Harness the Potential of AI for Sports Sponsorship Intelligence

Make informed, data-driven decisions by leveraging real-time insights to optimize your sponsorship investments.

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Empower Your Brand with AI-Driven Sponsorship Intelligence

Utilize our innovative AI solution to monitor your brand's visibility. Harness AI capabilities to identify occurrences of your logo in various media such as videos, image feeds, and more. Gain advanced insights including linger time, and correlate this data with audience metrics for a more precise understanding of earned exposure.

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Sports sponsorship Intelligence

Swiftly Compute Sponsorship ROI through AI-Powered Brand Monitoring

Enhance decision-making with data-backed insights for monitoring and evaluating your sponsorship placements. Our solution is customizable to align with your specific business requirements.

Catch Sponsorship

Capture Sponsorship Across All Formats

Our AI solution excels at recognizing your brand across various video and image formats, leaving no stone unturned to ensure comprehensive tracking of your logo and brand mentions..

Access Key Sponsorship Metrics

Gain Access to Crucial Sponsorship Metrics

Enhance your placements and sales by obtaining valuable insights into your sponsorship's performance. Our AI-generated metrics provide a comprehensive view of your investment, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive success.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Empower Your Choices with Data-Driven Decision-Making

Maximize the impact of your sponsorship investment by relying on facts and making data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Coverage Across All Channels

Extensive Coverage Across All Channels

Our AI serves as your ultimate brand monitoring solution, vigilantly tracking your brand presence across diverse channels such as broadcast, social media, podcasts, and websites. But it doesn't end there. Through the synergy of logo detection and facial recognition, we can even monitor specific athletes who represent your brand.

Placement of Sponsorship

Strategic Sponsorship Placement

Compare various placements and make informed decisions about where to position your brand—whether on an athlete, in a stadium, on a car, or across any of the 20+ different placements we diligently track.

Advanced Analytics for Precise ROI

Utilize Advanced Analytics for Pinpoint ROI

By analyzing factors such as the duration of logo display and identifying the most attention-grabbing placements, we can assist you in precisely calculating the ROI of your sponsorship investment.

Choose the Deployment Model that Suits Your Preferences.

Implement the solution, ensuring availability as needed.

On-Prem Deployment

On-Premises Deployment

Cloud Deployment

Cloud-Based Deployment



What Sets Maven Cluster AI Apart in the Field of Sponsorship Intelligence Solutions?


15+ Years of Experience

Benefit from purpose-built AI solutions crafted to optimize performance, drawing on over 15 years of extensive experience. Our expertise spans diverse scenarios, enabling us to swiftly identify your challenges and develop insightful solutions tailored to your needs!


Certified Software Engineers

Our AI professionals employ innovative tactics and create customized solutions exclusively for businesses. We excel in assisting enterprises in overcoming critical challenges that impede performance.


1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

With a legacy spanning over 15 years, we've cultivated an extensive clientele of delighted customers, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and client satisfaction!


20+ Pre-built Models Deployed

We've successfully executed numerous projects, implementing over 20 pre-built AI models across various global initiatives.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Our technology is versatile and adaptable, allowing us to integrate AI and tech to craft custom dashboards, provide API access, generate bespoke reports, or even develop new applications tailored to your specific needs.

Elevate your sports sponsorship strategy to the next level.

Elevate sports sponsorship success with our AI solutions. Let AI be your trusted partner for informed decisions and standout brand visibility in the competitive sports landscape.

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