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Services provided by IBM Watson Consulting


Integration of IBM Watson

For your IBM Watson integration requirements, our top-notch consulting services deliver excellence. Our proficient team facilitates both on-cloud and on-premises deployment. Maven Cluster, with its team of experts, can expedite the migration and integration of your core applications to any cloud using open source and enterprise-ready software solutions.


Integration of back-end software systems

We provide advanced IBM Watson configurations for comprehensive back-end software integration. Our IBM consulting services assist in achieving smooth integration between your front-end applications and IBM Watson, ensuring worry-free operation without concerns about system failures.


Development of custom front-end solutions for Watson

Maven Cluster specializes in custom development through our IBM consulting services. We focus on constructing a Watson AI platform by leveraging various APIs for efficient communication with your legacy system. This effectiveness facilitates the creation of custom features using platforms such as Java, Python, Node, Swift, and .NET, all of which engage in cognitive computing to address complex problems.


Services for support and troubleshooting.

Maven Cluster developers are consistently prepared to deliver top-notch troubleshooting and support services. Our IBM Watson consulting services tackle any issues that may arise, regardless of scale, with zero downtime. This allows you to focus on what distinguishes you from the competition while we ensure secure and reliable platforms.


Development of customized applications using IBM Watson.

Maven Cluster's IBM Watson consulting services assist in crafting custom applications utilizing Watson technology across various sectors, such as VR/AR, Financial, Retail, and Medical industries. Tailored apps, equipped with deep learning capabilities, empower your business with intuitive and adaptive cognitive computing that is dynamic.


Programming for chatbot development.

Leverage Maven Cluster's IBM Watson consulting services to employ Watson Assistant for crafting user-friendly and straightforward support and "help-me" conversation chatbots. The Assistant serves as a question-and-answer system, facilitating dialogue interaction with users and streamlining support queries through the automatic creation of a dialogue flow.

Various applications of IBM Watson.

IBM Watson is versatile, suitable for a broad range of applications, with ongoing collaboration between IBM and partners to address expanding use cases. Maven Cluster can engage with IBM Watson in the following capacities:


Conversion of speech to text.

We utilize IBM Watson Text to Speech APIs, employing speech-synthesis capabilities to transform text into natural-sounding speech. IBM Watson supports a variety of dialects, voices, and languages. The IBM Watson Speech to Text API enhances content comprehension by converting audio and sound into written text.

Chat Bots

Chat Bots

Through Watson Assistant, we provide an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface, enabling seamless connections with various messaging channels like Slack, Facebook, and Twilio. Maven Cluster's IBM consulting services assist in the effortless development, documentation, and implementation of Watson Chatbots for your business.

Language Translation

Translation of language

Utilizing our IBM Watson-powered translators, you can enter new markets by incorporating automatic document, app, and webpage translation into your offerings. Creating multilingual chatbots enables communication with customers worldwide. Maven Cluster's highly adaptable IBM consulting services bring automation to your translation needs while safeguarding your privacy.

Visual Recognition

Recognition of visual content.

Utilizing IBM Watson technology, you can precisely label, categorize, and train AI for visual content through machine learning and computer vision. Maven Cluster's IBM consulting services assist in crafting, training, evaluating, and managing custom models for visual inspection with just a few images. The AI swiftly adapts to new objects or attributes seamlessly within your custom models.


Extraction of personality insights.

Through IBM Watson, you can anticipate personality traits, needs, and values based on written text. Our IBM consulting services assist in comprehending customer habits and individual preferences while retaining the benefits of scale. This technology enables you to obtain detailed personality portraits, understand consumption preferences, and tailor the customer experience.


Analysis of tone.

Watson Tone Analyzer service aids in identifying language and emotional tones through linguistic analysis of written text. Our IBM consulting services assist you in maximizing the use of the analyzer for social listening, improving customer service, and seamlessly integrating with chatbots.


Categorization of text

IBM Watson Text classification facilitates swift and straightforward training for custom machine or learning models. With Maven Cluster's IBM consulting services, you can effortlessly employ the textual analyzer to process and label your textual data by directly uploading your training data as a .csv file, and that’s it.

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Categorization of IBM Watson usage.

IBM Watson exhibits a broad spectrum of applications, tailored to your resources and requirements. Collaborating closely with its partners, the company is adept at addressing various situations. Maven Cluster’s IBM consulting services are equally exceptional to align with the dynamic nature of this platform. The following categories offer a preliminary overview of potential applications:

Identification and response.

The system aids knowledge workers in addressing individual cases by precisely isolating the problem from numerous potential sources and then determining the most appropriate subsequent action.

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Exploration and revelation.

Provide a personalized self-service experience for each client based on dynamic and evolving personal profiles created from seemingly unstructured data.

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Investigate and reveal

Discover exceptional studies, research papers, and other sources of information when conducting groundbreaking research.

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Optimize operations.

Effectively identify potential vulnerabilities in business processes by analyzing unstructured data from each step and all outputs generated during operations.

