AI Face Blur | Solution for Face Anonymization

Automatically apply face blur to anonymize user identities in your image and video data.

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Safeguard User Identity using Face Blur AI

Utilize Maven Cluster's Face Blur solution to effortlessly identify and blur faces within your datasets, ensuring the protection of user privacy. Employ AI and deep learning to secure sensitive data, be it images, videos, clinical records, and more. Our solution is adept at handling large datasets, safeguarding the privacy of your users.

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Key Features of the Face Blur Solution

The solution is meticulously crafted with flexibility and agility in focus, making it entirely customizable with versatile deployment options.

Anonymize With Precision

Achieve Precise Anonymization

Automatically identify faces in videos/images and apply blur to the detected objects.

Deep Natural Anonymization

Profound Natural Anonymization

Employ Deep Natural Anonymization to identify faces and synthetically generate replacements that mirror the original characteristics. Safeguard user privacy while retaining essential information.

Fully Customizable

Completely Tailorable

The solution can be tailored to user specifications, accommodating additional functionality, fine-tuning detection thresholds, and incorporating new classes as needed.

Selective Anonymization

Discriminating Anonymization

Anonymize faces selectively in images upon detection.


Analytical Capabilities

Access comprehensive analytics and metadata, including bounding box locations, facial landmarks, and more.

Integrate With Ease

Seamless Integration

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your current systems, forming a unified and comprehensive platform.

Adaptable Deployment Choices

We provide adaptable deployment options for the solution, making it accessible as required, be it on-premises, on the cloud, or through APIs.

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