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Establish seamless workflows by instantly capturing data from documents and images. Leverage OCR technology with AI-powered advanced features customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Effortlessly capture data within seconds using our OCR service powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

Experience optimal text detection in images and documents with our OCR solution, meticulously designed to deliver superior results. Effortlessly extract data from documents and populate it in predefined formats for seamless efficiency.

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OCR Services

AI-powered OCR for advanced text recognition.

Tailor-made OCR solutions seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and business systems, facilitating easy integration. Support for diverse data extraction and multilingual capabilities enhances versatility.

Unstructured Data

Data Without Formal Organization

Streamline data extraction from unstructured documents with OCR. Easily pinpoint and specify the data fields you wish to extract from unformatted document samples. Automate the process to efficiently extract recurring data from unstructured documents, minimizing manual effort.

Structured Data

Organized Data

Effectively handle extensive volumes of structured documents by extracting and preserving essential information. Streamline the extraction of data from standardized documents and securely store it in digital format on your servers.

Multilingual Support

Support for Multiple Languages

Identify and extract data from diverse languages, encompassing intricate scripts such as Chinese, Arabic, Latin, and more. Retrieve predefined information from both structured and unstructured multilingual documents. Safely store the extracted data on your servers for subsequent utilization and analysis.

An Extensive Array of Computer Vision Services

We provide a diverse range of Computer Vision services and solutions, covering various scenarios and industry verticals from end to end. Our goal is to assist enterprises in effortlessly implementing AI solutions, accelerating their AI lifecycle, and establishing enduring competitive advantages.

Enhanced Security

Elevated Security

Our solution is implemented with considerations for GDPR and adheres to other relevant security standards.

Incredible Accuracy

Exceptional Precision

We aim to surpass a 90% accuracy rate in the extraction of data.

Easy Integration

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate with other applications using APIs.

Data Accessibility

Effortless Data Access

Store extracted data in the cloud and download it in various formats for easy accessibility.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Automate Processes and Remove Manual Intervention

Eliminate manual data entry and optimize efficiency by automating key processes.

Support Handwritten Docs

Handwritten Document Support

Extract data from both handwritten and machine-readable documents.

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Drawing upon over 15 years of experience, we have crafted specialized AI solutions to enhance performance. Our expertise spans diverse scenarios, enabling us to swiftly identify your challenges and devise insightful solutions.


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Employing innovative strategies and customized solutions specifically designed for businesses, our team of AI professionals helps enterprises overcome critical challenges that impede performance.


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