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Laravel vs Codeigniter-Which is Better PHP Framework?

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In the last 20 years, the PHP framework has become the preferred choice for web application development. PHP has a lot of different frameworks, but Laravel and Codeigniter are the most popular. Over 1.5 million websites have been made using Laravel Framework. On the other hand, 1.4 million websites were made using CodeIgniter Framework. While developing a web application, many people are unable to choose between Laravel and CodeIgniter Framework. 

To make a selection between Laravel Vs CodeIigniter easier, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of both. This blog is going to discuss the features and key differences between both frameworks to establish which one is better.

What is Laravel?

Laravel Framework Development is an open-source web application framework, created by Taylor Otwell. It is based on Symfony and follows the model-view-controller architectural pattern for web development. It is known for its server-side handling of routing, HTML authentication, templating, and more. Being a server-side-based framework, it allows developers to build applications with customized backend logic, pre-defined architecture, templates, full-stack apps and manage SaaS products. It has been renowned as the best PHP framework for the last several years. Some popular web applications using Laravel are-

  • Laracasts
  • Barchart
  • Asgard CMS
  • World Walking

What is CodeIgniter?

Codeigniter Framework Development is a PHP Framework with minimal footprint, built by Ellis Lab. It has a simplistic and rich toolkit to develop full-featured web applications. Being one of the few PHP frameworks that generate dynamic websites, it gives developers complete freedom and no dependence on MVC development patterns. The framework allows the use of complex functionalities through third-party plug-ins. Some popular websites/ applications using Codeigniter are-

  • Casio computers
  • Buffer
  • The Guardian
  • Nissan

Top Laravel Features

Important Features of Laravel PHP

1. Template Engine

Laravel contains in-built lightweight templates which can be used to create wonderful layouts. The available widgets in Laravel help developers to create simple and complex layouts. This helps in custom software development and gives an elegant look to the software application.

2. MVC Architectural Support

Laravel supports MVC architecture patterns. It has a lot of in-built functions and improves application performance and increases security as well as scalability. 

3. Security

Laravel Framework provides the best web application security to its users. It uses hashed and salted passwords so that the passwords are never saved as plain texts. This protects the passwords from being hacked.

4. Modular

Laravel comes with pre-installed modules/libraries which are not available in any other PHP framework. These modules help the developer in the enhancement of web applications. 

5. Query Builder

It provides a large query builder which queries large databases using multiple simpler chains of methods.

6. Unit Testing 

Laravel is preferred by users because of the way it incorporates unit testing as one of its features. It is capable of running multiple tests at the same time. This ensures that the changes made by the developer do not break the web application.

Top CodeIgniter Features

Important Features of Codelgniter PHP

1. MVC Pattern

CodeIgniter follows the Model-View-Controller pattern, which separates the logic and presentation part. Developers can easily integrate it into their existing script to build core libraries for their system.

2. Lightweight

CodeIgniter is extremely light-weighted. Its core system requires a small library, which can be updated later on by adding more libraries according to the developer’s needs. 

3. SEO-friendly URLs

CodeIgniter generates clean and search-friendly URLs. It uses a segment-based approach instead of using search queries, allowing visitors to make their URLs SEO friendly. The flexibility it provides gives web developers a chance to present their web page in a more advanced way.

4. Validation

Validation ensures that the data an app is receiving is proper and valid. CodeIgniter has made validation very easy. It allows the developer to set as many validations as are needed for a given field.

5. Security

Another important feature of CodeIgniter Framework is that it contains a lot of in-built security tools. It has features like – XSS Filtering, CSRF protection, password handling, and data validation. 

6. Error Handling

CodeIgniter Framework helps users to create error-free applications.  It provides a user-friendly interface, which helps in detecting errors. CodeIgniter also has an error logging feature, which lets the developer save errors as text files. This way the developer can work on the errors separately at a different time. This makes the process of PHP Framework development easier.

Key Difference- Laravel vs CodeIgniter

Let us see some key differences between Laravel and CodeIgniter which are going to help in deciding which is better.

