AI Human Activity Recognition

Harness the capabilities of AI and machine learning to detect and precisely interpret real-time human activities.

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Cutting-Edge Computer Vision for Activity Detection

Our solution incorporates a variety of technologies, including object detection, tracking, and attribute analysis, to precisely identify various activities and interactions. From health-related features to safety processes and regulations, our solution can be deployed to accurately detect human activity using AI.

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Capabilities of Our AI and Computer Vision

We are adept with the latest computer vision and machine learning techniques, enabling us to craft a solution that provides a competitive edge.

Object Detection

Detection of Objects

Object Tracking

Tracking of Objects

Activity Recognition

Recognition of Activities

Attribute Analysis

Analysis of Attributes

Our solutions are entirely customizable and can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements, seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure.

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Advantages of Solutions for Human Activity Recognition

Facilitate active monitoring of human activity using AI and machine learning to ensure that your health, wellness, and/or safety systems can accurately detect and analyze human interactions.

Sense Specific Activity Patterns

Detect Specific Patterns of Activity

Monitor Health

Health Monitoring

Promote Wellbeing

Enhance Well-being

Ensure Safety Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Safety Standards

Promote Safe Behavior

Encourage Safe Conduct

Detect Safety Incidents

Identify Safety Incidents

Practical Applications

Our solutions can be customized to suit various use cases and scenarios, empowering clients to gain a competitive edge with the capabilities of AI.

Fitness Activity Tracking

Monitoring Physical Activity

Precisely monitor movements for the detection of workouts and intensity.

Warehouse Safety Tracking

Safety Monitoring in Warehouses

Identify incidents or potential hazards in intricate environments.

Retail Behavior Tracking

Monitoring Consumer Behavior in Retail

Ensure compliance with implemented safety policies among customers and staff, including the proper usage of safety equipment and measures for preventing shoplifting, for instance.

Social Distancing Tracking

Monitoring Social Distancing.

Precisely monitor individuals to ensure adherence to social distancing practices.

Monitoring Safety in the Workplace

Verify the utilization of appropriate safety equipment and adherence to prescribed health standards in the workplace.

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