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Everything You Need to Know Before Developing a Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11

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Everyone knows the growing obsession of IPL these days, and with such an interesting and breath-taking tournament, you can observe people making their fantasy teams around to double the excitement. Whether it is one-day matches or a 20-20 world cup, cricket is a game enjoyed by people of all ages. With so many matches played every year, apps like Dream11 are a great approach to make money and offer a fantasy cricket platform to the crowd.

After the unbelievable success of the Dream-11 app in the past two years, hundreds of similar apps have been launched to let the fans make the most of their cricket knowledge.

So, what’s a fantasy cricket app that is all about, and what do you need to know to create a successful fantasy cricket app? Let’s get started.

So, What Is A Fantasy Cricket App?

If you are a fan of cricket and all you think about having your dream team, then fantasy cricket online is your game. Fantasy cricket app is a platform where fans can pick their players digitally and make a fantasy team during an ongoing tournament. Your team will have players who will be in the real game playing 11 from both the teams. You can use your game knowledge and predictive skills to win prizes and even real money. Fantasy cricket app is one of the most amazing ways to enjoy a game as you can earn rewards while cheering for your favourite team. Some of the apps might charge for subscription whereas some of them are free depending on the level of the game and locations.

Growing Market of Fantasy Sports App 

It won’t be surprising for you that the huge success of Dream11 like apps has increased the popularity of similar applications in India and across the world. The industry of fantasy sports apps is growing like never before and with the support of favourite sportsmen and bigger sponsors, one may expect all sports leagues in one app. Currently, IPL, 20-20 World Cup, and One Day matches are the most popular among Indian fans. Now let’s look at some statistics of fantasy sports applications.

1) Until now, there are more than 200 fantasy cricket apps that have been successfully launched with around 60 million users across the world.

2) By the end of 2020, the usage of fantasy sports apps is estimated to reach 100 million, and 50% of the users will be Indian population.

3) 2 out of 3 cricket fans know about the Dream11 app, and 87 out of 100 people have used the app to win rewards.

4) 53% of players basically use their mobile devices for fantasy sports.

As per the industry experts, the market of these Fantasy sports apps will increase by around 40% in the next 5 years.

Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps in 2020

As per the survey conducted by ICC, there are 1 billion fans of cricket around the world, and 90% of them are Indians. Cricket is a religion in India, and that may be the reason most of the investors have invested in the fantasy mobile app mainly for the Indian users. Here are the Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps in 2020 that have made their mark.

Top 10 Fantasy Apps for Cricket

1. Dream11- One of the most popular fantasy cricket apps in India, created and launched locally, Dream11 has taken over the market with its updated features and all-in-one fantasy sports app.

2. My11Circle- My11Circle is the second-best app like Dream11 launched in 2019. Dedicated to domestic and international cricket matches, it is planning to add more sports in the coming years.

3. Myteam11- Similar to Dream11, MyTeam11 has been designed for cricket fans where they can play along and win prizes and cash bonuses. One of the emerging fantasy apps in India, Myteam11 has around 10 million followers.

4. Fantasy Power11- Available for Android users, this app offers an instant cash bonus when a user registers for the fantasy cricket contest.

5. Halaplay- HalaPlay offers paid cricket leagues and features like Dream11.

6. Gamezy- With over 100k users, the app is mostly similar to Dream11 and My11Circle.

7. FanFight Cricket Fantasy App- With an instant 100 rs. bonus during signing up, the app is amazingly easy and fun with an engaging interface. The difference between Dream11 and FanFight is that you are allowed to choose only 6 players for the game.

8. BalleBaazi- The app features two unique modes – Bowling Fantasy and Batting Fantasy.

9. Mobile Premier League (MPL)- Designed by Bangalore-based Galactus Funware, MPL is an appealing IPL T20 fantasy cricket app to enjoy this IPL and other cricket tournaments.

10. Fantain- Another platform for fantasy cricket fans, founded in 2013, this app has more than 1 million subscribers.

There are hundreds of fantasy sport apps available online, but the success witnessed by Dream11 has been inspiring more and more investors to create fantasy cricket apps in the recent years.