Difference Between Laravel VS Codelgniter

1. Database Model

a) Laravel – It works on an object-oriented database model. 
b) CodeIgniter – It works on relational object-oriented models.

2. Built-in Module

a) Laravel – It has various built-in modules that help in the development process.
b) CodeIgniter – It doesn’t come with an in-built module.

3. Popularity

a) Laravel – Laravel is the most popular framework in PHP. It provides an expressive and elegant coding style.
b) CodeIgniter – many developers prefer the CodeIgniter framework for web development because it offers ease of use.

4. Structure

a) Laravel – It follows an MVC structure with a command-line tool known as Artisan.
b) CodeIgniter – It also follows MVC structure, but helps in easy onboarding by using object-oriented programming.

5. Support for other DBMS 

a) Laravel – It supports databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MYSQL, PostgreSQL oriented, and JDBC. 
b) CodeIgniter – It mainly works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft BI, and MongoDB. But it also supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2.

6. Templates

a) Laravel – It comes with a robust template engine called Blade template. Blade template allows developers to enhance and manipulate views to optimize their performance.
b) CodeIgniter – CodeIgniter does not come with an in-built template engine. Developers need to integrate it with template engine tools. This improves the performance of their website.

7. Libraries

a) Laravel – Laravel offers its official documentation which is very elaborate and provides support to the Developer during the development process. Developers can get extra help from Laracasts.
b) CodeIgniter – CodeIgniter offers a small and adequate library. Developers can update this later by more later. Its website also has a guide that developers can use. 

8. Testing

a) Laravel – the in-built unit testing feature allows the developers to test the code thoroughly and continuously.
b) CodeIgniter – it doesn’t have any in-built testing tools. So developers need to use additional unit testing tools.

9. Authentication

a) Laravel – Laravel provides an authentication class feature that allows developers to easily implement authentication and its rules.
b) CodeIgniter – Developers need to authenticate and authorize users by writing custom CodeIgniter extensions.

10. Codeigniter vs Laravel for Beginners

a) Laravel – It is not easy for beginners to learn and use, due to the many features it offers.
b) CodeIgniter – It is really easy for beginners to learn and use CodeIgniter, which makes it the top PHP Framework for beginners. 

Why Choose Laravel?

When we talk about PHP development services, Laravel is the best. Laravel web development services offer a version control system that helps with simplified management and migration. It supports Eloquent ORM and DBMS platforms like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. Laravel also provides support for artisan commands and has great documentation. Laravel has modular packaging and offers features like Blade templates to create an elegant and advanced application. The framework uses an advanced query builder mechanism to control multiple database management objects. With a vast community of PHP and Laravel experts, it is very easy to  Hire PHP Developer, who is fluent in Laravel and Custom PHP development. 

Why Choose Codeigniter?

CodeIgniter web development services have a plethora of plug-ins, modules, ready-to-use libraries, and various other resources. It eases the task of application and software development by providing various advanced features to the developer. CodeIgniter provides functionalities for dynamic and responsive web development. You can always Hire a Dedicated Team of PHP Developers who can aptly use CodeIgniter development services to create the best web application.

Which is Better?

Now comes the question of which is better in Laravel vs Codeigniter Framework. This blog has clearly shown that both of these frameworks provide the best PHP development services. Laravel has a predefined architecture that makes backend development easier. At the same time, CodeIgniter is easy to understand/use and does not require additional authentication features. Both of these frameworks have significant and unique features. So the choice ultimately comes down to the requirement of the project. 

If you are looking to build interactive website layouts with appealing content or an advanced application without adding any overhead components or additional costs, then Laravel is the right option. But, if you want to create a lightweight web application, has striking features with an elegant interface, and enhanced security, then you should choose CodeIgniter Framework. 

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Even after discussing all the features, differences, and pros and cons, it is still not easy to choose between Laravel and CodeIgniter Frameworks. The choice is completely based on the type of project and the needs of the developer. 

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