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Why Do you Need to Redesign your Existing Website?

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Designing a website has a purpose to attract, retain and convert visitors into customers. But not all websites are able to accomplish this purpose. If your website is not interactive, eye-pleasing, user-friendly then you are losing a huge chunk of revenue from what is achievable.  Websites are the most attractive and cost-effective way to advertise your business on the World Wide Web.

How To Attain This?

The answer is simple, just redesign your website

Google is known for delivering the best results for users. That signifies constant changes in algorithms and eliminating outdated features. Updating your website to cope up with these changes ensures that you stay on the first page of search results. 

Top Redesign to upgrade your website

Along with ranking on top, there are numerous benefits of updating a website which gives you incredible results. Let’s go through some of them. 

1. Your Website is not Impressive for Visitors

All of us are familiar with this famous saying “First Impression Is the Last Impression”, this saying applies to your websites too. First impressions are crucial in presenting your organization ethics and it gives an idea of the vision of your company. The user interface design has a significant impact on overall conversions from your website. A poor design can take you downhill of the growth chart while a good interface has the potential to boost your sales and ROI. For a thoughtful design, consult a good web development services company who has hired web developers that excel in creating stunning websites. 

2. Your website shows errors regularly

Technology is changing every day at a very faster pace and will continue to change in the upcoming years. The main intent of this fast-changing world is to provide a smooth, user-interactive, smart, and faster access to the website for their users. There are many checks before you can say your website is ready to launch. Website Navigation check process, website content update process are the two most important aspects. 

3. You want to protect Data

This is a technologically advanced era where tech is accessible by good and bad. Some bad people can try to hack your systems and steal secure and private information from your servers. It causes mayhem in the organization when this happens. With new algorithms coming every year, you have the chance to upgrade your security levels and safeguard your data. Hire a website development company to know the latest security measures. 

However, older websites are made upon outdated technology, therefore chances of the security breach are higher in their case which is a major reason why the web development company insists on getting your websites updated.

4. Retention rate of your website is very low

Usually, the initial impression is driven by the overall layout of your website, but this is not the end, there is a lot to go. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you need to further engage them with your creative content which can be attained by the website content update process. If you fail to engage the user, the retention rate would come to a very low. The content should be engaging and interactive in addition to being informative about the services you offer.

In addition to your layout and content, graphics also play a vital role in engaging the audience to your website; make sure you add a sufficient amount of graphics to grab the interest of visitors to your website. 

5. You want to rank on first page of search

When you update your website’s appearance and content, you can easily update your Search Engine Optimization settings to make it more precise. Appearing on the first page of search engine results established yourself as a brand and shows your top content to the audience. Google algorithms keep changing every few months and a regular update in On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO is a must. 

6. Your audience don’t love to wait

We are living in the era of the 4G mobile network and all of us are habitual of a fast and rushing lifestyle, plus no one has the time to hold up on a particular website and waste their time, as there are ample amounts of options available on the Internet. Having weighted websites with no optimization can cause your website to take more time in loading. Ask your team to have a loading time of 3 sec or less. 

7. Navigating through your website is not easy

When we refer to the term user experience (UX), we are referring to the navigation of the pages and sections of the website. Gone are the days when users will spend more time on your website to find something. These days, with so many options available, you have to provide seamless navigation with a logical flow. s can approach Professional web development companies.

8. Website looks poor for mobile users

According to statistics half of the traffic accesses the websites from their mobile phones i.e. 53%, so if your website can’t be accessed from phones they lack exposure to half of the crowd available on the web servers for surfing. Nowadays a term that is very popular in the website development field i.e. mobile-first website development. Mobile-first approach signifies that your users access the web mostly from mobile phones. 

9. Your website is not connected to popular tools

One of the major reasons to redesign your website is to incorporate new integrations. Presenting a bunch of  latest integrations :

  • Social media links
  • Google Analytics
  • Attractive Banners and hoardings
  • Secured Payment gateways
  • Reservation/booking gateways
  • Ecommerce plugins
  • Content management systems

10.  You are not educating your audience

This is the era of Inbound marketing where just direct selling won’t work. You need to properly inform and  educate your audience about your product and how that is solving their problem better than the competitors. It requires publishing relevant and engaging content in the websites. Websites with blogs have 38% more conversions than websites without a blog section. 

11. You are getting visitors but not customers

One of the most essential Custom website development hacks is to increase your website potential by making use of calls-to-actions (CTA). A call-to-action (CTA) is a hit button or link that you deliberately place on your website’s first page to engage a prospective crowd, to become leads on your website. Just make sure your CTAs are well defined, are engaging, and seem interesting to your traffic so that they follow them. 

12. Your landing pages are not optimized  

Bounce rate can be simply termed as the percentage of the crowd which arrives on your site and leaves it without visiting a second page. A high bounce rate is a clear sign of an outdated or poorly performing site. So by updating them we can mend the issues properly and customize its content too, which will automatically lower the website’s bounce rate.

13. You want to have a modern and dynamic website

If your website was made some years back and is not updated yet, it will be comprising of unnecessary HTML coding and that might be slowing down your website loading speed, which will directly affect your Google search website rank.

On the other hand, modern techniques such as CSS allow your web pages to be available on all smartphone devices.

14. You want to change your branding values and colors

Your website is a reflection of your organization’s work patterns via virtual means 24/7. If you will be rebranding your business, you will observe, your work patterns have changed and evolved over the period, if you’re offering new products and services to your customers, your website should reflect and advocate those changes for your better prospects.

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The above article calls your attention towards the latest technologies and features, to look out for when you want to know if your website is becoming outdated and you badly need to update it in order to redesign your website. For modern, sleek and customer-oriented websites, you need experts to take care of such a saturated market. There are millions of websites competing for the same position, In such cases having industry knowledge is essential and game changing.

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