Logo Detection Solution

The Maven Cluster logo identification model enables the recognition of high-quality images, assisting companies in seizing new opportunities.

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Instantly identify and classify logos in both videos and images.

Crafted for businesses and individual marketers, our AI logo detection model facilitates the automation of real-time brand identification in images, broadcast video streams, and pictures. It also supports automated brand visibility analytics.

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Logo Detection

Features of the Logo Detection Solution

Logo Detection, as part of image recognition, is a computer vision technique applicable to various tasks. The Maven Cluster Logo detection model ensures scalability, quality, and flexibility, meeting the market demands effectively.

Matching Tolerance

Tolerance for Matching

Recognize precise matches for brand monitoring, identify close matches, and detect lookalikes of brands and marks for copyright violation monitoring.

Occlusion Tolerance

Tolerance for Occlusion

Choose your sensitivity level to hidden brands and markings. This feature facilitates detection from full visibility (zero occlusion) to high occlusion (highly obscured or cropped).



Choose whether to gather comprehensive intelligence for your detections, including factors like size in the frame, location, share of speech, time on screen (for video), etc., or opt for a simpler binary present/not present detection approach.

Perspective Tolerance

Perspective Tolerance

Decide the sensitivity to perspective/tilt and opt for either zero-tolerance (zero degrees) or a broad tolerance for perspective/tilt (up to 70 degrees).

Placement Recognition

Placement Recognition

Examine the type of product associated with a brand or logo, including the form of signage, various product packaging, or a piece of athletic apparel.

Processing Time

Processing Time

Tailor the processing response time to meet specific business needs or use cases, ranging from real-time processing of live feeds to batch reporting.

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Enhance the efficiency of your project with our methodical step-by-step approach.

1 Identify Problem
Recognize the issue.
2 Success Criteria
Establish the criteria for success.
3 Determine Solution
Ascertain the solution.
4 Tranning Data
Gather training data.
5 Train And Evaluate
Conduct training and evaluation.
6 Implement and conduct testing.
Implement and conduct testing.
7 Iterate Solution
Refine the solution through iterations.

Choose the deployment model that suits your preference.

Whether you prefer on-premises deployment, cloud-based implementation, or integration via APIs, we offer the flexibility to assist you in configuring your solution according to your preferences.

On Prem Deployment

On-Prem Deployment

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment



Frameworks Employed for Logo Detection

The solution/model is constructed using frameworks that offer optimal benefits, whether you prioritize feasibility, technological viability, or platform maturity. We can seamlessly collaborate with platforms of your choosing to minimize friction within your systems.

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