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How to Make an App like Airbnb- Top Features, Development Phase, Cost Estimation

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In today’s world, where travel and the recreational industry is booming like any other fast-growing industry, the competition to thrive for perfection is also increasing dramatically. The work stress is increasing, people are finding it difficult to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, and several other mental illnesses are coming into the picture because of poor work-life balance. This factor is the prime facilitator in the boom of the tourism industry. It aids the players in the travel and tourism industry to get on their toes to make your leisure travel plans worth it. People go on a vacation to relax and release the stress from their daily routine. And, imagine how frustrating it would get if they aren’t getting peace even in their leisure and relaxation days because of the services provided. 

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is the pioneer booking platform, boiling down to accommodations. It facilitates its users with two primary services. Firstly, an influential apartment providing services and secondly, as a traveling app at the same time. It took Airbnb around 9 years to attain its break-even and coming down to making reasonable profits. It started with a world wide web and has evolved into a mobile application finally.

Many of you must be wondering how to make an app like Airbnb, How much it costs, and above of all, How Airbnb works? Or How to make an app for Airbnb? The answers to all your questions will be given in this blog. 

Let Us Have A Look At Some Mind Blowing Statistical Figures of Airbnb – 

Airbnb Statics
  • Airbnb stands strong at number four when it comes to the category of most downloaded travel app, says SimilarWeb. 50,000,000+ Total number of downloads till now.  
  • On an average, around 2 million gusts acquire accommodation in an Airbnb apartment every night.
  • Airbnb operates in 191 countries with over 7 million stay spaces registered. 
  • Talking about active users, Airbnb has over 150 million of them.

How Airbnb Works?

How Airbnb Works

 It works on a give and take concept. It works on benefiting both parties, guests, and landlords. But obviously, designing an app like Airbnb is tricky and complex. It involves a huge amount of dedication and persistence to decode How Airbnb works? The accommodation giant provides tons of functionalities to its users. If you wish to build app like Airbnb, it is important to learn the logic of the platform, from the client’s point of view.

How Airbnb Works For Guests?

It is important to understand how Airbnb works for guests.

  • Step 1– As per the convenience of the users, they visit either the Airbnb website or visit the Airbnb mobile app. After the basic need, the user registers or signs-in their Airbnb account as guests.
  • Step 2 – After signing in, they need to feed in some basic details for completing their Airbnb profile. The guests are asked to fill in some mandatory information like id proof numbers, profile pictures, etc. 
  • Step 3 – the guest is allowed to choose the appropriate place using various filters. The Airbnb mobile app, as well as the website, facilitates its guests to select their property type based on locality, price, ratings, type of space, and many more. 
  • Step 4 – The guest is now supposed to raise a request and wait for the confirmation from the hosts. 
  • Step 5 – a small amount has to be paid against registration and confirmation of renting accommodation.
  • Step 6 – here comes the most amazing part, travel and unleash the serene and enjoy your stay with Airbnb.

How Airbnb Works for Hosts?

  • Step 1 – As per the convenience of the users, they visit either the Airbnb website or visit the Airbnb mobile app. After the basic need, the user registers or signs-in their Airbnb account as hosts. Hosts must be over 18 years of age.
  • Step 2 – it is now time to fill in the details of the property, the host is willing to register with Airbnb. The details include accommodation location, number of guests allowed, type of apartment, amenities offered, etc. 
  • Step 3 – the next step required to be completed by the landlord is to update pictures along with the price of the listed stay. The landlord needs to confirm that the pictures uploaded of the property are clicked by professional photographers to avoid any last-minute casualties. 
  • Step 4 –  After, finalizing upon a stay as per the need of the guests, he raises a request to host. Post this, both parties can communicate with each other and discuss more of the property. 
  • Step 5 – Post a legit discussion, if both parties agree upon mutual grounds, the stay is finalized. However, the host has all the rights to reject the request raised by the guest if found unfavorable.
  • Step 6 – Upon confirmation, the guess needs to pay the amount within 24 hours of the check-in. 

How To Build Airbnb like Apps?

Airbnb mobile app involves complex steps that you need to follow to make it big. Airbnb application facilitates many functions that make the user experience hassle-free and lag-free. Let us closely understand the steps involved in building app like Airbnb. The requirements for Airbnb application are as follows –

1. Draft a Business Plan

The first and foremost step in building an app like Airbnb is to create a briefly descriptive business plan. A business plan is important for you to recall your goals and stay organized.

2. Find The Developers

To build a clone of Airbnb app, you need to reach out to a team of experienced and dedicated mobile app developers. You can do it in two ways. Either you can outsource the project of making the Airbnb clone to the best mobile app development company or you can give the project to mobile app developers in India.

3. Focus on Building A User-Friendly Airbnb Clone App

The Airbnb mobile app is user friendly and intuitive. Users usually don’t prefer the applications that lag proper navigation and clarity of use. It is important to allocate the designing authority and responsibility to experience an app development company in India.

4. Integrate Several Features

It is easy to create an Airbnb clone with just basic features. But to provide ease of use to the user, it becomes important to integrate several features. The features that require to be integrated, should add value to the user’s experience. However, after integrating the necessary features, adding on some unique, high-end features will help your stand out.

