Azure Machine Learning Service

Azure Cognitive Services integrate machine learning and AI to analyze text for emotions and sentiments, as well as to identify objects and people in images.

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Azure Speech-to-text Services we offer


Machine Learning Based Automation

Experience productivity enhancements across all levels with our automated Azure Machine Learning Service. We facilitate swift deployment and leverage robust models for optimal performance.


Azure DevOps Services

A resilient Azure Machine Learning Service for DevOps, driven by machine learning, streamlines the entire machine learning lifecycle—from model construction to execution and monitoring.


Custom AI Solutions

Tailored AI solutions crafted to enhance security and efficiency. Each AI solution seamlessly aligns with the specific needs of your business, promoting improved management and control.


Azure Support Services

We provide top-notch support in the market, backed by a team of dedicated professionals ready to address any inquiries you may have regarding Azure Machine Learning Solutions.


Azure Cognitive Services

Maven Cluster provides a resilient Azure Cognitive Service designed for longevity. Leveraging the finest APIs, we assist businesses in automating functions by incorporating the ability to hear, speak, listen, and talk, resulting in the creation of highly intelligent applications.


Azure API Integration

Effectively utilizing Event Grid, Service Bus, and other Logic Apps, along with comprehensive API Management, we create robust integration solutions that are successful and compatible with various platforms and third-party applications.


Support & Trouble-shooting Services

Our developers are available around the clock for troubleshooting, administrative services, productivity enhancements, or routine maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime.

Utilizations of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services

Azure Machine Learning Services are well-suited for a variety of speech conversion purposes. At Maven Cluster, we take pride in delivering top-notch utilization of Azure Cognitive services with applications such as:

Azure Bot Service

Create AI bots using Azure Machine Learning Service, including Q&A bots and virtual assistants.

Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is a powerful analytics platform designed to make sense of your data.

Azure Cognitive Search

AI-powered index-based search for unstructured data from images through Azure Cognitive Service.

Bing Auto Suggest

Incorporate intelligent and potent Bing auto-suggest features into your app using Azure Cognitive Service.

Bing Custom Search

Leverage the Bing Custom Search API to access a resilient search index with swift setup and adjustable parameters.

Bing Entity Search

Automatically integrate entity data from the internet to enhance search and indexing precision.

Bing Image Search

Facilitate extensive image search capabilities using Azure Cognitive Service.

Bing News Search

Azure Cognitive Service's Bing News Search ensures consistently relevant results with every query.

Bing Spell Check

Stay on top of things with automated and precise spell check, driven by machine learning.

Bing Video Search

Effortlessly explore videos using advanced Azure Speech to Text services.

Bing Visual Search

Simplify image input-based search with Bing Visual Search, powered by Azure Cognitive Service.

Bing Web Search

Achieve top-notch web search capabilities utilizing Azure Machine Learning Service.

Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Service empowers contextual interactions with digital assets in a powerful manner.

Computer Vision

Automatically derive meaningful insights from visual input using Azure Machine Learning Service.

Content Moderator

The Content Moderator API automatically identifies and flags visual content for potentially offensive material.

Custom Vision

Implement custom computer vision solutions to optimize operations without the requirement for machine learning expertise.

Data Science Virtual Machines

Acquire fully-equipped virtual machines tailored for data science modeling and development.

Face Recognition

Automatically identify, organize, and tag faces in photographs using Azure Cognitive Service.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning Service brings robust AI capabilities to machine learning applications, enabling superior automation.

Machine Learning Studio

Create ML solutions in a comfortable and seamless environment with our Azure Machine Learning Service.

Microsoft Genomics

Benefit from Microsoft's expertise in managing exabyte-scale workloads, particularly in the field of genetic sequencing.

Translator Speech

Achieve seamless front-end speech translation using Azure Cognitive Service and a REST API call.

Language Understanding

Customize user cues and commands within your organizational context and processes.

Form Recognizer

Azure Form Recognizer employs advanced machine learning to accurately extract critical data from forms.

Ink Recognizer

Automatically recognize digital ink content, including handwriting, shapes, and signatures.