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Handle risk and liability

Ensure early detection of fraudulent activity, regulate risk, and enhance recovery mechanisms for improved risk mitigation.

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Watson AI facilitates the transformation of your industries.

Integrated into organizations of all sizes, spanning from hospitality to healthcare to education, Watson AI provides a competitive advantage by streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity. When combined with Maven Cluster’s IBM business consulting services, there are no obstacles in your path.


Analysis of adverse impact in IBM Watson recruitment.

Empower HR with IBM Watson Recruitment, boosting efficiency and broadening their business role. Identify top candidates, monitor for adverse impact, and ensure success with Maven Cluster and our IBM consulting services.


Leverage Watson Discovery for Salesforce

Expedite case resolution with Watson Discovery for Salesforce, providing your agents with cutting-edge AI capabilities. With seamless access to all the necessary knowledge, your agents can swiftly resolve cases directly within Salesforce.


Watson Assistant for Marketing

Watson Assistant for Marketing provides robust insights for marketers and campaign creators. It enables the creation of consistent campaigns across various media platforms, enhancing customer engagement, fostering customer loyalty, and promoting smarter work practices.


Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture

The IBM Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture enables robust and data-driven decision making in agribusiness. Access a vast array of agriculture-related analytics through user-friendly APIs and visualization tools optimized for any platform.


IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant

IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant, powered by Watson AI, optimizes asset maintenance by reducing knowledge gaps and improving troubleshooting. AI enables proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime for enhanced operational efficiency.


IBM IoT Building Insights

Gaining insights into occupancy within any building, facility, or space is now more accessible than ever. Utilizing IBM Building Insights allows you to securely store data from each location and leverage it for analyzing the performance of a building, all within the cloud.


Insights into the supply chain by IBM Watson.

Leverage predictive analytics for swift and confident responses to supply chain changes. With IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights, promptly evaluate and efficiently address disruptions.


Insights into production quality by IBM.

IBM Production Quality Insights facilitates the detection and control of defects in the production process. Utilizing AI visual inspection, it allows for cost reduction and enhanced throughput.


IBM WEATHER Footfall with Watson

Merging weather intelligence with cross-channel digital marketing platforms, WeatherFX empowers marketers to efficiently and effectively drive more substantial in-store foot traffic.


IBM Production Optimization

IBM Watson provides potent AI-supported insights and a prescriptive approach to help operations optimize performance while identifying potential losses in terms of throughput, cost, and quality.

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Why Choose Maven Cluster as your IBM Watson Partner?


15+ Years of Experience

Maven Cluster's IBM consulting services leverage a long history and extensive experience, providing the right tools to extract optimal performance from IBM Watson.


Certified Experts

Maven Cluster's IBM consulting services, delivered by one of the most qualified teams in the industry, assist in deploying all your application needs through IBM Watson.


1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

The IBM business consulting services team at Maven Cluster possesses a diverse range of industry experience, spanning from healthcare and agriculture to road traffic management.

IBM Watson FAQs

IBM Watson comprises enterprise-ready AI tools, services, and software designed to automate processes and enhance both operational and administrative efficiency, incorporating advanced cloud technology.

Enhances Precision IBM Watson automatically applies improvements to language, grammar, and structure to audio, enhancing accuracy. Recognizes Multiple Speakers The Text to Speech API powered by IBM Watson can accurately and confidently recognize and identify multiple speakers of diverse origins. Custom Modeling Support Customizable APIs provide options for language preference, handling names of individuals, sensitive subjects, and more. Real-time Speech to Text IBM Watson's Speech to Text API allows real-time transcription and analysis of audio as it is received through a microphone. Broad Language Support IBM Watson offers speech recognition technology for automatic transcription of Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Mandarin speech. Versatile Audio Format Support Automatically identify and transcribe discussions accurately, irrespective of sound quality or audio formats such as mp3, .mpeg, .wav, and .flac. Word Customization Assistance IBM Watson employs advanced Natural Language Processing to analyze any text, extracting keywords, concepts, and categories.

IBM Watson offers four distinct packages: 1) Lite, 2) Pay-as-you-go, 3) Reserved instances, 4) Subscription. The services span from free usage to a monthly cost of over $80 per user.

Yes, some data analytics tools are available for the public free of cost.

IBM Watson and its APIs, tools, and applications are fueled by sophisticated and powerful artificial intelligence.

IBM Watson Health addresses global health challenges through data, analytics, and AI. By combining human knowledge with computer systems, IBM Watson Health supports healthcare professionals and researchers worldwide, promoting data-driven insights and informed decision-making.

Regrettably, Watson Analytics is no longer accessible; however, an alternative exists. The newly introduced IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 integrates directed data discovery and automated predictive analytics with cognitive features. With IBM Cognos, you can swiftly and effortlessly uncover meaning and patterns in your data.

IBM Watson has a diverse user base, with professionals from various industries utilizing IBM's AI tools to enhance decision-making and identify optimal courses of action.

For detailed information on acquiring an IBM Watson tool or application, please visit and follow the provided steps.