5. Testing

Before launching the app commercially, it is important to test it. Testing beforehand helps in eliminating bugs and enhances user experience.

6. Launch The App And Don’t Forget To Update It On Regular Intervals

After deciding the app platform, it is now time to launch it for commercial purposes. However, you can make an app like Airbnb available on both Android and IoS. Bringing regular updates to your existing application will help you fix errors and enhance the user experience, effectively and efficiently. 

Features of Airbnb Application For Guests 

When it comes to getting the answer to “How to create an app similar to Airbnb”? Your main focus should be on what features Airbnb provides to its users. By studying the features of Airbnb in depth, you will figure out your answers. Let us understand a list of features of the Airbnb application. 

Airbnb Features for Guest

Features Brief
Registration To use an app similar to Airbnb, the user (guest and host) needs to sign up. The most simple way in which you can ask your users to sign up is by asking their email addresses, names, phone numbers, and password registration. However, consider an additional “terms & Conditions” page that will help you abide by fair data privacy policies along with maintaining discrepancy. 
LoginOnce done with the registration procedure, the user needs to log in to the app. Facilitating the users with options to login with either their Gmail accounts and Facebook accounts. There should be some additional functions like “Forgot Password” and “Log Out” to create Airbnb or  Airbnb clones to serve its purpose. 
SearchThis feature of Airbnb and apps similar to Airbnb helps in the search for the options. The search feature enables the user to look out for options according to his or her taste and preferences. Talking particularly about Airbnb, it allows its users to select the type of accommodation as per their budget, preferred location, available amenities, reviews & ratings, and much more. Moreover, integrating a feature of finding out the availability of the property will prove beneficial to the users. 
FavoritesThis feature allows its users to mark their favorite accommodations for future reference and to view similar products. 
ChatsOnce the guest finalizes a stay, he now has to request a stay to the host or landlord of the property. After the request is granted, both parties are open to discuss more the property. This chat feature also allows the sharing of media files in the form of photos and videos. Moreover, developers can also include statuses like reading, typing, online, etc, enhancing user experience.
ProfileUsually, an application like Airbnb attracts two types of users. Firstly the hosts and secondly the guests. Both parties have to make a profile on the Airbnb application by feeding some basic details. These details include some personal information like name, age, address, phone number, sex, etc. this helps in verifying the authenticity of the users.
Payment How to make an Airbnb app for android and IoS worth it? No app who sells products or offers services is complete without a payment gateway integrated. Including a payment gateway that allows users to select from various payment methods. Also, facilitating them with the ease of either adding a new card or removing the existing one should be provided. 
OrdersThe final step involves placing an order. Here, requesting a stay and getting that request approved is considered a successfully placed order. 

How Much Do Airbnb Costs For The Features of Airbnb For Guests? 

FeaturesTime Taken To Develop An Android App Like Airbnb @ $50per hour/-Time Taken To Develop An IoS App Like Airbnb @ $70per hour/-
Registration 13h13h
Payment 24h24h
Total Hours389h389h
Total Price$20,000$25,000

Features of Airbnb Application For Hosts

Even if the focus of the application is completely on improving the user interface and facilitating the users with an extremely easy and smooth experience, you cannot forget to provide some perks to the hosts as well. In fact, without hosts, an app like Airbnb will not be possible.

Aibnb Features for Hosts
Features Brief
AccommodationsThe primary feature of an app like Airbnb is to provide a marketing platform to the landlords or hosts of the property or accommodation. All they need to do is to describe details regarding the property they wish to rent. These details include type of the apartment, number of guests it can accommodate, amenities offered, location, pricing of the stay property per night, and much more similar things. In addition to that, you have to upload the professionally clicked pictures and videos for the clients to see. 
RequestsThe landlord or the host has got all the rights to accept or reject any particular stay or inquiry requests. If he or she is not comfortable with the discussions or is skeptical about the intentions of the guests, he can directly reject the request. Also, he is facilitated with a separate window that reflects all the requests received or rejected for his or her property. This helps them for smooth functioning. 
NotificationsSpeedy notifications alert from an application makes it even more useful in responding to requests, queries, and messages from clients. Quick responses from landlords or hosts help build confidence in the eyes of guests. If the host fails to respond quickly because of delayed notifications, the probability of the guest going to some other host is very high.

How Much Do Airbnb Costs For The Features of Airbnb For Hosts?

FeaturesTime Taken To Develop An Android App Like Airbnb @ $50per hour/-Time Taken To Develop An IoS App Like Airbnb @ $70per hour/-
Total Hours183183
Total Price$10,000$12,000

How Much Do Airbnb Cost, Overall? 

Cost of Airbnb App Development

Type of Features IntegratedTime Taken To Develop An Android App Like Airbnb @ $50per hour/-Time Taken To Develop An IoS App Like Airbnb @ $70per hour/-
Project Management171h171h
Quality Assurance342h342h
UI/UX  Designs120h150h
Library Integration and building a framework61h58h
Features for Hosts203h203h
Features for guests389h389h
Total Hours1286h1313h
Total Price$64,500$65,650

Note – The rates taken here are on an average basis of $50 per hour. However, it may vary from various app development company in India.

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