Google's Speech-to-Text service and its applications.

Integrate the Google Speech-to-Text API, powered by machine learning, for precise prediction and processing of language, vocabulary, and text.

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Services We Provide for Google Cloud Speech-to-Text


Integration with Google Speech

We offer Google Speech integration services for a wide range of third-party or developer applications, accommodating diverse environments. Developers can seamlessly send audio through their apps and receive transcriptions using the Google Speech-to-Text API service.


Integration of back-end software systems

Maven Cluster also offers integration services for the Google Speech-to-Text service as a back-end application. We ensure seamless coding and interfacing with your front-end application, enabling real-time speech recognition without disruption to your personalized UI.


Services for Support and Troubleshooting

24/7 Support and Troubleshooting services for Google Speech-to-Text API are available, addressing any problems or queries. Multiple platforms are provided for asking questions, offering both professional and unofficial answers. The anticipation of potential issues and the provision of their solutions reflect the high-quality service of Google Cloud.


Development of Custom Google Speech Applications

Maven Cluster provides custom app development utilizing the Google Text-to-Speech API service, incorporating both custom language and acoustic models. We assist in training the Text-to-Speech service for accurate and contextually relevant speech recognition.

Applications of Google Speech-to-Text Service


Speech Recognition

Google Cloud's Speech-to-Text leads in speech recognition, offering a versatile API for audio-to-text conversion. Supporting 120+ languages, it features voice command, call center transcription, real-time streaming, and more.


Create a synthesized voice from written text.

Generate spoken language from written content using the Google Speech to Text service, producing grammatically and contextually accurate speech with a choice of natural voices.


C Language Identifier

For audios containing multiple languages, Google Cloud Speech-to-Text services allow you to specify language codes (2 to 4). The service can then detect the correct language and provide an accurate transcript. This functionality is particularly useful for voice searches and command use cases.


Audio Transcriber

The Google Speech-to-Text service excels at transcribing audio, effectively minimizing noise interference, maintaining context, and accurately recognizing proper nouns and language nuances.


Video Subtitling

With Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, transcribe videos by extracting audio from the video or external tracks. Advanced machine learning ensures accurate transcription, with source definition enhancing results.


Filtering Inappropriate Content

The filters, including a profanity filter, assist in screening out any inappropriate or unprofessional content from the audio, excluding them during the transcription into text. This service from Google Cloud Speech-to-Text is available for several languages.

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Google Speech-to-text Service Features

Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition

The Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) module within Google's Cloud Speech-to-Text Service utilizes a neural network to drive applications such as voice search and speech transcription. This neural network enhances the accuracy and efficiency of transcribing spoken language into text, making it a powerful tool for various applications.


Versatility in Audio Processing: Support for Pre-recorded and Real-time Scenarios

Versatile Audio Input Compatibility: Google Cloud Speech-to-Text Service's Support for Streamed, Microphone, and Audio Files


Universal Vocabulary and Punctuation Recognition

Google possesses the most extensive machine learning system database globally. Thanks to this vast database, the Google Speech-to-Text API Service can recognize a total of 120 languages. Transcriptions are precisely and automatically punctuated, including commas, question marks, and periods, through machine learning.


Managing Noise

Using Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, users can bypass the laborious process of eliminating background noise from an audio file through a noise cancellation application. Instead, the API handles the task of deciphering crucial information from noisy environments.


Streaming recognition

Looking to streamline speech transcription? Utilize the Streaming Speech Recognition functionality in Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, enabling the seamless streaming of audio files for real-time transcription as the speaker communicates.


Content filtering

To guarantee the absence of profanity or inappropriate content in your transcriptions, Cloud Speech-to-Text Services employ filters that sift through and eliminate unwanted elements, ensuring accurate and culturally appropriate content in specific languages.

Word Hints

Word Hints

Using Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, customize recognition by defining 5,000 words or phrases. Tailor solutions for meetings, conferences, or lectures. The API can also convert spoken numbers based on context.

Integrated APIs

Integrated APIs

Maximize the capabilities of your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ecosystem by uploading audio files directly to Google Cloud Storage. The Google Speech-to-Text API Service facilitates the seamless upload of audio documents to Google Cloud, eliminating the need for extensive storage on your device.


Auto-Detect Language

As previously mentioned, in multilingual scenarios, you have the flexibility to specify a minimum of 2 and a maximum of four language codes based on the context of the audio in your Google Speech-to-Text solution. Cloud Speech-to-Text can then isolate those languages in the audio and transcribe them accordingly.

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Google Speech FAQs

The Google Speech-to-Text API Service facilitates the transcription of both pre-recorded and live-streamed audio files. It boasts the capability to recognize multiple languages within a single audio file, supporting up to 120 languages. The service automatically punctuates the transcribed text, manages background noise, and filters content, streamlining the transcription process. It offers various services, including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and global vocabulary detection. The API provides comprehensive features, operational instructions, troubleshooting guidance, and multiple platforms for user discussions, ensuring a robust and user-friendly experience.

The Google Cloud Speech Recognition API enables organizations and individuals to convert spoken language into written text. The API supports recognition in 120 languages, providing versatility for various applications, including voice commands and transcription of audio from different media sources.

Speech Recognition (without Data Logging - default) and Speech Recognition (with Data Logging opt-in) for audio files up to 60 minutes in either the standard or premium models of the Google Speech-to-text API Service is provided free of charge. For audio files over 60 minutes up to 1 million minutes, the pricing is as follows:
  • Speech Recognition (without Data Logging - default) costs $0.006 per 15 seconds in the standard model and $0.009 per 15 seconds in the premium model.
  • Speech Recognition (with Data Logging opt-in) costs $0.004 per 15 seconds in the standard model and $0.006 per 15 seconds in the premium model.

Certainly! To access the Google Speech-to-Text application on your Android device, simply visit the Google Play Store, search for "Google Text-to-Speech," and proceed to download and install the app on your device. Following installation, navigate to Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output, and designate the Google Text-to-Speech Engine as your preferred engine.

Great to hear that Converse Smartly® is considered an advanced and powerful speech-to-text software with high accuracy. If you have any specific questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know or discuss, feel free to let me know!

Thank you for providing additional information. It's important to be aware of the pricing structure, especially when dealing with usage beyond the free tier. If you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with, feel free to let me know!

Certainly! Having speech services by Google can be highly beneficial. It allows your device to read out text content audibly, providing accessibility features for individuals with visual impairments. Google's speech services can serve as a Screen Reader Solution (SRS), reducing eyestrain, aiding in language learning, and enhancing pronunciation understanding. This feature is particularly valuable for users who may have difficulty reading text on screens due to visual impairments or other reasons.

To disable the speech service by Google on your Android device, there are three options you can choose from. Volume Key Shortcut Find both volume keys on the side of your Android device > Press and Hold both volume keys for 3 seconds > to make sure you want to disable the speech service by Google, Press both volume keys for 3 seconds again. Device Settings App icons > Tap into Settings > Tap or Search "Language"> Tap the "General Management" or "Language & Input" > Tap on Speech-to-Text Output > Tap on Preferred Engines and Select Speech Service by Google to disable it With Google Assistant Just Tap and Say "Hey Google > Say "Disable or Turn off the speech-to-text Output.

Speech services by Google bring out great advancement and efficiency in mobile applications by reading the web pages out loud. To activate the feature, Go to Settings > Search or Tap “Language” > “General Management” > “Speech-to-Text Output” > “Preferred Engines” > Select Speech Service by Google to turn on.