How to Create a Gaming App Like Dream11?

About Dream11

Dream11 is among the most popular fantasy cricket apps that everybody loves these days. The ongoing IPL 2020 season has allowed fans to compete with their friends online and win prizes by creating a fantasy dream team during the match. With more than 20 million users, Dream11 was launched in 2008, and now, it is the first Indian platform to enter the unicorn club in 2019. Apart from cricket, it also allows users to play sports like hockey, football, and kabaddi, etc. With its nonstop experiments and innovative features, Dream11 indeed created a success story to be followed. If you are looking to develop a clone of Dream11, then you must understand its features and KPIs before getting started.

Let’s understand how it works and what are the attractive features of the Dream11 app.

Dream11, being a fantasy sports manager app, allows the user to create their own cricket, football, hockey teams and fight amongst other creators. 

How Does It Work?

Once installed and subscribed, users can choose any of their favourite games for an upcoming match and create a team. The team will consist of players who will be playing in the real match. With the user’s knowledge and expertise, the fantasy team will help them earn rewards and prices once the game ends. Players can join any league free or paid competition by submitting a small subscription charge.

Features of Dream11 App that You Should Take into Consideration

Here is the list of the features and functionalities of Dream11 that made it stand out of the crowd. 

Development Features of Dream11 App

*User Panel Features

1) Log in & Registration

Users are allowed to login and register with their username, email, or contact details and referral codes with secure registration and password reset features. Easy login helps users to avoid long and detailed verification.

2) Appearance

The home screen of the app is the first thing that the user lands onto after logging in. Hence, the appearance and navigation are designed to make it as user-friendly as possible. Being the main screen of the app, it should be clutter-free and informative. Dream11 shows the entire match listing, game filters, search options, and information on the home screen to keep the user engaged without getting lost. Once you have chosen the match from the listing, you will be redirected to the contest screen.

3) Contest

On the contest listing page, you can choose from the respective matches and use the filters by free or paid, winning range, contest type, size, and more. Users are allowed to join already running contests or, they can choose ‘create contest’ as they prefer.

Apart from these, details like winning range, contest name, and the total winning amount can be filtered through the contest selection.

4) My Profile

My Profile section allows the user to keep a tab on their rewards, subscription, total balance, cash bonus, winning amounts, and badges, etc. With the profile management dashboards, users can manage payment accounts, money withdrawal, and friend lists. Under the section, you can see the referral code to invite your friends and earn more points.

5) Payment Feature

With easy payment gateways and secure online checkout, Dream11 increases the chance of retainment. Online payment methods may include debit cards, credit cards, payment wallets, UPI and bonus points, etc.

6) Transactions

With transaction history, users can track the record of earnings with every match they have played on the app.


1) Invite & Earn

Under the Invite & Earn section, the user can share the referral URL to the friends through WhatsApp and text messages. With each referral code-shared by the user, they get a Bonus amount for the upcoming match.

2) CMS Selection

The users can get into About us, Help, Contact us and Point policy, etc.

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* Admin Panel Features

1) Dashboard

The Admin dashboard is the place where the admin can manage all the categories of the app, and everything that is happening on the app. The administrator of the app gets 360 view and management features on the dashboard.

2) User Manager

Admin can manage users, their activities and can even deactivate or active their accounts when required. Admin has the authority to manage users and their activity.

3) Login for Admin

Similar to the user login and registration, the admin login comes with a unique id and password with reset password settings and security.

4) Match Management

With the Manage Match feature, the admin can manage the match listings, notification and can edit, delete, add, active, or deactivate matches as per the schedule. He can also edit the game categories with the manage sports section.

5) Contest Management

Admin can manage the contests and edit, delete and change the status of the contest. He can create new contests, and track the history of the contests run by the users.

6) Manage Rewards and Bonus

With Manage Rewards and Cash Bonus feature, the admin has the authority to send reward points and cash bonuses to the fantasy league app winners. The bonus cash given to the users is also managed by the admin.

7) Manage Bank Withdraw Request

Whenever a participant wants to withdraw the winning amount and transfer it to their bank, the admin has the authority to accept or decline their request and send money for the same.