Customize our Azure Machine Learning Service to better fit your specific requirements.

QnA Maker

Create meaningful and engaging Q&A conversations with Azure Cognitive Services that encourage further action.

Speaker Recognition

Automatically recognize and distinguish between multiple speakers for a comprehensive transcription.

Speech Translation

Integrate speech translation seamlessly into your app in real-time and within context.

Speech to Text

Effortless conversion of speech to text for enhanced understanding and communication.

Text Analytics

Analyze text for sentiment and emotional assessment to determine subsequent actions.

Text to Speech

Effortlessly convert text back to speech using Azure Cognitive Service and its robust AI capabilities.

Translator Text

User-friendly and contextually accurate machine translation for swift processing of text.

Video Indexer

Automatically and comprehensively tag and index videos using Azure Machine Learning Service.

Kinect DK

Developer kit and PC peripherals enhanced with AI for constructing computer vision and speech models.

Anomaly Detector

Integrate anomaly detection capability into applications using Azure Cognitive Service to minimize losses.

Azure Open Datasets

Expertly organised, cloud-based Azure Open Datasets to accelerate the development of ML solutions.

Immersive Reader

The Microsoft immersive reader enhances the reading experience by improving the readability.

Are Azure Machine Learning/AI Services needed?

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Why Microsoft Azure ML/AI services are the optimal choice for your needs?


Enhance productivity and enable ML accessibility for all skill levels.

Promote productivity enhancements by integrating our Azure Machine Learning Service into your processes. We assist in deploying machine learning models tailored to meet any challenge. Accelerate the creation process with automated machine learning UI and unrestricted access to built-in features for developing highly accurate models.


Scale operations efficiently with robust MLOps.

At Maven Cluster, our Machine Learning DevOps, or MLOps, is designed to streamline the entire Azure Machine Learning Service delivery process. Our DevOps simplifies the machine learning lifecycle with end-to-end development, deployment, and management services. Utilize specialized ML pipelines for replicable workflows and efficiently manage assets with a comprehensive registry. Scale workflows and operations seamlessly, developing an enterprise-ready solution.


Construct ethical and responsible AI solutions.

Azure Machine Learning Service provides advanced tools for managing the fairness and transparency of your machine learning models. Utilize model interpretability to gain a better understanding of predictions and their implications. Apply fairness metrics for comparisons and implement recommended mitigation strategies automatically.


Pioneer on an open and flexible platform.

Azure Machine Learning Service stands out as one of the most flexible platforms, equipped with the right tools for various application deployments. With Maven Cluster, you gain built-in support for a range of open-source tools and frameworks dedicated to machine learning model training and inferencing. Azure Cognitive Service also provides support for other popular frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn, as well as the ONNX format.


Enhanced security, governance, and control.

Utilize Azure Machine Learning Service to construct machine learning models within the framework of enterprise-level compliance and security policies, incorporating virtual networking technology. Effectively safeguard your assets with built-in identity, data, and network access control, including the assignment of custom roles to individual team members. Additionally, benefit from governance controls with a comprehensive audit trail, quotas, and an extensive compliance portfolio.

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Why Choose Maven Cluster as your IBM Watson Partner?


15+ Years of Experience

Maven Cluster provides profound expertise and experience, leveraging in-depth industry insight. We assist clients in realizing their maximum potential by predicting potential loss points and offering actionable insights.


Certified Experts

Our team comprises over 300 skilled developers with the appropriate certifications and qualifications to meet all your requirements.


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Our extensive roster of satisfied customers encompasses companies from diverse industries, both public and private, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and traffic management.

Azure Machine Learning FAQs

Azure Machine Learning can be accessed in both Canada and the United States.

Indeed, it is possible to integrate it with the majority of applications developed on compatible platforms.

Azure Cognitive Service is accessible in numerous countries worldwide. Click here for more information.

Partially. The initial 12 months are free, after which payment is required for the services.

The Azure Machine Learning Studio stands as the primary hub for machine learning services. It serves as a central workspace for data scientists and developers to build, train, and deploy machine learning models.