20 million times and in last year, it experienced the most number of downloads. Though this app was never made mandatory for citizens to download it had already gained popularity.

3. Sahyog App

After a few months of the launch of the Aarogya Setu app, there was one part that had to be improved. India’s national mapping agency known as Survey of India soon developed a solution for the Covid-19 applications tracking the spread of the virus. With the help of geo-tagging technology, the Sahyog app can now trace and track a Covid infected person with the real-time location of the device. During the second wave of Covid-19, this app is very useful for delivery workers and other persons.

Sahyog App

It’s easy for anyone to know the locality of Covid-19 infection without actually going nearby to that locality. The Bluetooth technology was also dependent on every individual for it but this geo-tagging was done with help of ICMR data of the patient. Hence,  it was more accurate and real-time updated. Just as the name says, this iOS app development along with its Android version was done to aid the functionalities of the Aarogya Setu app and help the community workers to get regular updates from the government directly anytime anywhere. 

4. CoWin Vaccinator App

The Indian vaccination program is being hailed as one of the largest in the world by the government, however, the supply of vaccines is still limited. Hence the government needed an efficient system that can track the entire vaccination process. To make this possible, the government has developed a separate Covid-19 mobile app for the people to register themselves. The CoWin vaccinator application and web platform allow the registration of users through various identifications such as driving license, Aadhar, MGNREGA, PAN and many more.

Co-win Vaccinator App

The application provides complete details regarding the vaccination process both to the regulators and vaccine takers. This information includes beneficiary name, batch number, doses per vial and next vaccination date. Its Android app development team has done a good job on the platform along with its iOS version by integrating it with a single database for total synchronization.

The Government has recently opened up registration for people above 18 years of age on the CoWin app to increase the pace of the vaccination program. One can register a maximum of 4 people from one phone number on the app, though all of them would require their own documents as mentioned earlier. After registration, the person can apply for vaccination. The time slot and location of the vaccination will be shared with the phone number of the person via SMS. If you are due for vaccination it is very important to register yourself on the app for vaccination so that this crisis could be brought to its end.

5. WHO Academy

It is pretty evident from the situation till now that if the virus isn’t contained on a global level, all the vaccination might prove to be ineffective. This is because the COVID-19 virus has gone through multiple mutations since its inception. Not controlling it now could be fatal to the whole vaccination program worldwide. To deal with this, the global healthcare watchdog World Health Organisation has already brought an app that presents out all the essential practices needed for Covid.

WHO Academy App

The App is mainly focused on providing virtual training to healthcare professionals along with new information regarding the virus from the global scientific community. The contents of the app include up-to-the-minute information, tools, training and workshops. The most important feature of the app is its availability in all of the major languages spoken around the world. The app has recently been updated with a virtual reality feature. Under this, a 3D model shows the procedure for keeping oneself safe from infection risk as well as the correct way of using PPE kits. The WHO Academy Covid-19 app for Android and iOS users are available on the respective app stores for download.

Not just this 5 but several apps are developed by both private and public entities to boost their working efficiency. With the high penetration of smartphone devices among the general public, app development technology has proved to be a game changer in this pandemic.

Role of Mobile App Development Services in the Coronavirus Pandemic

The  Pandemic is not just about the ill effects of the coronavirus but also about the negative impacts of lock-downs and restrictions. However, mobile apps have played a significant role in mitigating the hardships and psychological impacts of these tough times. From food delivery to medicine delivery and also Gov mobile app development, there is an app available for every essential service today.

This has become possible with the help of people who understood the possibilities of this medium and the option to hire top mobile app developers who made the ideas into a reality. Further the current effects of this pandemic seem to be long term and some even permanent. Especially the changes like digitization of educational institutions and work from home culture. The changes which were going to happen in the upcoming decades in the mobile app development sector have been fast-forwarded.

The mobile apps present an opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach a global population with their ideas and solutions. Additionally, the availability of skilled and experienced developers have made it possible for individuals from non-technical backgrounds to have an MVP development to check the viability of their ideas.

If you have an app development idea that seems tough to create, don’t worry. We at Maven Cluster are comprised of a  dedicated mobile app developer team that has realised countless ideas into flawless apps. With our experience and result-oriented approach, we have gained a satisfied global clientele as a mobile app development company in India. It is normal to have doubts when working on something new, our mobile app development experts are here to assist you with every step. Let’s have a discussion.

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