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Why Do USA Clients Prefer to Outsource Projects to India?

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In the last 2 decades, Global companies, especially those based in the USA, have increasingly started outsourcing their projects. According to a study approximately 65% of these USA Clients have outsourced their projects to Indian development companies. Many Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and CISCO have outsourced their project to India in the past. 

India has become the top choice for outsourcing in the USA. There are numerous reasons why Clients prefer Outsourcing software development to India rather than any other country. In this blog we are going to discuss all of these reasons, Let’s Start-

The Following Reasons to Outsource IT Projects in India-

Low Development Costs

One of the biggest reasons for Software Development Outsourcing is the reduction in development costs. Due to the difference in currency, the cost of development becomes significantly lower in India. There is a huge difference between the cost of web development in the USA and in India. For example, the average cost of developing a basic app is approximately $70,000- $1,00,000 in the USA but the same app can be developed for $40,000 in India. 

Another reason is that the cost of living is comparatively lower in India than in the USA. Because of this the Clients can hire Software outsourcing services from India at 30-35% lower rates. 

Largest Number of Experienced and Talented Developers

India has the largest technical talent pool globally. It has the highest number of professional and experienced web developers. This is why India has become the most sought country to get Software development outsourcing services. 

Every year, the IT industry employs approximately 200000 software graduates. Developers in India have sound knowledge of advanced technologies. This helps them in building the perfect applications for their clients. With remote working becoming very popular nowadays, more developers are providing software development services to foreign Clients. 

When a software development company in the USA outsources its project to India, the developers not only provide the best development services but also exhibit their skills in project management and designing. Indian developers are keen on completing a project within the timeline. They complete the whole project from designing the UI to performing quality analyst tests on the application.

Round-the-clock Work

Being 9 Hours and 30 minutes ahead of the USA, Indian companies can provide round-the-clock software development services to their US clients. A round-the-clock service can enhance productivity. For example- when it’s nighttime in the USA, their software is getting developed in India. And when the Indian developers are sleeping, the Company in the USA is working. The overlapping time can be utilized for project discussions. 

This way a software development company in the USA can complete a project much quicker. 

No Communication Barrier

India has the largest number of non-native English speakers. It is very easy for USA clients to communicate with a Software development outsourcing company in India. India also holds 5th position in terms of fluency in English speaking.

Moreover, top software developers in India, utilize various communication tools like Skype, Slake, etc. for effective communication with clients.

Reliable and Top Quality Development

India is preferred for Software Project Outsourcing by USA clients because of their reliable and top-quality development services. Indian developers follow the latest industry standards like Capability Maturing Model(CMM), ISO 9000, Six Sigma Quality Certification, etc.

Most Indian outsourcing companies have a Dedicated Developers Team, including a project manager, delivery manager, and quality tester. This helps them in providing the best quality services to the clients. 

Latest Technologies

To develop good software, knowledge of the latest technologies is extremely important. USA clients look for outsourcing companies having expertise in new-age technologies. With millions of students graduating from IT colleges every year in India, our country has become the number one choice.  

Indian companies have a plethora of developers experienced in the new and upcoming technologies. This makes it easy for them to work with every type of project. Indian developers are constantly learning and updating themselves to stay in the game. When US Clients hire software developers from India, they receive the latest features and configurations in their app.

Maintenance and Support

There is a common misconception that outsourcing development projects to India can cause problems in the maintenance of the app. Constant maintenance and updating of an app are important to provide a seamless experience to the users. This is why most Outsourcing companies in India now provide maintenance and support to the users after completion. 

This not only allows businesses to maintain a good relationship with customers but also enhances the relationship between developers and their clients. Many USA clients are even outsourcing maintenance and support to India. Even when the company hasn’t developed the application, India has a plethora of talented developers who have no trouble working with these projects. 

Another benefit of outsourcing maintenance to India is that many times the same company has also developed the application. They already understand the working and architecture of the project and can recognize new opportunities for the same. 

Government Friendly Outsourcing Relationship

Outsourcing projects to India helps in rapid economic development. Not only this, but outsourcing offers employment to a lot of young people. Because of this, the Indian Government is very supportive of software outsourcing companies. They have introduced many acts and policies to make outsourcing easier. The Indian government also offers tax benefits to outsourcing companies. 

Many acts protect Outsourcing software companies from cyber crimes and recognize electronic contracts. 

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India was one of the first countries to provide Outsourcing services to other countries. The experience of Indian companies and their reliability in custom software development, has only led to the increase in outsourcing projects. The above-mentioned reasons make it clear why 65% of US clients are Outsourcing their projects to India. 

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Outsource Projects in India

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