8) Reports

Apps like MyTeam11 and Dream11 allow the admin to generate and manage business reports of the app at any time. These reports can be exported for business requirements and can consist of contest reports, revenue reports, user and traffic reports, etc.

9) Payment

Payment modes and payment to winners are handled under the payment management section.

10) CMS 

Sections like contact us, about us, privacy policy, and more can be changed and managed by the admin in the fantasy sports app.

11) CRM

CRM integration is among the most important features of Dream11 like app development so that the admin can easily manage operational tasks, locations, notifications, and more.

* Additional Features

1) Push Notifications

Push notifications keep the user updated and notified during a tournament. With the latest updates, news and ongoing contest offers, etc. users can get all the app-related information.

2) Live Match Score

Live match scores are very important for a fantasy sports app so that the users get involved whenever there is an ongoing match. With expert comments, highlights, ball by ball scores, the apps get more engaging for the users.

3) GPS Tracking

If you want to send push notifications and alerts for the ongoing games, the GPS location tracking helps with easy targeting.

4) Customer Mail Reminder System

Just like push notifications, a custom mail reminder system allows admins to send emails and reminders about the upcoming matches and tournaments. Users are notified to join the teams and contests with the mail reminders.

Recommended Technologies for App Like Dream11

Here are different technologies used for managing the database and functionalities of the Dream11 app.

Database: Mailchimp integration, MySQL, MongoDB, PostGress, HBase

Front End Development: CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, Angular JS

Push Notifications: MAP, ADPush, Twilio,, Amazon SNS, Urban Airship

Cloud Environment: Google Cloud, Salesforce, AWS, Salesforce

Payment: PayPal, E-Banking, PayUMoney, Brain Tree

Real-Time Analytics: Bigdata, Hadoop, Spark, IBM, Cisco

Sports API: Cricket API, Sportsmonks, Entity sports,, GoalServe, Cricinfo

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Fantasy Cricket App in 2020?

Around 2.7 billion users will be heading towards fantasy sports in the next few years, and there are many software development companies available, offering the best fantasy sport development services at competitive packages. However, if you are willing to invest in a fantasy sports game app, you must know the basic budget requirements to get prepared and find the best dedicated mobile development team for a successful launch.

cost to build Cricket app

 So, how much does it cost to develop a fantasy sports app?

Several factors influence the app development cost including location, features, and requirements. Here are the main factors to understand the overall cost.

  • Location

If you are looking for an in-house development team, get ready to invest more for a Dream11 like app whereas outsourcing it to a reliable mobile app development company would be a better option. Shortlist the best option depending on your requirements and budget to find mobile app developers that perfectly match your expectations.

In the USA, India, and Europe, you might find developers charging around $50 to $150 per hour.

  • Experience & App Complexity

If you are looking for a basic cricket fantasy sports app, the cost will lower down, whereas, for an all-in-one platform like Dream11, you need to invest around $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the features and budget.

  • Platform & Features

Another major factor that affects the mobile development cost of your app like Mobile Premier League is the features you want to include for the users. The more advanced features you include, the more costly your app development will get.

Apart from that, the app should be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms resulting in higher investment. If you don’t have a budget to choose both the platforms, you can go with an Android development strategy and control your expenses until the app gets popular, and you start getting revenue from it.

Keeping all these factors in mind, the overall cost of development may range between 19000 USD to 50,000 USD, which you can manage by lowering down a few requirements and technical features.

How MavenCluster Can Help You to Build a Clone of Dream11?

If it is your fantasy to start a fantasy sports app like Dream11 for cricket, you need to understand all the aforementioned points and technical requirements so that you can choose the right app development company. When it comes to developing a popular app like Dream11, it demands the best technical expertise and a vast experience to thoroughly combine all the features and choose the right framework that makes your app as you desire. Users always want something unique and user friendly when it comes to sports.

Now, you need to hire a dedicated app developers team who can fulfill your app requirement that you are expecting for your product. MavenCluster is the name that you should take into consideration.  With our expert team of cricket app development and UI/UX designers, you can expect a unique and engaging platform for users. We have been providing top-notch development solutions across the globe at the most competitive packages.

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