Building Access Control

Harness the power of AI to automate and streamline access to critical areas.

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Revamp building access control and enhance security measures.

Our tailor-made, AI-driven building access control solution empowers you to automate access control across various sections of your building/site, ensuring swift access for authorized staff, personnel, or visitors. Leveraging facial recognition, our solution accurately detects and identifies individuals in crucial areas while flagging unauthorized personnel.

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Building Access Control

Completely adaptable to suit your infrastructure and operational processes.

Our solution is entirely customizable and can be adjusted to align with your operational processes and the hardware in use. Whether you intend to incorporate features like door control, watch list management, and alarm functionalities by integrating with existing hardware systems or have concerns about scaling the solution with your operations, it is developed from the ground up to be entirely customizable.

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What is the operation mechanism of our smart building access control?

Our solution utilizes precise facial recognition and analytics to identify and detect personnel, incorporating additional features such as counting, managing watch lists, and controlling doors, among others.

Access Control

Control of access.

Automatically handle access and attendance for both staff and visiting personnel.

Flagging Violations

Identifying violations.

Maximize security by flagging violations, such as unauthorized access or the presence of intruders.

Headcount And Tracking

Counting and tracking individuals.

Monitor individuals in crucial areas and maintain an overall headcount.

Alerts And Notification

Issuing alerts and notifications.

Receive alerts and notifications for statuses and suspicious activities.

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