Consulting and Solution Services in Machine Learning

Consult with our Machine Learning experts and harness the capabilities of purpose-built machine learning solutions to revolutionize business processes and address real-world challenges.

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Delivering tangible business value through Machine Learning solutions and expertise.

Our machine learning experts utilize advanced statistical methods and in-depth knowledge of ML algorithms, including Deep Learning, to craft customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. Build solutions that ensure growth with our machine learning consulting services.

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Our Machine Learning solutions and consulting services encompass:

ML Consultation

Machine Learning Consultation

Engage with our Machine Learning experts through our consultation services. We offer everything from assessing your data and selecting the optimal ML approach to maximize ROI, to scoping, proving, and constructing user-facing prototypes.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Leverage computer vision techniques to extract valuable data from images and the surrounding environment for applications like face recognition, biometrics, transportation, and more.

ML Integration

ML Integration

Our skilled Machine Learning engineers effortlessly integrate neural networks and other ML algorithms into your business applications, enterprise systems, or workflows. Leverage our expertise in deploying ML capabilities to revolutionize experiences and enhance operations.

ML Staff Augmentation

ML Staff Augmentation

Identify top-tier machine learning engineers to meet your AI and ML needs. With flexible engagement options and swift resource allocation choices, we offer the agility required when choosing a technology partner.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Utilize the potential of data to detect unusual activities, identifying fraud, security flaws, data breaches, health issues, structural problems, and more, and take prompt action.

Custom Development

Custom Development

Through our Machine Learning as a Service platform, we provide our clients the opportunity to develop customized machine learning applications.



Develop chatbots, train machines to interpret voice and text as humans do, extract valuable information, identify topics in text documents, and more.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Utilize data from the past and present to gain insights into the future. Eliminate speculation and discover how the future will impact your business, clients, or the entire sector.

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Our Approach to Building Machine Learning Solutions

Maven Cluster has successfully built and deployed Machine Learning solutions by gaining an enhanced understanding of customer needs and aligning end goals. We prioritize a rich user experience through regular touchpoints with customers and relevant stakeholders. Our development approach is customized to meet your unique business needs:


Machine Learning Solutions

Formulating a hypothesis



Determining the scope and feasibility of the project with the defined delivery of a Proof of Concept (PoC).



Developing algorithms with regular touchpoints.



Final delivery and live deployment.

Take advantage of Maven Cluster's Machine Learning as a Service offering for maximum control over your ML operations.

Maven Cluster's Machine Learning as a Service provides features that automate model generation and tuning, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. It allows for deploying improved and faster models in the cloud or on-premises. Rigorous model testing and customization guarantee the best solution fit for your company. Our experts collaborate with you throughout every step, from data preparation to model training and evaluation to deployment.

ML Ops

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Custom ML Development

Tailored Machine Learning Development

Business Process Automation

Automate Business Processes

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Enhance your Machine Learning operations - Hire ML Developers

Attracting quality ML engineers has become a challenging task, with thousands of companies vying for talent from a limited pool of candidates.

At Maven Cluster, our engineers possess extensive experience working across various industry verticals. We can provide experienced individuals to enhance your ML operations.

ML Engineers

Machine Learning Engineers

ML Ops

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

ML Architect

Machine Learning Architect

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Customized Machine Learning Services and Solutions Aligned with Your Industry Requirements

With a team of cross-functional experts, our machine learning services and solutions provide the opportunity to address your industry challenges effectively and harness the power of machine learning for significant advancements.



Optimize patient care by identifying the right treatment for each patient. Utilize Machine Learning services to automate essential practices and processes, addressing the healthcare challenges of today.



Leverage machine learning services for the retail sector to address growing demands and cater to savvy customers. Exceed customer expectations and provide delightful experiences.



Empower online stores and selling platforms in commerce with machine learning services. Architect capabilities that facilitate creative and personalized shopping experiences, from the buying process to fulfillment and logistics.



Leverage machine learning services to create a smarter transportation infrastructure. Maximize traffic flow efficiency, manage congestions, and optimize parking, among other capabilities.



Utilize machine learning services to identify and handle potential issues with full visibility into operations before they disrupt business.



Leverage machine learning to optimize your supply chain, improve inventory management, and streamline operations to meet dynamic market demands, achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our ML development tech stack

Supervised Learning (classification, regression, etc.) | Semi-supervised Learning | Unsupervised Learning (clustering, etc.) | Deep Learning (neural networks, reinforcement learning, etc.) | Optimization | Probabilistic ML | Computer Vision (object detection, instance segmentation, etc) | and more

Python | R | Scala | SQL | C++ | other

TensorFlow | Scikit-learn | SciPy | PyTorch | other

Power BI | Tableau | Qlik | Matplotlib | seaborn | ggplot2 | Plotly | Bokeh

MS SQL | PostgreSQL | MySQL | MongoDB | CouchDB | Cassandra | Hadoop | other

Amazon Web Services | Google Cloud Platform | Microsoft Azure

Why Choose Maven Cluster

We provide customized solutions to clients, offering the flexibility necessary to maintain competitiveness in their industries. Drawing from our experience across diverse verticals, we offer insights into business-specific tech solutions. Hire machine learning experts on an hourly or full-time basis to optimize development costs.

Project Management

Effortless Project Management

Full Visibility

Complete Transparency

Extensive Experience

Wide-ranging Expertise

Integrity And Transparency

Maintaining Integrity and Transparency


Over 18 Years of Experience

Flexible Engagement

Adaptable Engagement Models

Our Areas of Excellence

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we can assist you in optimizing efficiency and productivity through the automation of your transcription process. This offers numerous advantages to both individuals and corporations.


Supply Technical Proficiency

Construct resilient solutions to ensure enduring growth in the digital economy.


Provide Optimal Solutions

Efficient deployment at the most favorable price points.


Solutions Abundant in Features

Sustain a rich ecosystem for guidance to enhance efficiency.


Streamline ML Development

With MLaaS, develop custom machine learning applications.

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