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Top Graphics Designing Trends That Can Boost Your Online Business at Christmas Day

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Christmas eve is arriving! Dazzling lights, jingle bells, red -silver Christmas trees, Santa’s gifts, are on the way. 

Christmas Eve is the most cherished season of the year to optimize your website and for revamping your business. From a few years, retailers have started calling the October-December period the “Golden Quarter”, because this season brought them huge profits with a sudden boom to their business.

Optimize your website to match the festive vibes, in order to capitalize on the purchases of your customer. If you have an eCommerce store, a total redesign of the website can do a lot more apart from boosting your customer sales. 

Here is your Christmas Gift from our side, hoping that your stocking is stuffed full of joy and love this year: A Complete Guide For Graphic Designers On Top Christmas Website Design ideas for Christmas Website Development.

Top Christmas Graphics Designing Ideas

Let’s Begin.

1. Add A Christmas Touch To Your Logo

Even Google transforms its logo to keep in sync with the festive eve, which spreads a festive vibe amongst its users. A well-designed festive logo will maintain your brand recognition and can add a reflection to your organization’s touch with the season. Seasonal frills can give a welcoming feel to your customers, which can be considered as a modified brand promise. To redesign your logo, you must avail the logo design services from freelancers and agencies, but it is best to get it redesigned by an established company.

 Some elements to give your logo a “Christmassy” look are

●     A snowman

●     Christmas hats

●     Jingle Bells

●     Santa Claus

●     Elves

●     Mistletoe

●     Christmas Cakes

●     Gifts

●     Christmas tree

●     Dazzling Lights

2. Christmas Spirit Themes

Enhancement in your website’s theme which is similar to the festive season will definitely lead you towards excelling and modification in your website’s graphics. Robust reds like marron, crimsons, and brick red can make your website attractive and Christmas ready. Christmas Spirited themes allow us to take a deep dive into the most awaited time of the year. You can even highlight the important details on your website by using dark green and snowy white shades, to make it look “Christmasy”.

3. Create Festive Banners

Festive Banners are the most convenient and attractive way to include links and images with instant seasoning frills to your website. Banners are eye-catching with customized designs to attract your customers. They comprise interactive graphics and design to blend well with the website content. Try to add pictures which are very much similar to Christmas, like snow, Christmas trees, cakes, puddings. Go for Christmas and Santa fonts and a Snowy background, To generate leads and branding units for your website. Many companies offer Banner Design Services to create attractive banners that act as an asset to your website.

4. Say YES to Snowfall

Snowy backgrounds with ferns are very soothing and beautiful. Christmas trees and wrapped packages are eye-catchy and go well along with the spirit of Christmas. To customize your website with snowy background contact an established company to avail excellent graphics designing services.

5. Handcrafted Christmas Lettering

These fonts are very essential to make your website appealing to influx the user traffic on your website, this Christmas Eve. These fonts are very much engaging and are often associated with nostalgia and festival vibes. There are many handcrafted fonts which go well with the graphics. Styles can be created and merged with the graphics to make your website look alluring and appealing.

6. Christmas Countdown

According to a survey, adding a countdown timer, on average, increased a business’ revenue by as much as 9%.

The main usage of the countdown timers is to create a sense of urgency for the visitors on your website. This countdown acts as a virtual clock, that makes them think quickly and make second-split decisions within a limited time frame. Countdown makes the visitors on the website think that they are losing a lot if they don’t grab the offer on your website. The trick is simple, make people feel that fewer products are available in stock, to indulge them with your website items. Psychologically, humans find products with short supply much more attractive as compared to products in abundance.

7. Attractive Landing Pages

The first impression matters a lot, it can actually make or break the entire enterprise. Landing pages act as the first glimpse of your website to your potential clients and the visitors of your website. If you run an online business or any e-commerce website, attractive landing pages are a must to build a strong first impression on your clients. Designing a page with a Christmas call to action enhances your website and can influence its conversion rates. They set up a clear action for users and also help them to make quick decisions. Conversion rates are very much essential for your business because high conversion rates mean an increase in customers, which can lead to huge profits. For attractive landing pages, It is highly advised to avail the Web Design Services from established companies, which are also ready to provide Post Design Services.

8. Interesting Christmas competitions

This Christmas, you can host competitions on your website (and don’t forget to add some prizes), to increase engagement on your page. These competitions drive heavy traffic to your website and this automatically leads to increased shares, retweets, comments, and likes. All of this can help you build a new network, as everyone likes presents on Christmas. Plus, it can provide awareness of your brand which will boost its productivity. The main idea behind the contest is to transform your business leads to your valuable clients. All this can help you to take a lead amongst your competitors.

9. Go For Email Marketing

Christmas eve is a great chance to build awareness among the masses, about your brand and to grow your network by email marketing. But, have you noticed that your inbox gets overcrowded with these promotional emails during Christmas?

This simply means you need to ensure that you deliver unique and target messages to draw the attention of your audience towards your products and brand.

Emails have a superpower that indulges the clients in impulse buying. It is the platform on which you can add a  tempting call to action with a little description and a link that drives you to the checkout of the product.

The unique subject line is the most essential part of promotional emails, they grab the attention of the readers, which can drive you to end up purchasing the product. Email marketing should be started a few days before Christmas, to ensure better results.

10. Light Up Your Graphics with Animation

If you wish to add a festive touch to your website, with a pinch of realism this Christmas, the best thing you can do is animation. They are capable of grabbing user’s attention and automatically lowers down bounce rates, which automatically means that users are spending more time on your website, admiring it. This can simultaneously increase the retention rate of your website, which is very good for your website.

Whether your website is fully animated or it comprises a small animated section, it is very much capable of driving traffic and grabbing the attention of customers as compared to other websites. Good animation videos can increase your credibility towards your customers, by creating a strong first impression of your clients.

11. Christmas Videos

According to a survey,43% of people are interested in viewing videos, rather than reading content. Videos deliver messages quickly to your visitors and explain the entire process efficiently. They can be utilized to advertise your products by adding a visual touch to your content.

Videos are the most shareable form of content worldwide, it allows you to boost your search engine rankings. Along with this, it facilitates you to attain focus on your content visually as well as audibly. Long blogs and articles can sometimes be boring, on the other hand, there is a very less chance of videos getting boring, as you can add funny elements with greater precision to these videos.

If you want to create a short or bite-sized video, you can go for Vine-like content for your websites. These videos are comparatively shorter, can be made in less time and with fewer resources.

12. Christmas Magic UI /UX

User Interface (UI) and User Experience(UX) determines that users are satisfied with the display of your website. This Christmas you can transform your UI/UX to boost your interactions with the users and provide a clear vision of your services. To develop a mesmerizing UX/UX, you should hire UI/UX designers. But we would suggest you avail UI/UX Design Services from an established company.

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Designing graphics for a website requires proper skills and proper knowledge about the tools which are used for graphic designing. Maven Cluster is one of the leading Graphics Designing Company in India. We have a team of experts with many years of experience, in web development and graphic designing services. Contact us to avail best Christmas website development ideas and latest web Design Trends, to boost your business.

With all our hearts, the entire Maven Cluster team wishes you “Merry Christmas”.

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