Animal Counting & Detection Solution

Precisely identify, categorize, and enumerate animals and/or livestock within your image and video feeds.

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Revolutionize animal counting and livestock management using our advanced Animal Detection Solution.

Our cutting-edge Animal Counting solution employs state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. It facilitates effortless monitoring of your animal population through traditional mounted cameras or drones, capturing video feeds. The Animal Detection solution ensures accurate tracking and an overall count of your animals.

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Transform Animal Counting

Functionalities of the Animal Counting Solution

Our Animal Detection solution provides significant operational efficiencies, whether you're overseeing wildlife populations on your estate or within your business. Track animals with precision as they move in and out of feedlots, pastures, and facilities using our AI-powered solution.



Identify animals within an image or video feed.



Provide a total count of the animals in the feed.



Utilize alerts and generate reports to communicate findings.



Easily incorporate custom functionality on top with flexibility.

Expand your options through available add-ons via customization.

Predator Detection

Identification of predators.

Thermal Imagery Support

Support for thermal imagery.

Perimeter Fence Detection

Detection of perimeter fence breaches.

Cattle Gender Or Pose Detection

Detection of cattle gender and poses.

Enhance the efficiency of your project with our methodical step-by-step approach.

1 Identify Problem
Recognize the issue.
2 Success Criteria
Establish the criteria for success.
3 Determine Solution
Ascertain the solution.
4 Tranning Data
Gather training data.
5 Train And Evaluate
Conduct training and evaluation.
6 Implement and conduct testing.
Implement and conduct testing.
7 Iterate Solution
Refine the solution through iterations.

Choose the deployment model that suits your preference.

Whether you prefer on-premises deployment, cloud-based implementation, or integration via APIs, we offer the flexibility to assist you in configuring your solution according to your preferences.

On Prem Deployement

On-Prem Deployment

Cloud Deployement

Cloud Deployment



Technology for counting animals.

We opt for cutting-edge platforms that combine maturity, technical viability, and feasibility to offer significant advantages to our clients. As your technical partner, we have the adaptability to collaborate with platforms of your choosing, ensuring a smooth infrastructure.

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Animal Counting & Detection Solution FAQs

The animal detection system relies on computer vision and artificial intelligence applications, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of animal monitoring for farmers and ranchers across extensive farmlands. It is compatible with both traditional mounted cameras and AI drones, contributing to the system's improved efficiency.

The Maven Cluster animal detection and counting solution aim to enhance significant inefficiencies in farm operations related to livestock management. The system facilitates accurate tracking of animals across extensive farmlands and pastures through AI-powered solutions. Various applications of our robust animal detection system include counting animals in image or video data, generating alerts and reports, identifying predators, detecting cattle gender, pose detection, and more.