AI-powered Visual Search Solution

Utilize our image recognition solution within your applications and online stores to revolutionize how your customers search for your products and redefine the user experience.

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The transformative impact of Visual Search on your business operations.

Leverage our AI-driven visual search solution to empower customers in seamlessly searching and discovering your products through images, bridging the gap between the physical and digital experience. This enables customers to swiftly locate desired items and make expedited purchase decisions.

Visual Search Transforms Your Business

What is the functionality behind how Visual Search operates?

We utilize AI to categorize images based on their content, integrating images into searchable data. Once the AI is trained, users can conduct searches using images. Through AI, images can be sorted and filtered according to their content, providing organizations with the capability to extract valuable insights and information.

Ranked By Prediction

Ordered by the prediction.

Retrieve the most pertinent images by considering the elements recognized by the AI engine.

Similarity Search

Searching for similarities.

Retrieve images that are most similar and identical through your image search.

Filtered By Annotation Data

Refined based on annotation data.

Refine your searches by utilizing annotation information from your dataset.

Filter By Location

Refine by geographical location.

Incorporate the geo-location information embedded within images in conjunction with Visual Search to precisely filter data.

Rank By Meta Info

Order by metadata information.

Utilize AI to prioritize images based on the metadata associated with each image and filter them according to the specified criteria or search.

Explore supplementary pre-configured models within our collection.

Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection

Identify, detect, and tally vehicles within video and image data.

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Person Detection

Person Detection

Precisely identify individuals in video or image data.

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Face Detection

Face Detection

Precisely detect and identify human faces in video and image feeds.

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Apparel Detection

Apparel Detection

Identify and detect clothing and accessories, including shirts, trousers, shoes, headgear, etc.

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Food Detection

Food Detection

Identify and recognize food items within image and video feeds.

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Animal Detection

Animal Detection

Precisely identify, categorize, and enumerate animals, including livestock, in video and image data.

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Advantages of Visual Search

Visual Search revolutionizes the search experience, enabling users to swiftly discover similar products with ease through a simple image.

Frictionless Experience

Seamless and smooth user experience.

Enhances website engagement to the maximum extent.

Quick Product Discovery

Rapid product discovery.

Increased conversion rates.

Easy To Scale

Scalability made effortless.

Increase Average Order Value.

Applications of Visual Search

AI-driven Visual Search can be employed to craft enduring and enjoyable shopping experiences.

Search With Images

Conduct searches using images.

Facilitate users in searching for products by utilizing images, creating a seamless pathway from discovery to purchase.

Product Tagging

Labeling products with tags.

Utilize AI to assign tags and attributes to images in a scalable manner.

Similar Recommendations

Recommendations based on similarity.

Provide users with highly relevant recommendations based on their browsing history.

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