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19 Things Every Company Website Should Include in Design

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Are you trying to find out what is the perfect combination of elements to present on your home page and make it super attractive?

Presently, websites play a crucial role in presenting your services to users.

Elements of the homepage are difficult choices that everyone must-make. Even the most experienced one aspires for their homepage elements to be engaging. Your website homepage reveals the identity of your company.

The homepage reflects the idea behind your work. Homepage elements are the essential tools as you never get a better chance to create an impression on the customers. UI/UX of your Website can make or break your customer base. The top website design services company always values the design above anything.

UI/UX of the website is like the appearance of the shop that attracts customers towards your company. Attractive Web design helps you to convince users to stick to your services. So, are you confused and wondering to find out the key positions of elements and CTAs in your website? Don’t Worry, we are here to help and find out what these best Graphic Design Company do to ensure amazing results.

To help you how to choose and plan your website design here is the checklist of elements:


Maven Logo

The first and foremost thing that every viewer notices on the Website is your LOGO. It must not look complex. The best is to place it on the top left.

Be creative with the position of the LOGO and most importantly Design of the logo that must reflect your company’s identity.

The size of the LOGO should be decided according to your website design.

Do not enlarge the logo unnecessarily to create an impression on your visitors.


Maven Social Profiles

People have a mindset of believing what they hear from experts. They may not believe in your website but definitely experts.

You can add more social proofs in the following ways:

  • Clients Testimonials
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Number 0of Customers, Subscribers or ranking
  • Press Mentions


Website Menu

Design a menu that highlights the prominent pages of the website. So the visitors can navigate the section of their interest easily. The menu should not be confusing or loaded with the elements. Elements in your menu must be simple, brief and self- describing.

While creating the MENU element, you must tell your web design company to make use of icons  and words that show your brand and values.

4. Services and Benefits

Web Services

The only motive of any user for reaching your website is to know about your services.

Services mentioned in highlighted and detailed format so that users can understand completely.

You can add a pop up window on website to show about your services

5. Blogs

Blogs are the way of connecting people with your brand. The blog reflects your proficiency and provides you an opportunity to impress your visitors and convert them into clients.

Blog highlights encourage people to view and subscribe to it. The world is heading towards Inbound marketing where educating the visitor is the primary goal of marketer.

6. Call to Action

The goal of your homepage is to attract users for your websites. Call-to-action clears your view about what action you want the user to perform. You must include multiple call-to-action to your homepage that may direct users to different stages of your services. Consult with your Website design Company and fix 2-3 actions you want users to take when they land on the website.

7. User-friendly Navigation

The world is inventing technology to reduce the efforts of people. The same concept applies in Navigation of your website. Present users with the easiest of CTAs and tabs instead of complex structure. Minimalism in graphics and highlighted navigation buttons are the examples of clear and User friendly navigation. Every UI/UX Design Services Company takes care of comfort for users and makes it easy for them to use key features. 

8. Offers

Offers are the magnet that attracts your customers.

Offers must be visible on the homepage or you can create a pop-up window for offers in a sidebar that is continuously visible to users on the website.

9. Search Function

If your website has more pages then it is difficult to find a particular page. So it is beneficial to provide a search function on your homepage to make website access easier for users. The search icon can be placed somewhere on the top right or in the header, so it is easy to find.

10. Portfolio

The portfolio is showcasing your work to the users. The portfolio is most desirable for users. 

A well-expressed portfolio of exclusive projects and achievements can provide you an opportunity to differentiate your services and accomplishments for creating an impact on users

11. Contact info 

64% of the visitors on the Homepage want to know the company’s contact details. Users will leave the website immediately if there is no contact information.

Users can expect contact details in the main menu. Since every user has a different way to contact some like to connect through email or on call so it is important to provide as many options in contact details.


The headline on the homepage plays an important role. The headline must be Engaging and impressive that reveals the company’s identity. The headline must specify a sense of belonging and be clear about your views. This is the first thing anyone will see when people visit the website. So, make it clear and compelling as it aids in making an impressive web design.

13. Subscription

Always put this section in your website to ensure that the visitor coming to your website also comes back. Give them offers and free value to push them to sign up for your newsletters. 

14. Slider

The slider makes your website look attractive. There must be three to four sliders on your website’s homepage. On one of the Sliders, there must be a Call-to-action that engages users on the website. If your website has some offers or discounts for the visitors that you want to highlight, then Sliders are the magic tools to show it.

15. Main Image

The main Image should be a descriptive view of your brand with unique vectors and your own color. The main Image should be precisely followed by header elements. It should be graceful. The best way to make an impact with your main image is to get someone who provides UI/UX Design Services and is an Expert of Industry.  

16. About us

Describe your company what users want to know

Try to gain trust through information

Express your values, list certificates, credentials, and other achievements.

Consider what is most important to your target customers and make those facts the most important.


Like your header represents your brand and services footer shows relevant information like about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions. There are always some trademarks and copyrighted information on your website so to protect them you must present some disclaimer. Privacy policy reveals that customer information is secured when they visit your company. You must consult any expert who provides Website Design Services.

18. Video Testimonial

Video increases retention time. It is an authentic way to tell users about your clients.

Users are more interested in seeing videos than reading content.
Users believe more when they hear your services from your clients.


If you have got clients across the world then it is the best way to represent them. It shows your flexibility to work with different time zones and for all variety of services.

Mention all countries in bullet points to make it look more attractive.

Elements on your Homepage should encourage user to want more 

  • Know the answer of these question before designing homepage elements:
  • Who are you?
  • What are your services?
  • What users expect from you?
  • How are your products and services helpful to the users? 
  • What is the solution to the problem that users may face?    
  • How do users communicate with you?   
  • What are the offers that attract users?

So, you have got an idea of what should be there in your website? Look! It’s not mandatory to keep all these 19 elements together. It all depends on your product or service and the objective of the website. You will find many websites missing many of the above mentioned elements but they are doing it well. Many Business web designs have products focused while others focus on services. Design should be Customized according to brand.

Though, there are some key elements in every website. Showing the About Us Section clearly, Services or Product is the major part. Also, there is a completely different way of representing a brand on a website by showing your creativity there. You can add multiple animations to boost up the level of your website. 

There are a lot of elements to take care of and if you are not an expert, it gets tough to take care of all them and make something amazing for your customers. In this case, you have the best option as to consult a Web design company having expertise in this domain. One such company having delivered unmatchable and unique design solutions is MavenCluster. They have worked with top brands and therefore reviews have made them the best web design company in India. With a strong presence over the globe as a Brand, MavenCluster happily builds relationships with clients and delivers extraordinary success with projects.

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